London Fields Bake Off 2013
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London Fields Bake Off 2013. Year 3. Background R esearch . We looked a selection of biscuits on sale at the moment, discussing their presentation and whether or not they were appealing.

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London fields bake off 2013

Background Research

We looked a selection of biscuits on sale at the moment, discussing their presentation and whether or not they were appealing.

We then got to taste the biscuits! We compared two different biscuits, thinking about what we liked and didn’t like about them and how easy they would be to bake.

London fields bake off 2013

Market research

As we were selling our biscuits at the summer fair to parents we wanted to know what they wanted to buy. They were our target audience. We designed questions to send home to see what our adults wanted to buy.

London fields bake off 2013

Design Specification

We analysed the results of our questionnaire to create a design specification of what our final biscuit design needed to include.

Focused practical task
Focused Practical Task

Ready to go!

We adapted our basic biscuit recipe to create 3 different types of biscuits. We made a healthy wholemeal biscuit, a sweet fruit biscuit and a chocolate chip biscuit.

The results of our focused practical!

Which would you prefer?

Focused practical task1
Focused Practical Task

We evaluated the results of our focus practical, rating each biscuit out of 10 against our design specification.

The chocolate and fruit biscuits were most popular!

London fields bake off 2013


Next we created 2 designs to fit our design specification, adapting some elements from our focus practical ideas. We wanted our biscuits to look as good as possible so they would all get sold at the summer fair!

London fields bake off 2013

Final Design

The final designs produced by Ash, Elm and Oak class.

Final recipe1
Final recipe

Using our design specification and final design we created a final recipe. This was our basic recipe adapted to the needs of our target audience.

We made sure they were beautifully presented so they could form part of the exclusive London Fields Bake Off Recipe Book!

Baking the final product
Baking the Final Product

Ash, Elm and Oak baking their final biscuits!


Overall we were really pleased with our biscuits and really enjoyed making them!

Finally we evaluated our final product against our design specification. We considered how our biscuit looked, how it met the specification and which parts of the process we found easy and difficult.