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Grade 12 Course Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade 12 Course Planning

Grade 12 Course Planning

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Grade 12 Course Planning

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  1. Seaquam Secondary Grade 12 Course Planning 2014 -2015 Online Registration: Feb. 28 CLOSES : March 6 Parent Info Night – Feb. 25

  2. Overview • Review of Graduation Requirements • Post-Secondary Entrance Requirements – some examples • Grade 12 courses • What about Math? • What about a Language? • Resources • Questions

  3. 2004 Graduation Program

  4. BC Graduation Requirements… Language Arts 10 4 Credits Language Arts 11 (English or Communications) 4 Credits Language Arts 12 (English or Communications) 4 Credits ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES Social Studies 10 4 Credits Social Studies 11 or Civics 11 4 Credits SCIENCE Science 10 4 Credits A Science 11 or 12 4 Credits MATH Math 10 4 Credits Math 11or 12 4 Credits P.E. Physical Education 10 4 Credits Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 4 Credits F.A. & A.S. Planning 10 4 Credits Graduation Transitions 12 4 Credits OTHER ELECTIVES Elective Courses (3 courses/12 credits must be Gr. 12) 28 Credits Min. 80 Credits

  5. Grade 12 Provincial Exam(s) • English 12 ( worth 40% of your mark) • Communications 12 • Your Final Mark is a blend of your school marks (report card mark) and the result of your provincial exam… • UBC and SFU will take EITHER your blended OR your school mark depending on which is higher • NOTE: if you are taking SS currently you will also have a provincial exam in this course (also any outstanding gr. 10 provincials must be written at this time)

  6. Graduation Requirements… • Volunteer or Work Hours - 30 Hours • Physical Activity Hours - Proof of 150 minutes (2 ½ hrs.) per week Graduation Transitions 12: booklet and interview.

  7. That’s Graduation…Now what about Post-Secondary?

  8. LPI (Language Proficiency Exam) • What is it? The Language Proficiency Index (LPI) assesses the reading and writing proficiency of prospective and current students for entrance into academic programs or first-year English courses. • Who takes it? Students who are concerned that their English grade may fall below a required entrance % (high 70’s typically ) for certain post. Sec. institutions may choose to write the LPI as an alternate means by which to demonstrate their language ability; a successful score on the LPI may be used in place of the English 12 where the LPI score indicates greater proficiency and meets the admissions language requirement. • Where do I do it and when? Students typically write in December or in the spring; LPI sites vary, but Seaquam students typically write at sittings held at KPU Sign up at

  9. University of British Columbia - VANCOUVER ARTS: English 12 and 3 other approved courses, Lang. 11, Ma 11, Lang. 11 (each university has a list of their approved courses; they are not all the same). SCIENCE: Chem 11 Physics 11, Math 11, Lang. 11 English 12, Math12 (min. 67%), and 2 other approved grade 12 courses with at least one from Bio12, Chem12, Geology 12, or Physics12 ENGINEERING: English 12, Lang. 11. Ma 11 Chem11 & Physics 11, Math12, Chem 12 & Phys12, COMMERCE: - min. 84% average English 12, Math 11 & 12, Lang. 11, 2 other approved g. 12 courses; supplemental application to BEEDIE school of business Math requirements: Pre-Calc 11 OR Foundations Math 12 required for admissions (UBC)

  10. UBC OKANAGAN • Okanagan campus. –admissions requirements are LOWER and no second language is required • English Language Admissions Standard • Graduation from high school with a minimum average of 67% (or higher for many programs) • Completion of specific high school courses depending on where you’re applying from and what program(s) you’re applying to. Select your province or territory to find out more

  11. Personal Profile • Knowing more about you through your Personal Profile helps UBC determine whether you will flourish at UBC – not just because of your grades, but also because of the experiences and ambition you bring with you. • The Personal Profile is required of all high school students applying to all UBC programs on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

  12. Entrance to University… Past GPA’s needed to gain entrance to UBC - VANCOUVER

  13. SFU ARTS: English 12 and 3 other approved courses, Lang. 11, Math 11 (60% min.) (each university has a list of their approved courses; they are not all the same). NOTE: SFU will accept Foundations Math 11 for admissions to ARTS GENERAL SCIENCE: Chem11 Physics 11, Pre-Calc 11 (min. 60%), Lang. 11 English 12, Math12 (min. 67%), and 2 other approved grade 12 sciences BUSINESS: English 12, Pr-Calc Math 11 (min. 60%) , Lang. 11) Pre-Calculus 12, and two additional approved Grade 12 courses Note: at SFU an INTRODUCTORY LANG. 11 will suffice (ie. Intro. Spanish 11) NO PERSONAL PROFILE required at SFU however specific programs may require supplements to their application (ie. Business)

