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Instructional Video. Peyton R. Glore Macon State College SSCEL 10/1/05. Why use video?. Show information quickly and concisely Add a sense of realism Teach concepts too dangerous or expensive for users to experience personally

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instructional video

Instructional Video

Peyton R. Glore

Macon State College

SSCEL 10/1/05

why use video
Why use video?
  • Show information quickly and concisely
  • Add a sense of realism
  • Teach concepts too dangerous or expensive for users to experience personally
  • Show places, people, animals or events that the user may never have the opportunity to see
why use video con t
Why use video? (con’t)
  • Emphasizing recording video from your desktop:
  • Works great for demonstrating software
  • (Teaching or training)
  • Show a method or technique
  • Walk the user through the steps
  • Show the final product
who is the video for
Who is the video for?
  • Determine your audience
  • What is their skill level?
  • How will they view the movie?
    • CD/DVD
    • Streaming
    • Download
is file size a concern
Is file size a concern?
  • Yes!
  • There is always a limitation on storage, either media or hard drive
  • Size should be considered if the video is to be streamed or downloaded
  • You don’t want to tie up the users connection all day to download a 2 minute movie
file size con t
File size (con’t)
  • Resolution, or movie size, plays a big part in the file size
  • How much space do you need to demonstrate your point?
  • What size screen will it be played back on?
  • Are you using a window?
  • Are you going to use you entire desktop?
  • If so, what is your current resolution?
  • You may want to change your screen resolution in order to capture the entire desktop
  • Consider your audience when choosing your capture size
  • Smaller movies can be played on larger screens without significant loss
  • Not the other way round
is audio necessary
Is audio necessary?
  • No, but it is nice
  • Benefits the user to hear the instructions while watching the actions
  • This is called reinforcement
  • Make sure you have a microphone
  • Set your input level (for the mic)
  • Turn your speakers down to reduce feedback
what is feedback
What is feedback?
  • Feedback is what happens when sound being produced by the computer is being fed back into the computer
  • This creates a loop
  • Click the icon to hear the sound
what are you going to cover
What are you going to cover?
  • Regardless of the subject matter, you will forget something
  • Write notes or a script!
  • This will ensure that you cover key points
  • If you normally talk fast, reading the script will slow you down
what are you going to cover con t
What are you going to cover? (con’t)
  • Break the information into small segments
  • Shoot for 3 to 7 minutes each
  • Benefits
    • Recording shorter segments means you are less likely to make mistakes
    • Shorter segments are easier for the user to remember
tips for recording
Tips for recording
  • Try to limit the background noise; it’s distracting to the user
  • Check your microphone recording level; make sure it is loud enough
  • Relax
  • Be prepared to make mistakes
  • No big deal
windows media encoder
Windows Media Encoder
  • Download the most recent version of the software from the link on the class page
  • Demonstrating as I record the lecture will not work, so I will talk you through the set up steps
  • You will be on your own to actually record
wme set up
WME set up

Click New Session

You need to save the profile before you can continue

Choose the type of screen capture:

the entire screen or just part

modifying the profile
Modifying the profile
  • After you create the basic profile through the wizard, you can modify it to ensure the desired output
Forcing the compression into 123 Kb per second for storage. This works well for streaming as well. This is the method I use for recording class lectures.
Select audio parameters

Select video parameters

my application
My application
  • Record lectures live in class
  • Insert anecdotes
  • Students ask questions
  • Online & traditional students watch lectures
file size compared to movie length
File size compared to movie length
  • 19 MB - 40 mins
  • 15.5 MB – 46 mins
  • 35 MB – 57 mins
  • 25 MB – 60 mins
  • 32 MB -56 mins
  • 25.5 MB -74 mins
  • 21 MB – 52 mins
  • Average 16 MB – 41 mins
  • Total 292 MB – 736 mins (nearly 12.5 hours!)
what is in those movies
What is in those movies?
  • Content varies based on subject
  • Longer , smaller movies audio over slides
  • Shorter, larger movies audio over application
  • Movies with lots of color and “actions” increase file size
contact info
Contact Info
  • If you have any questions about this or other Interactive Digital Media
  • Email me at [email protected]
  • I am compiling tutorials at
  • Feel free to visit