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Unified PCMC

Unified PCMC

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Unified PCMC

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  1. Unified PC Maintenance Console (PCMC) - 1 Unified PCMC TDA100/200 TDA30 TDE100/200 TDA600 (1) Single Programming Tool Unified PC Maintenance Console has Compatibility with both TDA/TDE Models and All Versions (2) PT Key Label Printing Provide DPT / IP-PT Key Label Printing Capability for T7600 and NT300 Series Phones No LicenseRequired No LicenseRequired

  2. Unified PC Maintenance Console - 2 For KX-TDA MPR V3.0 or laterFor KX-TDE MPR V1.0 or later (3) Multi-Site System Maintenance Capability - Provide Self-Maintenance Capability to “Large Customer” and “PBX Dealer” - IT-Manager can Maintain all PBX Systems from Head-Office to Reduce Management Cost PBX-5 LicenseRequired PBX-4 - 2-10 Sites User Needs 1-License - 11-100 Sites User Needs 2-License ・ ・ ・ TDA200 PBX-3 TDA100 PBX-100 IP Network TDA30 TDA30 PBX-2 System Data such asSpeed Dial can be copied to all systems TDA200 - More than One PC can make Muli-Site PCMC - Modem access is also available. TDA600 PBX-1Master PBX Multi-Site PCMC

  3. Unified PCMC with Multi-Site Capability Unified PC Maintenance Console (PCMC) Version 2.0 with Multi site PC Maintenance <Software released : October, 2007> Multi-Site PC Maintenance ConsoleFeatures with Version 2.0are as follow.[License Specifications] 2-10 Branch PBXs management (1st license required / 60 days free trial available)  11-100 Branch PBXs management (2nd license required) [User Data Copy Area]- “System Speed Dial”, “Quick Dial”, “Toll Restriction Table” ”Verification code”, “Absent Message”, “PS Registration Data”- System Speed Dial Up/Down Load from/to Excel CSV file- User Data Move and Change between PBXs. (COS, User-Group, One-Touch Key, Personal SPD) [System Installation and Maintenance]- LPR (Local Processor) Software Automatic Update - CS Software Automatic Download to PBX SD card (Additional Update Operation is Necessary)- TDE IP-GW Numbering Data Copy between Systems - Centralized Error Logging - TDA100/200 => TDE100/200 System Data Converter for PBX Replacement Model by Model PCMC development Stopped.

  4. Multi-Site Unified PCMC Introduction - Currently we are Evaluating the Multi-Site Unified PCMC Business Potential in the market with FOC Sample. - Therefore, please Introduce the Software to the Market and let PBX Dealers Understand the Benefit of the Application. Unified PC Maintenance Console (PCMC) will be introduced as follow; Step-1 : PCMC V1.0 Introduced Jan/2007 Free of Charge Step-2 : PCMC V1.9 Introduced July/2007 Free of Charge Step-3 : PCMC V2.0 will be Introduced Oct/2007 Free of Charge Step-4 : PCMC V2.x will be Introduced Feb/2008 License Required Please Contact with PCC Sales or CS department to Receive FOC License until January 2007.