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Sunday, February 9 th

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Sunday, February 9 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sunday, February 9 th. Please sit compactly toward the front since we’ll take a group picture before we start the meeting. don’t leave seats empty…get to know your fellow brigaders ;-) . Sunday, February 9 th , 2014.

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Please sit compactly toward the front since we’ll take a group picture before we start the meeting. don’t leave seats empty…get to know your fellow brigaders ;-)


Sunday, February 9th, 2014




Health Topic:

Contagious Diseases and the

Vaccine “Controversy”

Presented by: Emily Qin

  • Highly contagious—90% transmission
  • In developed countries, 0.1% fatality
  • Up to 28% fatality in

underdeveloped countries


Measles Vaccine licensed 1963

  • MMR combination introduced 1971
  • >99% immunity after two doses
  • Side effects: fever and pain at the injection site
  • Life threatening in, at most,
  • 1 in 1 million cases
    • ~Actual number probably
    • closer to 1 in 10 million

Measles Elimination

  • 1978: CDC vowed to eliminate measles by 1982
  • 2000: endemic measles eliminated from U.S.
  • Today, 5 out of 6 WHO regions have set goals to eliminate measles

Record number of U.S. Measles Outbreaks in 2013

January 1–August 24, 2013:

159 cases reported to CDC




159 Victims

herd immunity
Herd Immunity
  • If enough people in an area are vaccinated (>90%), diseases won’t be able to spread!
  • Protects the most vulnerable:
  • Too young
  • Vaccine doesn’t work
  • Get your flu shots!

Summary so far…

Measles was eliminated in the U.S., but people aren’t getting vaccines anymoreand children are getting sick.

Why? How can we help?


Who isn’t being vaccinated?

Children from upper-class families.

Certain churches and other close-knit communities

In Malibu, one public elementary school has a 58% vaccination rate.

Eagle Mountain Church in Texas: Outbreak with 21 cases



Parents want to protect their children.

Few Americans contract preventable diseases.

Consequence (why is this a problem?)

Parents hate taking risks they deem unnecessary.

The risk of diseases like measles is no longer apparent.


Put the risks in perspective. 1 in 1,000,000 is tiny!

Average risk of dying in a car accident is 1-2% and it’s the leading cause of death for children 2-14.



Backfire effect: people react to disconfirming evidence by strengthening their beliefs


Telling a parent they are wrong will alienate them.


Provide a slow accumulation of evidence that culminates in your point. Do not treat parents as opponents.



Confirmation Bias: a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions


Parents use anecdotesas evidence.


Common Example

Your niece developed signs of autism soon after her first MMR vaccine…


You heard vaccines might cause autism.

Now you believe it.

~12-18 months:

First vaccines are given

First symptoms of autism appear





Especially on the Internet.

internet culture
Internet Culture

Published January 27, 2014

widespread misinformation
Widespread Misinformation

Graph taken from

widespread misinformation1
Widespread Misinformation

= introduction of vaccine

Graph taken from


More Misinformation:

Comparisons to dissimilar diseases

  • Scurvy:
  • Malnutrition
  • Typhoid
  • Water infected with feces
the mmr vaccine causes autism no
The MMR vaccine causes Autism? NO.

Debate originated by Andrew Wakefield’s study in 1998 that suggested a correlation.

The media blew it up.

Results were not replicable.

the mmr vaccine causes autism no1
The MMR vaccine causes Autism? NO.

Andrew Wakefield faked his data for money.

All 12 patients in study recruited by lawyer who wanted to sue MMR vaccine company. Wakefield tried to patent a rival vaccine.

Wakefield’s study is the only medical study that establishes any correlation.


Anti-vaxxers originally blamed thiomersal (also thimerosal),

  • organic mercury-containing preservative; no documented side effects.
  • 1999: FDA ordered thiomersal to be removed as a purely precautionary measure in response to the controversy. Other countries did the same.
  • Peer-Reviewed Studies:
  • Vaccination status did not influence the incidence of autism.
  • No change in rate after thiomersal removed.

Anti-vaxxers also point to increase in autism incidence since introduction of vaccine.

Brief History of Autism:

Autism recognized as separate from schizophrenia

Autism definition broadened

Autism Month (April)


Late 1960s





“I do believe sadly it's going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it's their f___ing fault that the diseases are coming back. They're making a product that's s___. If you give us a safe vaccine, we'll use it. It shouldn't be polio versus autism.”

~Jenny McCarthy, 2009


November 29, 2012

Vaccination Safety Hearing Held in Congress

“I’m convinced that the mercury in vaccinations is a contributing factor to neurological diseases such as autism.”

