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Establishment Branch

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Establishment Branch. An overview. General. Establishment branch - ‘A’ One Postal assistant (OA) Responsible for keeping the establishment files and registers, which are permanent records. Deals with - Creation and revision of establishment,

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Establishment Branch

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Presentation Transcript
  • Establishment branch - ‘A’
  • One Postal assistant (OA)
  • Responsible for keeping the establishment files and registers, which are permanent records.
  • Deals with -
    • Creation and revision of establishment,
    • opening and closing of post offices and mail lines,
    • changes in the status of offices
  • In RMS Divisions--‘C’ Branch
  • It deals with
  • Creation, revision and abolition of establishments,
  • Sanctioned establishment of the Division,
  • Changes in the register of sanctioned establishments
  • Distribution of the sanctioned establishment of the Division,
record of establishment
Record of Establishment
  • The DO will keep up a register of sanctioned establishments in the form A.C.G. 19(a).
  • Register is kept corrected properly and up-to-date
record of establishment1
Record of Establishment
  • One file for each Post Office is kept and it is a permanent record
  • Consolidated list of all post offices is maintained.
  • List arranged alphabetically and the offices numbered accordingly.
  • The numbers start from 11 onwards
  • Numbers 1-10 for general dealings.
record of establishment2
Record of Establishment
  • The number against each office with the distinguishing letter for all cases relating to that office.
  • Eg: A-124 will be the establishment case of Kanpur
record of establishment3
Record of Establishment
  • When a new office is opened, a case-mark like, e. g. A-124 (a), A-125 (a), is given
  • Files should be arranged in numerical order
establishment register
Establishment Register
  • Contains details of establishment in a particular Post Office or Administrative Office
  • The register should contain details of following
    • (1) Clerical establishment
    • (2) Delivery establishment
    • (3) Class IV (MTS) establishment
    • (4) GDS establishment
establishment register1
Establishment Register

ACG 19(a) Indian Post and Telegraph Department

See Rule 278 of P&T Financial Hand Book, Volume/Second Edition

Register of Sanctioned Permanent/Temporary Establishment of the _____________ Office

establishment register2
Establishment Register
  • In the case of a RMS Division
    • (1) Sorting Assistant establishment
    • (2)Mail Guards establishments
    • (3) Class IV (MTS) establishment
    • (4) GDS establishment
establishment register3
Establishment Register
  • Kept updated with status of office, and number of posts in every cadre.
  • Change in establishment updated on relevant page and signed by ASP(HQ) or divisional head
classified list
Classified List
  • A classified list of all PO maintained HO wise listing all SOs under them alphabetically and all BOs under each SO alphabetically.
  • Released once in three years
  • Kept up-to-date.
  • The corrections occurring in the year should be intimated to the RO/CO in April every year.
what does establishment mean
What does ‘Establishment ' mean?
  • Posts
    • Permanent post- definite rate of pay, no time limit
    • Temporary post- definite rate of pay, limited time
    • Tenure post-permanent post to be held by individual for a limited period
  • Creation of Posts
  • Abolition of Posts
  • Redeployment of Posts
  • Upgradation of Posts
  • Downgradation of Posts
what is included in establishment
What is included in Establishment
  • Organizational structure of the Department
  • Circles, Regions, Divisions, POs & other Units (their creation, abolition, relocation & merger)
  • Posts and Cadres (their creation, abolition & redeployment)
  • Powers (Administrative & Financial)
  • Distribution of work etc.
redeployment of posts
Redeployment of Posts
  • From surplus office to a needy office
  • Redeployment of surplus Group ‘C’, ‘MTS’ and GDS posts
    • from one operative office to a deficient operative office
    • from operative office to administrative office and vice versa (except GDS posts)
    • can be done by Head of Circle with the concurrence of Circle IFA
redeployment of posts1
Redeployment of Posts
  • Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ posts can be redeployed by Postal Services Board with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing
  • Proposals for redeployment referred to Directorate after approval of Circle IFA and Chief PMG
  • Redeployment is effected
    • by abolition of posts in a surplus office and creation of post in a deficient office
    • by a single order so that abolition and creation are duly matched
creation of posts
Creation of Posts
  • Instructions -from time to time
  • Outsourcing of routine services such as cleaning, maintenance, moving papers/dak etc.
  • Unavoidable proposals ( e.g. for new organizations) for creation of all posts to be sent to MoF (Dept of Expenditure)
creation and redeployment
Creation and Redeployment
  • There is a ban on creation of new posts
  • Posts can be created if justified only under matching saving or by redeployment
  • For matching savings financial implication has to be taken care of
  • Justification is to be calculated based on workload, for post offices it is based on calculation of Est2
creation and redeployment1
Creation and Redeployment
  • For creation under matching savings proposal is to submitted to Head of Circle
  • For redeployment also proposal is to be submitted by divisional head to head of circle
  • The proposal should be accompanied by documents justifying the excess manpower at one office and additional workload at other office justifying the additional manpower.
creation and redeployment2
Creation and Redeployment
  • Proposal for creation, abolition and revision of establishment should explain the grounds it is based on
  • Present cost of establishment with the cost of proposed establishment should be clearly mentioned