  14. Simon Fraser University Admission averages range from 80% to 90% depending on the program . . . Business minimum required Admission 83% + broad based application. Communications - 80% Arts- 82% Sciences - 85% Engineering- 85% Going to play a sport at SFU? SFU is now part of the NCAA, which means if you are playing sports at SFU you will have to write an SAT

  15. KPU (Kwantlen)important changes ahead for admissions • Effective in the Fall of 2015 – Academic Studies • English 12 will move from min. C to C+ requirement based from either the blended grade (course grade /exam) OR the exam only – whichever is higher; for some programs of study a B may be required; Comm. 12 will now require an A • There will be a move toward program specific admissions requirements i.e Math 12 at a particular % for certain programs etc.: example: Bsci in Biological Studies - B in Eng. 12, C+ in chem 12, C+ in Pre-Calc 12, Pass in Physics 12 FOR TRADES & TECHNICAL PROGRAMS: no real changes

  16. University of Victoria Minimum admission average is currently being reported as falling between 75-90% depending on the program – and example below of ‘past’ admissions averages – reminder these stats are outdated and provided to give a general idea of the typical ‘trends’ between departments note: FOUNDATIONS MATH 11 WILL MEET REQUIREMENTS FOR MANY NON-SCI. PROGRAMS; NO 2ND LANG. REQUIREMENT IN PLACE AT UVIC Humanities/Social Sciences/Sciences 74% Business 80% Child Youth Care 75% Computer Science 75% Engineering 78% Fine Arts 67-75% (Music/Theatre/Visual Arts – audition or portfolio mandatory) Fine Arts (Art History) 75% Fine Arts (Writing) 86% Science 78%

  17. Thinking of applying to the US? • Admission to US schools is based not only on academics, but also extracurricular activities and SAT results. As such, unlike Canadian universities, there is no set average for admission. • Be sure to write an SAT this year or next. See Some schools will waive SAT • You can apply to multiple schools with one application: see • If you are pursuing an athletic opportunity, be sure to talk to your coach

  18. I am taking some IB courses . . . • To be eligible for admission to UBC or SFU, you must successfully complete an academic high school curriculum, including both general admission and program-specific requirements. IB courses (both Standard and Higher Level) can be used for admission in conjunction with another high school curriculum. • Initial admission decisions are based on interim grades (in the form of Predicted Grades – PG’s – from your coordinator) as reported by your high school. Once your final IB results are available, we will use them to confirm your admission decision and any first-year credit you may be eligible for. the admission average will be calculated on the higher of either the official IB final score or the final school grade in a given course.

  19. Post Secondary Studies In order to choose the best institution to attend for your post secondary studies, you will want to conduct your own research. • Initial research online is an effective way to learn current information about each individual school and it’s campuses. • Students should research all colleges or universities of interest in order to make an educated decision. • *Note: General admission requirements are considered in order to be accepted into the institution itself. There are likely further requirements for individual programs that must be researched, and met as well.

  20. Entrance to College, Tech Institutes, and University-Colleges LANGARA DOUGLAS BCIT Minimum admission requirements: Grade 12 graduation including English or Communication 12 – generally a grade of C to B required Selective entry programs have additional course requirements.

  21. Kwantlen OPEN HOUSE • Sat. March 1st – Surrey Campus • For more information visit:

  22. What courses can I take next year?

  23. Required Gr. 12 Level Courses • English 12 / English 12IB / Communications 12 • Grad Transitions • Elective Courses (in addition to En. 12 & GT, 12 additional credits must be at the Gr. 12 level (3 courses)

  24. Student Support (Counsellor referral needed) Strategies for Learning 12: LA Strategies for Learning 12: LD Grad Quest 12 ELL Development 12: Level 1 & 2 ELL Literature Study 12: Level 3 & 4 ELL Composition 12: Level 1-4 Strategies for Learning 12: ELL Peer Tutoring 12 (by application)

  25. ACADEMIC GR. 12 LEVEL ELECTIVES English 12 Communications 12 Creative Writing 12 Geography 12 History 12 History Through Film 12 Law 12 Social Justice 12 Pre-Calculus 12 Calculus 12 Pre-Calculus 12Ch / Calculus 12 Ch (2 blks) Biology 12 Chemistry 12 Geology 12 Physics 12 French 12, Japanese 12 , Spanish 12

