Leadership development in agriscience and horticulture
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Leadership Development in Agriscience and Horticulture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Development in Agriscience and Horticulture. Objective: To Develop Leadership Skills. What Is Leadership ?. Leadership is the ability to lead. To Lead:. To lead is to show the way. Traits of Good Leaders. Integrity….(Honesty). Knowledge…awareness and understanding.

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Leadership development in agriscience and horticulture

Leadership Development in Agriscience and Horticulture

Objective: To Develop Leadership Skills

What is leadership
What Is Leadership ?

  • Leadership is the ability to lead.

To lead
To Lead:

  • To lead is to show the way.

Traits of good leaders
Traits of Good Leaders

  • Integrity….(Honesty).

  • Knowledge…awareness and understanding.

  • Courage… willingness to proceed under difficult conditions.

  • Tact…be able to encourage others in a positive way.

Traits of a good leader
Traits of a Good Leader.

  • Enthusiasm

  • Unselfishness

  • Loyalty

Opportunities in leadership
Opportunities in Leadership

  • 4-H clubs

  • Girl and boy scout organizations

  • FFA

Franklinton ffa
Franklinton FFA

  • Making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for…

  • Premier leadership

  • Personal growth

  • Career success

Franklinton high ffa
Franklinton High FFA

  • Aim and purposes.

  • The aim of the FFA is the development of agriscience leadership, cooperation and citizenship.

  • The purpose of the FFA.

  • Turn to page 93 and 94 in the agriscience book.

The emblem
The Emblem

  • The FFA emblem contains five major symbols that help demonstrate the structure of the organization.

The eagle
The Eagle

  • The eagle represents the national scope of the organization.

Leadership development in agriscience and horticulture

  • The cross section of the ear of corn.

  • Corn is grown in every state in the united states.

  • It reminds us of our common interest in agriscience.

Leadership development in agriscience and horticulture

  • The owl represents knowledge and wisdom

Leadership development in agriscience and horticulture

  • Represents….

  • Work.

  • Labor.

  • Effort.

Rising sun
Rising Sun

  • The rising sun is a symbol of the progressive nature of agriscience.


  • The official colors of the FFA are…….

  • Blue and gold.

  • The shade of blue is national blue.

  • The shade of gold is corn gold.


  • The FFA has a motto:

  • Learning to do

  • Doing to learn

  • Earning to live

  • Living to serve


  • The FFA salute is……

  • The pledge of allegiance to the American flag.

The ffa has 4 degrees
The FFA Has 4 Degrees

  • Greenhand

  • Chapter

  • State

  • American degree

Contest ffa

  • Career development events (CDE)

  • Examples:

  • Parliamentary procedure

  • Creed

  • Tools

  • Public speaking

  • Horticulture

Proficiency awards
Proficiency Awards

  • If A STUDENT owns their own business.

  • And keeps good records.

  • They can apply for an award.

Public speaking
Public Speaking

  • Prepared public speaking

  • Extemporaneous public speaking

The parts of a speech
The Parts of a Speech

  • Introduction

  • Body

  • Conclusion

Parliamentary procedure
Parliamentary Procedure

  • What is parliamentary procedure ?

  • It is the rules on how to conduct a meeting.

Parliamentary procedure1
Parliamentary Procedure

  • Parli pro is used to conduct meetings for schools, clubs, church groups, U.S. Congress ect.

Why is parliamentary important
Why Is Parliamentary Important ?

  • Discuss one topic at a time.

  • Hear everyone’s opinion in a relaxed, courteous atmosphere.

  • Protect the rights of minorities.

  • Make decisions according to the wishes of the majority of the group.

Requirements of a good business meeting
Requirements of a Good Business Meeting

  • A good presiding officer.

  • A good secretary.

  • Informed members.

  • A comfortable meeting room.

Conducting meeting
Conducting Meeting

  • The order of business.

    1. Call to order.

    2. Reading the minutes.

    3. Treasurer’s report.

    4. Reports of other officers or committees.

    5. Old business.

    6. New business 7. then Adjournment.

Use of the gavel
Use of the Gavel

  • The gavel is a small wooden hammerlike object used by the presiding officer.

The gavel
The Gavel

  • The gavel is a symbol of authority.

Use of the gavel1
Use of the Gavel

  • The number of taps….

  • One tap- announces the outcome of a decision.

  • Two taps- the meeting will come to order.

  • Three taps- members will stand up.

  • Series of taps- come to order.

Obtaining recognition and permission to speak
Obtaining Recognition and Permission to Speak

  • Raise your hand to get the presiding officers attention.

  • The presiding officer should call the member by name.

  • Then the member will stand and address the officer as Madame or Mr. President or chairperson.

  • The member then proceeds to speak.

What is a motion
What Is a Motion ?

  • A motion is a proposal, presented in a meeting, to be acted upon by the group.

How to present a motion
How to Present a Motion.

  • The member raises a hand and is recognized by the presiding officer.

  • Then the member will say,”Madame/Mr. President, I move that…..”

  • Then a second individual must second the motion. “By saying Madame/Mr. President I second the motion.”

Some useful motions
Some Useful Motions

  • Main motion

  • Amend

  • Refer

  • Lay on the table

  • Point of order

  • Adjourn


  • To lead is to :

  • Show the way

The traits of a good leader
The Traits of a Good Leader

  • Integrity

  • Knowledge

  • Courage

  • Tact

  • Enthusiasm

  • Unselfishness

  • Loyalty

Who provides for the 4 h
Who Provides for the 4-h

  • Cooperative extension service

What must you be to be in the ffa
What Must You Be ,to Be in the FFA ?

  • A student enrolled in a agriscience program in your school.

The owl is a symbol of
The Owl Is a Symbol Of:

  • Knowledge and wisdom

The plow is a symbol of
The Plow Is a Symbol Of:

  • Work – labor - effort

The rising sun is a symbol of
The Rising Sun Is a Symbol Of:

  • The progressive nature of agriscience.

  • The need for us to work together for a common goal.

What are the ffa colors
What Are the FFA Colors?

  • Corn gold

  • National blue

The ffa motto
The FFA Motto

  • Learning to do

  • Doing to learn

  • Earning to live

  • Living to serve

I move
I Move…

  • The only acceptable way to start a motion.