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Mrs. Sarafin

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WHS. warriors. Mrs. Sarafin. Government World History and Geography Plan hour: 4 th hour, 11-12pm Phone: 517-323-3831 ext 1197 Email: FB: sarafin’s class.

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mrs sarafin



Mrs. Sarafin


World History and Geography

Plan hour: 4th hour, 11-12pm

Phone: 517-323-3831 ext 1197


FB: sarafin’s class

I believe social studies is the most important class because it gives you information you can use to vote, read the newspaper, get a job, protect your job, buy a house, protect your house, and many other everyday real life events.


Government class is vital to maintaining control over our democracy. The first three words of the constitution are WE THE PEOPLE, but Americans don’t act like it. You will learn how to inform yourself so you don’t have to be manipulated by radio hosts, television hosts, or online bloggers. You will also learn what the government is supposed to do, what it is allowed to do, but also what it actually does and who it does it for. This is the most important class ever.



Every American should read the constitution.

We will read the constitution and determine what the power, structure, and rules of government are.

You will evaluate many situations in current events and websites



informing yourself


Open Secrets

Vote Smart


House of Representatives

White House

Informing yourself


world history

Studying history isn’t simply about not repeating our mistakes.

  • Understanding history helps us understand the present and plan for the future.
    • Libya
    • Sudan
    • Egypt
  • US History taught you the social conditions of the US. World history will broaden that understanding and you will use your knowledge base to expand your global understanding.
World history

Michigan High School Content Expectations

Social Studies Skills and Terms


Language Papers

In addition to swear words, I do not allow other words to be said in class. While you may say them to be funny and not hateful, the context makes them hateful. History has long lists of examples of society allowing the mistreatment of others. It starts small, such as using a word describing a characteristic shared by a specific group of people to mean stupid. You are not allowed to use retarded, gay, fag, queer or any other word that is used in the same way.

If it is a problem that we cannot agree on, you will write a paper about the history of the word.



more bad words

I am just as serious about the term of endearment among some African Americans: nigga or nigger. I absolutely won’t tolerate this.

More bad words



Hate Groups

Recent Hate Incidents in the United States




The WHS absence policy will be followed.

  • And don’t be tardy.
    • I will try to work with you, but if you ignore my warnings, I will write you up.



Grades will be based on

    • In class assignments
    • homework
    • Quizzes
    • Tests
    • Final exam
  • Extra credit is awarded at my discretion.
look for sarafin s class on facebook
I use Face book to communicate more easily.

You can message me regarding assignments and make up work.

I may give extra credit, usually regarding current events.

I may send you messages regarding class.

Look for sarafin’s class on facebook