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  1. Paris A few Places in Paris

  2. History • Originally settled by a tribe of Celts called the Parisii. • Settled as a fishing village in 250 BCE • Conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 BCE • Capital of the Frankish Empire, which became France

  3. Historical Facts • 1163 CE – La Cathédrale de Notre Dame is built • 12eme CE La Sorbonne is built (also known as the University of Paris) • 14eme CE La peste noire kills half the population • 1643 Louis XIV builds the palace of Versailles. The Louvre is no longer the King’s residence. • 1789 The Bastille prison is burned down marking the beginning of the French Revolution • 1793 A guillotine is installed in place de la Concorde and thousands are executed there during the Reign of Terror • 1860’s Paris is renovated by Baron de Haussmann and modernized to have larger streets. Many medieval buildings are torn down. • 1870 After being invaded by the Prussians (Germans), La basilica de Sacre Coeur is constructed in the area of Paris known as Montmartre. • 1888 The Eiffel Tower is constructed for the World’s Fair • 1900 Paris decides to keep the Eiffel Tower to be used as a radio and telegraph tower instead of tearing it down • 1914 Paris invaded again by the Germans • 1920’s Paris becomes the world center for art and literature. • 1938 Paris is invaded again by the Germans • 1944 Paris is liberated by allied troops

  4. Où est Paris?

  5. Paris Rive Gauche Et Rive Droite

  6. Rive Gauche La Tour Eiffel Les Jardins de Luxembourg Notre Dame La Sorbonne et le Quartier Latin Les Catacombs

  7. Rive Droite Opéra de Paris Le Louvre Sacre Coeur Champs Elysées

  8. Le Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

  9. Notre Dame • Gothic Architecture as evidenced by the iron spires on the backside • Construction began in 1160 and finished in 1345 • The use of “Flying Buttresses” allows for more interior space – an ingenious feat in architecture • Featured in Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame • Lady Liberty replaced the Virgin Mary on the alter during the French Revolution during a period when all churches were converted to “Temples of Reason” • What about Notre Dame inspired Victor Hugo to write the Hunchback story?

  10. La basilic du Sacre Cœur

  11. Sacre Coeur • Built in 1870 to lift the spirits of Parisians who were then occupied by the Prussians (Germans) • Built in a fusion style of architecture called Romano-Byzantine. • Roman is represented by the arches. • Byzantine is represented by domes. • Located in a section of Paris called Montmartre • What’s the difference between a Cathedral and a Basilica?

  12. Montmartre

  13. Montmartre • The film “Moulin Rouge” is set in this section of Paris also known as “The Bohemian Quarter” • Many artists today sell their paintings here • Called “Martyr Mountain” because it is where Christians were martyred by Celtic Pagans in the early Roman days of Paris • Who is Saint Denis and what’s the story about him losing his head?

  14. La Tour Eiffel

  15. La Tour Eiffel • Constructed in 1889 for the World’s Fair • Constructed by Gustave Eiffel • Parisians hated it at first and wanted to tear it down, but decided to keep it after they found out they could use it as a radio and telegraph tower • The symbol of Paris and perhaps France • Has had over 200 million visitors since 1889 • Their web-site has a really cool 3D feature • For how many years was the Eiffel Tower the tallest structure in the world?

  16. Lady Liberty

  17. Arches

  18. Domes