Chapter 8 soto others and uchi others
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Chapter 8: Soto Others and Uchi Others - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 8: Soto Others and Uchi Others. Imagining racial diversity, imagining homogeneous Japan Millie Creighton. Chapter Focus. …”Images surrounding racial categories projected in Japan, particularly through advertisement.” (pg. 212)

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Chapter 8 soto others and uchi others

Chapter 8: Soto Others and Uchi Others

Imagining racial diversity, imagining homogeneous Japan

Millie Creighton

Chapter focus
Chapter Focus

  • …”Images surrounding racial categories projected in Japan, particularly through advertisement.” (pg. 212)

  • Basically how do “Japanese” define themselves (Self) by contrasting themselves to the Other

Why do we classify
Why do we Classify

  • Create feelings of:

    • Order

    • Control

    • Stability

    • Correctness

  • Note centrality of classification to Confucianism

Basic classification principles in japan
Basic Classification Principles in Japan

  • Besides usual universal categories such as: gender, class, country…

  • Outsiders: Soto

  • Insiders: Uchi

Soto outsiders
Soto -- Outsiders

  • We protect against

  • Hold to a different standard

  • Work with, but at an “arms length”

Uchi insiders
Uchi -- Insiders

  • Group, community, clique…

  • Protect and Help one another

  • Single face to outside

All are simultaneously insiders and outsiders
All are simultaneously Insiders and Outsiders

  • Highly complex system defined by context

  • Verbal/Physical… signals indicate relationship

  • To Western eyes appears both Rigid and Fluid


  • Some boundaries appear never to be crossed

    • Can Americans become Japanese???

    • Hena Gaijin


  • Okinawans are Japanese

  • But are they real Japanese???

    • embarrassed by how they speak when arriving in Tokyo

Globalization and japan s outside face
Globalization and Japan’s Outside Face

  • We (self) are Homogeneous

  • You (other) are Heterogeneous

  • Japanese

    • Racially same

    • Solidly middle class

    • Left brained not right

    • Japan as different

Japan s denied inside face
Japan’s Denied Inside Face

  • Historic minorities 2 to 3%

  • Middle class eroding

  • Growing foreign workforce

  • Rebellion of young women (and to a lesser degree young men)

How it works
How it works

  • Project heterogeneity onto outsiders

  • Therefore insiders must be homogeneous

  • Ignore internal contradictions by focusing on outsiders

  • “We are Japanese, because we are not…”

    • We are different

    • Our rules are different

Mood advertising
Mood Advertising

  • How it works

    • Don’t explain a product

    • Communicate a special mood, elicit an emotional response

  • Why its used

    • Maintains rules of formalized humility

    • How to brag without bragging

      • ‘no miiningu ado’

      • No logical connection between ad and product

Sean lennon
Sean Lennon

  • Sean Lennon is seen talking about things unrelated to the store he's promoting.

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Fantasy mood
Fantasy Mood realistic.. They are more image provoking. It does not seem strange to have so many foreigners, because the goal is just to create a nice or different feeling.”

  • Misemono - …”specials, or ‘things to look at’”

Pierce Brosnan

Sean Connery

Jennifer Lopez

Japanese as what western s want to be
Japanese as what Western’s want to be Women


Noodle consumption

Just goofy americans
Just Goofy Americans Women