welcome presentation on imc program on zoo n.
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Welcome Presentation on IMC program on zoo PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Presentation on IMC program on zoo

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Welcome Presentation on IMC program on zoo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Presentation on IMC program on zoo. Prepared for Shahed Rahman Course instructor MKT 337.4. We are. Khandakar Fazle Rubby Jyoti Jiban Khisha Navila Nowshin Tazneen Affnaan Safayet Bin Taiyab. Information search Steps:. Market Segmentation. IMC program. Advertising

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welcome presentation on imc program on zoo

Welcome Presentation on IMC program on zoo

Prepared for


Course instructor

MKT 337.4

we are
We are
  • KhandakarFazleRubby
  • JyotiJibanKhisha
  • NavilaNowshin
  • TazneenAffnaan
  • Safayet Bin Taiyab


  • Objective:Making people aware of the complete new look of “Zoorassic Park”
  • Tools used in advertising:
      • Television
      • Internet
      • Newspaper
      • Outdoor advertisement


  • Two types of appeal
      • Humar & Rational
  • Design : Animation and Dramatization
  • Channels to be broadcasted:
      • Ntv
      • Channel I
      • BTV etc.
  • Add type: Sponsorship program, pop up add etc.
  • Add will be shown more during the festivals as Eid,
  • Winter vacation etc. (pulseting)

Newspaper Add

    • Advertise only in the famous daily's.
    • Shall contain details of the place, price etc.
    • Preferred National newspaper
    • Prothom-alo
    • The daily star
    • The daily Jugantor etc.
    • Billboard
    • Shall be placed at various cities
                  • Dhaka, Chittagong Sylhet etc.
                  • Intersection of the main roads.
                  • Public gathering places.
                  • Where the traffic count is high.
                  • Total no of billboards - 28

The Strategic Alliance with

  • Banglalink
  • BRTC
  • Bangladesh Rail
  • Radio Foorti


    • Website at WWW.zoorassicpark.com
    • Hyperlink of zoo at different websites
    • Feedback and interaction option

Sales Promotion:

      • Coupons
      • Premiums
      • Contest and sweepstakes
      • sampling
  • Coupons:
    • Bounce back-Coupons will be placed inside packages – they encourage repeat purchases.
    • Instant redemption-Instant discount while making the purchase. For example – price of single entry is 10 tk, but when a customer buys 5 tickets at a time he will get 5 taka discount.


  • Free- in- the- mail: As the new generation is closely related to internet so we decided to give gifts to that visitor who visit the zoo for 3 times and after the 3rd time they will provide with a card that they have to mail to us and we mailed back a gift for him.
  • In- or on-package premiums: These are usually small gifts inside the product. As we are providing gifts for visiting our place for several times so we are not using this premium package.
  • Self-liquidating premiums:We will arrange some gift and prizes for the children inside the zoo and to get that, their parents have to pay a very little amount of money. The gifts are- mask and outfit of animals, some zoo based toys etc.

Contests and sweepstakes:

  • Sampling:
  • Media sampling: We are thinking to attach one entry ticket with Prothom-alo ( the most popular newspaper) at any Friday. So that it encourage the whole family to come and visit the zoo.
  • Cross-ruff sampling: We will tie up with some famous toy shops of Dhaka city and by selling the toy of our logo, they provide the customers with a free entry ticket.
  • Direct sampling: Our agent will go to the parents of school going children and give them a free trip to the zoo by showing the a video clip of the overall zoo.

Personal Selling:


  • Out bound telemarketing– Make the marketing through phone calls like the teachers of the schools or colleges.
  • In bound telemarketing– Own websites and we will do the advertisements through the billboards, leaflets, posters, banners etc.thosesource people will call us to know information’s regarding the zoo and the facilities. They can also give their feedback after visiting the zoo which will make us to overcome the lacking for the betterment of the organization


  • Field sales- Occurs when a salesperson visits the customer’s place of business. For example we can say that our sales person will visit different schools and colleges of Dhaka city to promote our zoo and the general features. They will be there with a full presentation about the project and they will present it in front of the school authority.
  • Technology based sales- its almost related with telemarketing. As we are concentrating on both in bound and out bound telemarketing so we have already cover technology based sales. As well as we are going to use mail, internet to encourage our visitors to come and enjoy the facilities of our zoorassicpark.

Public Relations

The public relations Department is a unit in the firm that manages publicity and other communications with every group that is in contact with the company.

Internal Stakeholders

These employees working in different departments work all together with the IMC program, so that each and every employee receives a constant stream of information. Our employees’ remains consistent with the message and image they are trying to convey to our targeted customers.


Green Marketing

In Dhaka Zoo, at each and every corner we have placed a Recycle Bin which is green in color and resembles that each one of us is aware green marketing and making a better world.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is vending products to customers without the use of other channel members.

We have created Dhaka Zoo website, where new customers can check the daily schedules and timings of the zoo.

Customers those who wish to be member of the website can simply log on and check or receive the monthly offers and contests which are going to be held within the coming days.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We have made guidelines that all the employees/workers/managers are abide to follow. During recruitment each one has been provided with the code of ethics as a guideline to create a strong base in their ethics.

Cause – Related Marketing

Dhaka Zoo has initiated a cause related marketing, to collect funds for the development of the World Largest Mangrove Forest – the Sundarbans. This will help us to build a positive image towards the customers.