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Smith Environmental Products Circuit Master Power Quality Improvement By Stems Electronics. Solving Problems. $aving Money. 9330 Corporate Drive # 510 Selma, Texas, 78154 800 852-4551/(210) 651-6663 [email protected] Our Mission. Smith Environmental Products.

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Smith Environmental Products

Circuit Master

Power Quality Improvement

By Stems Electronics

Solving Problems

$aving Money

9330 Corporate Drive # 510

Selma, Texas, 78154

800 852-4551/(210) 651-6663

[email protected]

Our Mission

Smith Environmental Products

Increase Energy Efficiency

Reduce Operating Costs

Improve Profits


Schematic for Three-Phase Circuit Master Installation

Definition of terms:

  • KW is real (working) power.

  • KVA is total (apparent) power.

  • KVAR is reactive (non-working) power.

  • Power Factor is real power/apparent power.

  • Amps is the rate of electron flow.

  • Resistive load creates heat by consuming KW.

  • Inductive load uses alternating current

    to create a magnetic field which does the work.


The Circuit Master ADVANTAGE!

Circuit Master Band Pass Filtering provides the following:

Power factor improvement and energy conservation

Surge and lightning strike protection

Voltage transient protection

Harmonic distortion correction

Lower motor temperatures

Longer motor service life

ETL number 3066288

Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 810

Certified to CANCSA STD C22.2 NO 190

ISO-9002 manufacturer

3-Year pro-rated Warranty

$2,000,000 product liability insurance

12-Month money back guarantee to

Reduce electric bills on treated circuits by 10%


Electricity travels from line source

through the electrical meter to load demand.

Your electric meter records normal kilowatt usage.

It also records surges and spikes as increased kilowatt usage.

Circuit Mater filters these surges and spikes in utility power,

creating a purer wave form.

The results of these actions are:

Reduced line losses

Reduced kVAR

Reduced amp draw

Reduced KWH usage

Reduced motor temperature

Extended motor service life

Improved power factor

All these factors resultin reduced operating cost!

Circuit Master Energy Management System

The Next Generation in Band-Pass Filters.

Engineers have developed a variety of electronic filters to reduce the effects of unwanted signal (noise) on the 60 cycle signal that powers most electrical devices. These electronic filters are made from a variety of materials, including operational amplifiers, capacitors, and/or varistors.  These electronic filters are classified as high-pass, low-pass or band-pass filters.

High-pass filters block out low-frequency noise, and are often used to prevent low-frequency signals, such as of ham radio broadcasts, from interfering with higher-frequency signals, such as TV signals.

Low-pass filters block out high-frequency noise and can be used to minimize the effects of harmonics in inductive motors. 

Band-pass filters behave as a combination of high-pass and low-pass filters and only allow specific ranges of signal frequency to pass through them to the treated inductive load.


Circuit Master is a sophisticated band-pass filter that blocks distortions

in electrical power above and below normal signal range.

Circuit Master conditions harmonic distortion, power spikes and surges,

and voltage transients.

Circuit Master cleans up utility-supplied power to make it better fit the

60-cycle sine wave form, forcing current to conform to that sine wave,

the ideal design condition for AC motors.

As a result, motors run more smoothly at lower temperatures,

work more efficiently and require less power from the utility.

This creates an ideal operating environment for your equipment, which reduces equipment wear and increases equipment life. 

This increases power factor and reduces kVAR, amp draw and KWH usage.

Remember, you are billed for KWH.

Reducing KWH reduces electric bills.

Problem: Excessive motor burnout!

Power from the utility can have high KVAR.

Greater KVAR from the utility equals higher motor frame temperature. Higher temperature breaks down winding insulation and shortens motor life.

Solution: Circuit Master

Circuit Master reduces KVAR, lowering motor temperature, protecting winding insulation, extending motor life.

Circuit Master filtration components also reduce

motor stress caused by voltage transients.

