Human rights in tunisia
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Human rights in Tunisia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human rights in Tunisia. PowerPoint by James Epperson. About Tunisia. Tunisia is a small middle Eastern country located between Algeria and Libya on the Northern coast of Africa

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Human rights in tunisia
Human rights in Tunisia

PowerPoint by James Epperson

About tunisia
About Tunisia

  • Tunisia is a small middle Eastern country located between Algeria and Libya on the Northern coast of Africa

  • Tunisia is 55th in oil production in the entire world, their oil reserves count for about 0.11% of all the world's oil

  • Tunisia has a Unitary government which means the central government has supreme power and the sub divisions of the government only have control over the things delegated to them by the central government.

Government and economics of tunisia
Government and Economics of Tunisia

  • Tunisia currently has an interim president, an Interim president is someone who is in power until an actual president is elected to office by the citizens.

  • The current interim president, Moncef Marzoukihas been in power since 2011.

  • Surprisingly Tunisia’s economy hasn’t been affected by the Political upheaval caused by the ousting of their last president, if anything their economy has flourished.

Human rights
Human rights

  • Tunisia haven’t been very good with human rights in the past but they’re trying to reform for the best

  • A big problem in Tunisia is abuse in the prison system, mostly before criminals have actually been tried by the government for their crimes

  • The people of Tunisia haven’t had a lot of rights in the past but the government is working very hard on correcting past mistakes and they’re working on bettering their country

Constitution rewritten
Constitution rewritten

  • When Moncef Marzouki took office in 2011 he and his advisors rewrote the constitution of Tunisia. In this new Constitution President Marzouki added a new article that has caused an uproar amongst Tunisian women

  • The article states "The state guarantees the protection of women's rights and consolidation of [past] gains based on women being fundamental partners to men in nation-building, with their roles complementing one another within the family.”

  • Some of these right guaranteed were the right to file for divorce and the the rights to half their husbands inheritance