“It wasn’t so bad when a child gets one or two or three vaccines… Mercury accumulates in the brain until it has to be chelated.”

~Dan Burton, Indiana Congressman 2003-2013

Chelation: Treats heavy metal toxicity. Toxic to liver, kidneys.

Unapproved alternative treatment for autism. 5 year old boy killed in 2005.


Spring 2014 Schedule

  • Mass Meetings
  • Sundays, 6 PM in BH 310
  • Feb 23rd
  • March 9th
  • March 30th
  • April 13th
  • April 27th
  • **As always, if you know you have to miss a meeting, email Ellen and I ( and more than 24 hours in advance with the reason you have to miss**

Spring 2014 Schedule

  • Mass Meetings
  • Sundays, 6 PM in BH 310
  • Feb 23rd
  • March 9th
  • March 30th
  • April 13th
  • April 27th
  • **As always, if you know you have to miss a meeting, email Ellen and I ( and more than 24 hours in advance with the reason you have to miss**


  • FundSponge – make any purchases from Amazon from this link and we automatically get 4% of the sale.
  • Share this link with family and friends ASAP. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, email it to your contacts.

Upcoming Events

  • 1 spreadsheet to sign-up for events
    • name, number, email ALWAYS; add leader’s contact every time
  • Canning
    • For now, keeping the Fri./Sat. times from 10 pm – 2 am at Brothers. Sign-ups available in the spreadsheet
  • Pizza Sales
    • Every Thursday from 11 am – 2 pm, we’ll sell pizza in the Ballantine ground floor lobby.

Upcoming Events

  • GB-specific events:
  • Mother Bear’s Dine & Donate
  • (Facebook link for the event).
  • For every large pizza, $4 is donated to IU Global Brigades
  • GB Exchange Information
  • Saturday, April 19th
  • We encourage all members to attend. The link to register is here:

Ghana Flight Info.

  • Cost: $1349.22 26 brigaders
  • Departure Date: Sunday, May 11th
  • Arrival Date: Wednesday, May 21st

Empowered payments

  • Keep up-to-date with your Empowered payments!! It is YOUR responsibility to do so.
  • We cannot emphasize enough the usefulness of sending out personalized donation request letters to family and friends. Amanda, a fellow Panama brigader raised hundreds just from sending out letters!
  • Medication fee: To be paid to the general fund on Empowered. We will let you know the exact amount in a few days, but it will NOT be $100 (it’ll be less than that)

Vaccination Information

  • Panama
  • Required: none
  • Highly recommended: Hepatitis A, Typhoid
  • If you haven’t had chicken pox, the Varicella Zoster is highly recommended
  • Most also get: Hepatitis B, Malaria, Yellow Fever
  • Ghana
    • Required: Yellow Fever
    • Highly recommended: Hepatitis A, Malaria, Typhoid
    • Most also get: Hepatitis B
  • Vaccination Records
  • Panama brigaders: Give Becki a copy of your vaccination records by March 9th. Don’t make us track you down before we leave!
  • Ghana brigaders: Schedule your time with the IU Travel Clinic now (the appointments fill up quickly!). Don’t procrastinate!


  • Panama brigaders
  • If you have not given us your passport copies by tonight, it is likely you will not be on the same flight as us (and that means an different flight with more expensive ticket prices)
  • Visa requirements
  • If you have a non-US passport, you have to check your own requirements about whether you need a visa. It will have to be your responsibility to get the appropriate documentation/visa for whichever trip you’re going on .


  • Ghana brigaders
  • DO NOT WAIT to get your passport. You must also tell us right now if you don’t have a passport yet
  • Visa requirements
  • Everyone is required to get a Visa to go to Ghana. More information about getting your Visa will be sent out soon.

Pre-Departure Packet

  • Check the email Ariel sent to everyone a few days ago.
  • We will go over it now in detail

Packing List

  • The Packing list in the PDP isn’t complete. We’ve prepared a little more detailed packing list for you here:
  • We’ll keep making additions as we remember more tips, but for now, start thinking about what you’ll take and what you need to get.

Important Dates

  • Feb. 16th– Panama brigader trip meeting (Webinar with Daniel as well as Panamanian culture presentation)
  • Feb 23rd– normal mass meeting with trip meeting afterward
  • March 1st and/or 8th– REQUIRED; med. packing day; 9 am – noon, pizza for lunch, then mock brigade after lunch
  • March 2nd– Panama brigader trip meeeting
  • March 9th– normal mass meeting with trip meeting afterward


Meeting minutes will be sent out Tuesday/Wednesday.

If you have an questions, talk to us after the meeting or email Arooj at