Washington State Ice Arena Testing Data and AnalysisCircuit Master aka StemsOn February 25, 2004 we tested STEMS EMS on

the chiller at an Ice Arena in Lynnwood, Washington. The results are as follows:

Volts x Amps x Power Factor x 1.73/1000 = 3-phase KW

460 x 427.42 x .65 x 1.73/1000 = 221.07 KW 460 x 369.10 x .74 x 1.73/1000 = - 217.36 KWHourly kilowatt savings 3.71 KW3.71 KWH x 8766 hours = 32,522 KWH per yearKWH x $.06/KWH = Annual savings $2,244.01

Municipal Ice Arena in Texas

On January 22, 2004 we tested the energy consumption of a

400 ton Chiller at a Municipal Ice Arena in San Angelo, Texas.

On February 9, 2004 we retested with the STEMS EMS installed.

The results are as follows:

Volts x Amps x Power Factor x 1.73/1000 = 3-phase KWH

283.6 x 289.31 x .87 x 1.73/1000 = 123.49 KWH

282.3 x 256.98 x .93 x 1.73/1000 = -116.71 KWH

Kilowatt Hours savings 5.78 KWH

At $.06 per KWH annual savings = $3,040.04

An interesting fact:

At 7 AM on 1/22/4 the ambient temperature at this facility was 44 degrees F.

At 7 AM 0n 2/9/4 the ambient temperature at this facility was 51 Degrees F.

With 7 degree higher ambient temperatures, the pretest cooling load was greater.

In spite of this temperature increase, Circuit Master increased efficiency lowered power usage!

Energy Savings for a Cody, Wyoming Oil Company

Pumping oil requires constant pumping of water

down into a well to displace oil as it is pumped up.

This is a critical element of an oil fields operation.

What follows is a cost analysis of energy consumption for

30 days before and 30 days after installation of a Circuit Master/Stems

for the water wells on fields 28-1 & 28 at constant load.

This analysis is based on power bills from Mountain Parks Electric Inc.

This customer pays $.02 per KWH for power usage over 400 KWH on these two wells.

With most local utility rates of at least $.07 per KWH,the annual return of invested

capital with Circuit Master energy management system would be more than $4,268.85.

Keeter s meat company tulia texas
Keeter’s Meat CompanyTulia, Texas

Keeter’s Meats installed CM/Stems on August 1, 2004.

All compressors were working under constant load, with similar ambient temperatures and similar cold room temperatures. Keeter’s plant had similar hours of operation and production during each month.

Month KWH % reduction

July 2004 31360

August 2004 22240 29%

September 2004 21140 32%

Circuit Master bandpass filter will pay for itself in less than 6 months.

Union 76 express mart and carwash
Union 76 Express Mart and Carwash

Circuit Master/Stems filters were installed August 5, 2004 on this carwash in Southern California. The test was run for one day before installation and one day after installation. The car count on the test with STEMS was higher than the test without STEMS

Voltage Amp KWH PF KVAR

Without STEMS 152.4 391.7 11.125 .82 29.070

With STEMS 152.8 187.8 5.742 .88 10.831

These units paid for themselves so quickly, returning invested capital in less than six months, that we found the data to be too promising. We retested them, with similar results. Then the customers savings were confirmed by their utility bill.

Seattle university
Seattle University

On December 2, 2004, we installed four Circuit Master/Stems filters on fans and pumps at Seattle University’s Connelly Hall. We tested amps, power factor & KVAR at the primary power supply and added one STEMs at each fan motor, retesting power usage with each system change. We found the following improvements during our test.

AMP Power Factor KVAR

Without STEMS 436.86 .72 82.86

One STEMS 426.01 .74 78.40

Two STEMS 415.66 .76 73.86

Three STEMS 400.01 .78 69.34

Four STEMS 391.93 .80 64.71

Total improvement -10% +11% -22%

The installation of these filters will provide an $8554 annual savings,

for a six month return of invested capital.

Call us for a free analysis of return of investment. We guarantee a 10% energy cost reduction on all treated circuits .

Our field results average savings:

10% to 12 % savings.

Our average ROI is 12 to 15 months.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Smith Environmental Products

[email protected]

800 852-4551