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Piezo Memory gauge

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Piezo Memory gauge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Available accessories from quartzdyne for our piezo memory gauges and electronic memory gauge used in the oil and gas industry.

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Piezo Memory gauge

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Memory Gauge - Quartz memory gauge has an integrated quartz pressure

transducer and high temperature electronics making it highly accurate

and stable, perfect for critical well testing.

Visit Site :- http://www.quartzdyne.com/

About Quartzdyne

Since 1990, Quartzdyne has designed and manufactured the industry-standard

resonating quartz pressure transducer for the downhole oil and gas industry. Our

sensors are world-renowned for providing extremely accurate, low drift, and high

resolution data in the most extreme conditions.


quartz pressure sensor

Quartz Pressure Sensor

Quartz pressure transducers are available in several different

sizes and pressure, and temperature ranges. Contact us today to

learn more about the True Quartz difference, and which unit is

best for your application.

Downhole Memory Tools

Quartzdyne, the world’s provider of Quartz pressure transducers now

offers Quartz and Piezo memory gauges to the Oil and Gas industry. You

will be able to expect the same great quality, reliability, and performance

from our tools, as you have experienced from us over the last 30 years.

asic and nextgen hybrid

ASIC and NextGen Hybrid

One of the paramount differences between Quartzdyne and other providers in

the industry is our Hybrid Circuits and ASIC technology. With the introduction

of new ASIC capability, Quartzdyne plans to release products that will enable

greater contact with the reservoir, thus enabling more efficient recovery of

hydrocarbons across the globe.

Contact Us

Quartzdyne, Inc.

4334 West Links Drive

Salt Lake City, UT 84120