  26. Eligibility for a “2nd Study” (Grad trans is your 1st study) • The student may self select the ‘study’ online BUT must download and complete the study application**; failure to do so will result in the study being removed and an alternate added • The student will still carry a minimum of 88 credits with the inclusion of the 2nd study; NO CREDIT GIVEN FOR STUDY • The student will have solid grade 11 attendance and no history of disciplinary issues. • The Student will have a minimum of English 12 and 3 academic courses in their schedule. • IMPORTANT: If the student is approved the student will NOT be permitted to drop other course(s) throughout the year. **Applications can be found through the counsellor or online at the Seaquam counselling site (under student’s menu under attachments)

  27. APPLIED SKILLS ELECTIVES • Business Information Management 12 • Economics 12 • Financial Accounting 12 • Info. Communications Tech. 12 • Cafeteria Training 12, Food & Nutrition 12 • Action Wear Design and Construction 12 Fabric and Fibre 12 • Textiles 12 • Family Studies 12, Tourism 12 • Auto Technology 12 • Auto Tech 12: Body Repair & Finish Auto Tech 12: Engine & Drive Train Carpentry & Joinery 12 • Carpentry & Joinery 12: Cabinet Construction Carpentry & Joinery 12: Furniture Construction Drafting & Design 12 • Engineering and Robotics 12 • Jewelry Art Metal 12 • Metal Fabrication & Machining 12 Printmaking & Graphic Design 12 Wood Art Carving 12

  28. Physical Education PE 12 PE 12: Strength and Conditioning (co-ed) PE 12: Superfit PE 12: Women’s only Career Programs ACE-IT: Auto Technician 12 (all day) ACE-IT: Cook Training 12 (all day) Secondary School Apprenticeship 12A & 12B Work Experience 12A & 12B

  29. Fine Arts Choral Music 12 Instrumental Music 12: Jazz Band Instrumental Music 12: Wind Ensemble Theatre Company 12 (X Block) Theatre Performance 12: Acting Theatre Performance 12: Directing & Script Development Theatre Production 12: Technical Theater Theatre Production 12: Theatre Management Art Foundations 12 Drawing and Painting 12 Film & Television 12 Media Arts 12: Animation Photography 12 Yearbook Design 12

  30. Choice Programs (by application only) Baseball Academy (Sands Sec.) Dance Academy (Delta Sec.) Film Acting Academy (Delta Manor Education Centre) Film Production Academy (Delta Manor Education Centre) Golf Academy (Seaquam Sec.) Hockey Academy (South Delta Sec.) 9& Bursview Sec) Lacrosse Academy (Delta Sec.) Soccer Academy (Sands Sec.) Softball Academy – Girls (Seaquam Sec.) IB English 12 HL IB French 12 SL IB Spanish 12 ab initio IB History 12 HL IB Psychology 12 HL IB Biology 12 HL IB Chemistry 12 HL IB Physics 12 SL IB Math 12 SL IB Visual Arts 12 HL IB Creativity, Action, and Service 12 IB Extended Essay 12 IB Theory of Knowledge 12

  31. District Academies: OPEN HOUSES: Sat. Feb 8 Ladner 10-1pm (DMEC)or Sat. Feb. 15, North Delta, Burnsview 10-1pm • Baseball Sands Secondary Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Dance Delta Secondary Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Film Acting Delta Manor Education Centre (near bus loop in Ladner)Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Film Production Delta Manor Education Centre (near bus loop in Ladner) Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Hockey Burnsview Secondary – 1 block program (need to take one other class at BU every other morning) • Gr. 8 – 12 males and females • South Delta Secondary – 2 block program (first block every day; need to take 2 other classes at SDSS • Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Lacrosse Delta Secondary Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Soccer South Delta Secondary Gr 8 – 12 males and females • Soccer (new) Sands Secondary • Softball Seaquam Secondary Gr 8 – 12 Girls only • Golf Seaquam(Mr.Hamade) • For More Info and APPLICATIONS, go to school district 37 website – under programs - academies

  32. Key information: All academies, except Burnsview Hockey, are two blocks in a student’s timetable. • All academies, except SDSS Hockey, have the two blocks back to back • Students can move between their home school and an academy school at lunch to participate in an academy at another school – bus from north end to Ladner day 1 and from south end to Seaqaum on Day 2 (numbers permitting) • Brochures available at your school office • Visit the website for more information and applications: • • Call 604 952-5374

  33. The Math Question

  34. Implications of Math Three Pathways • Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics – designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into the majority of trades and for direct entry into the work force. NO UNIVERSITY WILL TAKE THIS MATH FOR ENTRANCE • Foundations of Mathematics (11; note 12 level not offered next year) – designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for post-secondary studies in programs that do not require the study of theoretical calculus. Some universities will accept Foundations in arts programs etc. (i.e. SFU) ; students must CAREFULLY review individual university admissions requirements/program specific requirements to ensure there chosen math will meet admission to their program of choice • Pre-calculus - designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into post-secondary programs that require the study of theoretical calculus. NEEDED FOR ALL UNIVERSITY SCIENCE PROGRAMS – please note: Math 11 requirements may have a minimum score ie. SFU requires 60%; some PROGRAMS may require higher minimum scores in math 11 and 12 – again – students must consult Post Sec. admissions requirements to ensure they are aware of math requirements for their chosen field of study.

