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  1. STAR BUCKS Employee Recognition Program NEXT

  2. Your objective is… To create a simple, easy-to-administer system to reward outstanding employees including… • Managers recognizing employees on a daily basis. • Peers recognizing other peers. Doing this on a regular basis will help you retain your key people and reduce expensive turnover.

  3. Our Solution… We offer three TAX FREE incentive tools to help you accomplish this… • Scratchoff Star Bucks - (a fun, simple paper-based system) AND Star Points - (a paperless incentive program) You can award up to $400 per employee per year TAX FREE using this system. We will show you how to do this if you purchase our program.

  4. Custom Newsletters & Posters The Program is kicked off with a custom Newsletter & Posters for all employees!

  5. Option A – Scratchoff Star Bucks Star Bucks are available in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations. And you can also choose these other types of Star Bucks… The Star Buck that wins for the employee… A CHANCE at a Marriott trip or An INSTANT GIFT, like a Stainless Steel Coffee Mug or a Lunch Cooler Bag with your “Star Performer” logo that they pick up onsite!

  6. Option B – Star Points Online Issue Star Bucks ONLINE at your own private WEBSITE. Every Star Point is valued at $1. Each month you send us a list of all your employees and how many points you wish to award them. Finally, we deposit one or more points into a Star Points Account for the employee. Account statements mail to the home, and employees order awards by mail or Internet. It’s easy!

  7. Recommended Program Rules Criteria for Awarding Employees Proven Results – Once you approve our proposal, we’ll put our 45 years of experience to work helping you design the rules to get the results you need. Improvement Areas –Areas in which to award outstanding performance will depend on your corporate goals but a few ideas are: Customer Service Attendance Innovation (Bright Ideas) Safety Sales

  8. Key Advantages We Offer You Our Awards are Tax-Free – with cash & gift certificates you lose 40% to taxes. Single source, turnkey supplier with experience. Free Consulting and Program Design & Administration $4,000 in Free Marriott trips for every $10,000 you spend.

  9. Program Results The STAR BUCKS Program has helped many firms improve performance. It has been successfully used by Coca-Cola, General Motors, Performance Abatement Services, Clark Construction, JA Jones and many others. Florida Power saved over $100,000!

  10. Tax Free Incentive Program Saves Florida Power $100,000 By Dean Solov - Tampa Tribune Staff Writer CRYSTAL RIVER- Radiation is one of those things where less is better. Dental hygienists know it; they clear out of the room during X-rays. But working around radiation is so commonplace for nuclear plant workers that it’s sometimes useful to remind them. So, Florida Power Corp. has embraced an incentive program aimed at doing just that. Company supervisors have been handing out prize winning scratch-off Star Bucks™ to workers who go the extra mile reducing their exposure and that of their fellow workers. HOME