Texas revolution
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Texas Revolution. By Axel Contreras.

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Texas revolution

Texas Revolution

By Axel Contreras

Sam houston

  • Sam Houston was born in Virginia on March 2 1793 .As a young child Houston spent his time in the mountains of Tennessee with his friends the Cherokee Indians . He didn’t like to study and work at his farm . But with the out break of the second war with England he became a private soldier . He won admiration of his men and superiors . After a short time, he was admitted to the bar and practiced in Lebanon, Tennessee before running for public office. He sought and won public office and was elected to the US Congress in 1823 and again in 1825. In 1827, Houston was elected Governor of Tennessee by a large majority. In Texas, Houston was elected delegate of Nacogdoches to the convention of 1833.He took control of Texas and defeated Santa Ana . Texas gain independence.

  • Sam Houston

Sam Houston

Antonio lopez de santa anna

  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was born in Mexico on the 21 of February. Santa Anna was the villain of the Texas revolution. When he was a young military officer he supported emperor Agustin de Iturbide. He soon later rebelled against the government. In 1833 he was elevated to president of Mexico in a democratic election. He soon realized that Mexico wasn’t ready democracy and turned into a dictator. Santa Anna was a ruthless opponent by the Texans. He was captured in the battle of San Jacinto . He was later exiled from Mexico but was allowed to return before his death in 1876.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Stephen f austin

  • Stephen F. Austin was born in Virginia on 1793.Most of them know him as the father of Texas. He is consider as the founder of American Texas. At the age of eleven years, he attended school in Connecticut and graduated from Transylvania University in Kentucky. At age twenty one he was elected for territorial legislature of Missouri. His father Moses Austin was received a grant of land for in Texas for colonization purposes. Moses Austin died when he came back from his trip to Texas. Austin was now left with the grant and was to settle in Anglo Texas with three hundred settlers. Austin is remembered in Texas history for his many efforts on behalf of Texas before, during, and immediately after Texas' Revolution with Mexico. Austin was soon overcome by disease and died on December 27 1836.

  • Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin

James bowie

  • James know him as the father of Texas. He is consider as the founder of Bowie was born in Kentucky in 1796. When he was young he moved to Missouri and on 1802 he moved to Louisiana. In 1827, Bowie participated in a bloody brawl near Natchez, Mississippi, where several men were killed and Bowie was wounded. Before the Texas revolution he looked for gold and silver. He found the fabled San Saba mines which are known as the bowie mines. In the Texas Revolution, Bowie was a leading participant at the Battle of Concepcion and in the Grass Fight near San Antonio. In 1836 march 6 bowie died in t e battle of the Alamo.

  • James bowie

James Bowie

David davy crocket

  • Davy crocket was born on august 17 1786.In Tennessee he was known as a noted hunter but he is best known for the battle of the Alamo. In 1821, he was elected to the State Legislature and was reelected in 1823. From 1827 through 1833, Crockett served in the Congress of the United States. And on 1836 he died in the battle of the Alamo.

  • Davy Crocket

David “Davy” Crocket

William b travis

  • William B. Travis was in august 9 1809. known as a noted hunter but he is best known for the battle of the Alamo. Travis study law and became a practicing attorney for a brief time before marrying Rosanna Cato at the age of nineteen. At age twenty he had a child named Charles Edward Travis. Travis abandoned his wife and his son and unborn child and went to Texas. After arriving in Texas in early 1831, Travis obtained land from Stephen F. Austin. He set up to practice law first in the town of Anahuac, and afterwards at San Felipe. January 1836 he entered the battle of the Alamo with 30 men. March 6 1836 he died during the battle of the Alamo.

  • William B. Travis

William B. Travis