  35. What about a Language?

  36. What About a Language?……stay tuned….. UBC Language 11 for all faculties Language 11 for Fine Arts if you have no other Sr. Fine Arts Courses UVIC No Language Requirement SFU Beginners Language 11 for all faculties UNBC Colleges No Language Requirement

  37. Language Options • French 10, 11, 12 • Intro. Spanish 11, Spanish 11,12 • Intro. Japanese 11, Japanese 11, 12 • Check university degree requirements for additional language courses needed

  38. Language Challenge/Options *Language Challenge: for those students with a background in Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Punjabi, Korean, German, they may apply to write a challenge exam to earn Language 11 and 12 credits. (Some schools will not count mark toward GPA calculation for entry) * Take course online

  39. Summer School 4 Week - may be limited – t.b.d. • 1 hr 45 min. class • 2 course maximum • Reg. based on failure • Need 40% + in course to be eligible • No electives 6 Week • 3 hour class • Morning or Afternoon • No electives

  40. Night School @ Delview • Many core courses offered – based on numbers Sept-Jan or Feb-June • Mondays / Wednesdays • Tuesdays / Thursdays • No electives

  41. Online Courses • Delta’s online school is Delta Access – check website for course availability • Spring / Summer session in all courses currently offered • NEW: COURSES NEED TO BE COMPLETED (100%) AND THE MARK AVAIALABLE by the end of January if you wish to have it considered in your admissions average for UBC • Other POST SEC. Institutions may follow this lead, but for now, most will require 50% of the course completed by late Jan. • Online courses also available through Vancouver (VLN), EBUS, Surrey (Surrey Connect), Fraser Valley (FVDES) or go online to LEARN NOW BC/course finder

  42. A Word of Caution . . . • Students are advised to reconsider taking online courses necessary to fulfill graduation requirements (i.e. Ma 11, SS 11, English 12, Plan 10 , a required Sci. 11 where no other Science has been passed at the gr. 11 level) Required courses taken in the grade 12 year are best taken in the regular classroom where support and monitoring can take place to ensure successful completion.

  43. External Credits • Students may earn credits toward graduation through training programs outside of school: please submit documentation to your counsellor ASAP • Dance (Royal Academy of Dance) • Music (Royal Conservatory of Music) • Sports (Provincial or National team level) • Lifesaving (Bronze Cross, NLS, Instructor) • Cadets (National Defense Cadet Certification) • Coaching (Level 1-2, First Aid, 75-150 hours) • Official (Theory, evaluation, 75-125 hours) • Driver Ed. (ICBC accredited program) • First Aid (WCB level II and III) *students are asked to bring documentation as proof of credit

  44. Resources Counsellor – M. Career Planning Miss. J. Gehiere –AKA: MISS G (career advisor) Programs Career Programs Miss A. Deol( New Graduation Program •

  45. Resources • There are also “one-stop websites” that will help to put all information at your finger tips with links to every post secondary institution across Canada. Seaquam is registered to and highly recommends accessing an easy to navigate website called Career Cruising. • • username: seaquam • password: careers

  46. Resources Cont. • About Education Planner: • Education Planner provides access to information on more than 1600 undergraduate programs at post-secondary institutions throughout BC. • Education Planner is endorsed by the post-secondary institutions of BC, managed by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer, and funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education

  47. Resources • What is transfer? • It’s when one institution gives you credit for courses or programs completed at another. • About a third of all new university students from BC are transfer students.

  48. Scholarships • (also see Career Centre website) • Individual Post Secondary Institutions list their ‘in house’ opportunities on their websites • Transcripts will be sent automatically to the schools selected in during a Grad Transitions Session in Feb. of the grade 12 year (BC schools and some Ontario schools) • Ministry of Education:

  49. ONLINE REGISTRATION Registration will be ONLINE via Parent/Student Connect OPENS: Feb. 28 CLOSES : March 6 • Students select courses AS WELL as 3 alternates • Parents need to go on parent connect and “authorize” picked courses. Parents need to know there child’s PEN, Postal code and password to sign on • If you forget to register when student connect is available you will not have first choice.