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  • Some Of The Characters Include,
    • Eddie Durkin
    • Buzz McDonald
    • French Toast O’Toole
    • Tom “The Boo” Hagen AKA Boogenhagen
    • The Viper
eddie durkin
Eddie Durkin
  • Eddie Is a bit of a dreamer and indeed a schemer. He’s been living “the bachelor’s life shtyle” now for a few years, since leaving home, but he shtilllives in the same town. And it’s not what its all cracked up to be from the television Programmes. He can be hard-headed, and ignorant at the best of times. Eddie feels that he has been somewhat hard done to by the society that he calls home in Castletown, and that there’s someone on his back, The Viper.

He yearns for the fast paced action of the city, with its women and mystery and the prospect of riches. This is why he constantly tries to escape Castletown by coming up with crazy Ideas. Eddie is very much the organiser and leader of his group of friends. He knows he’s lucky to have friends with such loyalty to each other and finds strength in knowing that theses guys will help him out with his plans to lead a better life shtyle. No matter how odd the ideas may be.

buzz m c donald
Buzz McDonald
  • Eddies right hand man and Partner in Crime. Buzz is a likeable and mischievous Character who will take chances when they arise. He has a keen eye for scrap metal, DVD’s, hot property and likes to shmokesoft drugs recreationally, only for the fact that there isn’t an awful lot for him to do round town. In his state he often lacks the creativity to think beyond the here and now, and is more than happy to go along with Eddies plans, but will openly speak his mind if he doesn’t like the way things unfold.

Buzz is also a lazy man at heart and has no bother in letting you know that either. He chooses to exercise at home using home instead of paying for “a real gym.” Making up work out plans that are usually aided by domestic items fashioned together to simulate the effect of using gym equipment. Buzz Is regarded by many to be of Hardy stock and a wirey buck, and “he’s only trouble”. The truth is he’s as confused as the rest of the people he knows and just wants to live his life the only way he knows -”In the Ball Alley”.

french toast
  • Its not certain why French Toast chooses to remain around Castle Town or even where he got the name. What is known about him is that he was thrown out of the house from an early age and comes from a broken home. He’s a modern day huckleberry Finn character who grew up fast drinking and smoking and polluting his consciousness with anything he could lay his hands on. Finally one day he woke up in his own piss and decided to go straight edge.

Thanks his passion for golfing. his friendship with an old school friend who now owns the golf course intervened and saved him from “making A balls of his life.”  He lost an entire year of his life that year. He Can’t remember a thing. This turn around was going brilliantly Until he started hanging out with the wrong sort. Eddie and Buzz that is.

  • Its all gone tits up for Toasteen, He now lives with Eddie and Buzz in their country cottage.
the boo
  • Little is known about the Boo, What is known about him is that he is a mysterious Character, Who has been passing to and fro through Castletown for many a year. Even the Name Boogenhagen is most unusual. No body knows were he’s from. And doesn’t discuss his past much. Some say he’s German others say the far east. One lad reckons he’s from Sligo. Considered by many to be some sort of Fixer, with a lot of connections to shadowy figures of the underworld. If you want to get something quick, just give him a bell.

It was rumoured that he tried to get in to the Russian army because he admired the intense Training Regime there. They said no for many reasons, He wasn’t Russian, Not associated With Russia in anyway and he constantly harassed the staff at the Russian Embassy and was removed and was supposed to go to court for Trespassing on the premises.

  • The Lads see the Boo as an advisory figure and a key role in the group to help get things done.
the viper
  • The Viper has been a fly in many an ointment. Whenever there is an important event, 21st birthday Party, Wedding, christening, Meeting, Job interview you name it, he’s there. He keeps close tabs on the lads and tries to ruin their well devised plans, and tries to reap the benefits for himself.
  • The Viper is the Son of a wealthy Contractor Seamus Higgins. He’s Inherited money from relatives not to mention the money his father pays him for doing nothing in Particular.

The Viper aspires to be a dodgy guy in the eyes of the town but is really a spoilt rich kid who wants the shtuffall to himself.

  • He hires local “hard men.” of the town as minders. Some of these guys are named. The Dragon, Bull Bars Brennan and StonefishtGweeston. The Viper can often be seen hanging out the window of his friends high performance hatchbacks, Doing unusual hand gestures, and shouting shyteat unsuspecting punters.