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Ethiopia. By: Dalton Parker. Where Ethiopia is located. Ethiopia is located is Located in the north- Eastern part of Africa. North of Kenya and South of Eritrea. The flag of Ethiopia. Major historical events.

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By: Dalton Parker

Where ethiopia is located
Where Ethiopia is located

  • Ethiopia is located is

    Located in the north-

    Eastern part of Africa.

    North of Kenya and

    South of Eritrea.

Major historical events
Major historical events

  • A group called the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front seized the capital in 1991, and in May a separatist guerrilla organization, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, took control of the province of Eritrea. The two groups agreed that Eritrea would have an internationally supervised referendum on independence

  • Since Eritrea's independence, Eritrea and Ethiopia had disagreed about the exact demarcation of their borders, and in May 1998 Eritrea initiated border clashes that developed into a full-scale war that left more than 80,000 dead and further destroyed both countries' ailing economies

  • In June 2006, an Islamist militia seized control of the capital of neighboring Somalia and established control in much of that country's south. Ethiopia, which has clashed in the past with Somalia's Islamists and considers them a threat to regional security, began amassing troops on Somalia's border, in support of Somalia's weak transitional government, led by President Abdullah

Importance of events
Importance of events

  • The first event was important to Ethiopia it made it where Eritrea had independence.

  • The second even was important because it left 80000 dead and led to the drastic slump in each countries economies.

  • The last event is important because Ethiopia felt a threat on the regional security of their country.


  • In Ethiopia the government is a federal republic. The president is Girma Woldegiorgis, he has been president since 2001. defeated the government of Mengistu regime. In July 1991, the TPLF, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and others established the Transitional Government of Ethiopia (TGE) which consisted of an 87-member Council of Representatives and guided by a national charter that functioned as a transitional constitution. In June 1992 the OLF withdrew from the government; in March 1993, members of the Southern Ethiopia Peoples' Democratic Coalition left the government.

Major imports exports
Major imports/exports

  • Major imports- food and live animals, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, machinery, motor vehicles, cereals, textiles

  • Major Exports- coffee, qat, gold, leather products, live animals, oilseeds