A pathfinder update stuart bromwich
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A Pathfinder Update Stuart Bromwich. General DfE update.

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A pathfinder update stuart bromwich

A Pathfinder UpdateStuart Bromwich

A pathfinder update stuart bromwich

General DfE update

  • Edward Timpson MP met the Select Committee on 6 November to discuss the draft provisions, where he re-iterated that existing protections are being maintained and extended and emphasised the importance of pathfinder learning to the legislative process.

  • We are expecting a response from the Select Committee following their pre-legislative scrutiny before Christmas. We are considering possible changes to the provisions in response to feedback.

  • The Bill will be introduced to Parliament early in 2013.

  • Work on drafting the regulations continues and on outline version will be made available during committee stage of the Bill.

A pathfinder update stuart bromwich

Recent pathfinder developments

  • The extension of the Pathfinder programme has been confirmed. Grant letters will be issued by end February 2013. Mott MacDonald is contacting pathfinders to discuss specific targets for 2013-14.

  • As part of the extension we will recruit 9 to 15 Pathfinder champions. Further information will be provided before Christmas, with the application process taking place in January.

  • Principles of emerging practice were sent to all Pathfinders on 26 November with a request for initial feedback before Christmas.

  • Helpful events held with pathfinders on assessment and plan regulations and developing a ‘change pathway’.

  • Next SQW report will be published in February – based on experience of 80 families with completed EHCPs.

Health mandate
Health Mandate

On 13 November the first Mandate between the Government and the NHS Commissioning Board was published,

setting out ambitions for the health service for the next two years. 

The Mandate is structured around five key areas where the Government expects the NHS Commissioning Board to

make improvements:

  • preventing people from dying prematurely; 

  • enhancing quality of life for people with long-term conditions; 

  • helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury;  

  • ensuring that people have a positive experience of care; and 

  • treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm.

    Bullet 4, 'ensuring that people have a positive experience of care', includes a specific pledge at paragraph 4.13 to

    improve support for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities.  This will be

    achieved through the Board's objective to 'ensure that they have access to the services identified in their agreed care

    plan, and that parents of children who could benefit have the option of a personal budget based on a single assessment

    across health, social care and education for children'.

Local offer case study york
Local Offer Case Study: York

Key Points

  • York, a non-pathfinder authority, has published a

    first version of their local offer.

  • Structured in age, stages, and categories (pictured right).

  • Each service falls under these headings. The service is listed, explained, and contact details and sign posts are highlighted to further information. York Teaching Hospital’s profile is pictured right.

  • As an example, York’s health local offer includes:

  • Hospitals, nurses, doctors

  • Charities

  • Therapy and mental health care

  • Health and medical equipment services


York local offer example
York Local OfferExample

The York local offer is published on the local authority website and has been developed as a brochure, therefore lacking the instant interaction with schools and services, but a good start.

Case study trafford
Case Study: Trafford

  • The Trafford pathfinder local offer has been developed by using the existing Children’s Service Directory; updated with easy read software and an enhanced search engine.

  • The use of the existing Children’s Service Directory was agreed and developed in consultation with parents and the first draft has been published to gain further feedback from parents, carers and young people who wish to access the services.

  • The information will be kept up to date by using the existing governance procedures, already in operation.

Case study trafford1
Case Study: Trafford

Key Points

  • Currently, Trafford’s published early version local offer currently includes:

  • Local Offer published on Trafford’s existing Child Services Directory website – 20,000 hits a month.

  • Website includes a ‘shortlist’ function to collate and print relevant information and an ‘area search’ facility.

  • The website act as hub platform to signpost to school websites and to other parts of the authority’s website.

  • Trafford’s Local Offer is developed incrementally. The time taken to co-produce its local offer with families, has meant Trafford has focused on publishing its core service offering initially. This core is then being expanded when possible.

Trafford council local offer example
Trafford Council Local OfferExample

Link to the SEND provisions

Case study trafford2
Case Study: Trafford

  • Website Outline

  • ‘Area search’ function

  • ‘Shortlist’ function

  • Service Categories

  • Web link: http://trafford.childrensservicedirectory.org.uk/kb5/trafford/fsd/category.page?category=2341

Trafford council local offer example search function
Trafford Council Local Offer; Example search function

Search by function i.e. Schools; linking to the school individual local offers

Case study st hild s hartlepool darlington pathfinder
Case study: St Hild’s Hartlepool & Darlington Pathfinder

  • Hartlepool & Darlington pathfinder began their local offer work with schools, due to the time sensitivities of the school funding reforms.

  • The pathfinder has supported schools in developing their individual local offers; the offers will collectively be brought together at a single point of access.

  • The local offer has been coproduced and development will continue incrementally to ensure a sustainable approach.

  • Each school has been given guidance and support around the local offer development.

St hild s local offer http www sthilds org uk send offer
St Hild’s Local Offer http://www.sthilds.org.uk/send-offer

Local offer front page; part of the school website

Specific areas of the offer, such as achievement support (follow the link.....)

Local offer achievement support students with special educational needs
Local offer: Achievement SupportStudents with special educational needs

To consider local health watch
To consider - Local Health Watch

Key Points:

  • Local Health Watch, a successor to the previous LINKs organisation, is designed act as a consumer health champion, both nationally and locally.

  • It will offer a feedback mechanism from service users, for health and social care providers, and help to shape local service provision.

  • Local Health Watch will have a seat on local Health and Wellbeing Boards.

  • It will also offer signposting and support to individuals about access to local services, and will have considerable local control over services.

  • The aim is to increase service consumer power.

  • Local Health Watch hopes to coordinate and to tap into the experience of local public, community, and voluntary sectors.

₁ http://www.healthwatch.co.uk/

A pathfinder update stuart bromwich

Personal Budgets should be drawn from funding for individual support over and above that provided by universal services or targeted provision.

For example, it is not expected that any funding delegated to a school as required by school finance regulations to be included in a personal budget (funding up to £10,000 under the new arrangements)

Personal Budgets – Government Expectations


Schools funding financial specifics
Schools Funding: Financial Specifics support over and above that provided by universal services or targeted provision. ₁

Financial Specifics:

  • The Government intends all state-funded mainstream schools to spend up to £10,000 per pupil out of their core and additional support budget before the LA provides High Needs Block funding.

    From April 2013, this means that:

₁ Gloucestershire Council Funding Advice - http://glostext.gloucestershire.gov.uk/documents/s10801/School%20Funding%20Reform%20consultation%20paper%20June12%20A.pdf

A pathfinder update stuart bromwich

www.mottmac.com support over and above that provided by universal services or targeted provision.