Heroes gods and monsters a look into the world s oldest soap opera that is mythology
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Heroes, Gods, and Monsters A Look into the World’s Oldest Soap Opera That is Mythology. Purpose of Mythology. To entertain. To teach. To explain natural phenomena. Why we study mythology.

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Heroes gods and monsters a look into the world s oldest soap opera that is mythology

Heroes, Gods, and MonstersA Look into the World’s Oldest Soap Opera That is Mythology

Purpose of mythology
Purpose of Mythology

To entertain

To teach

To explain natural phenomena

Why we study mythology
Why we study mythology

  • Our main concern in studying mythology is so we can understand and recognize allusions later on in literature.

  • An allusion is a reference to a well-known story, character, etc. Allusions commonly come from mythology, stories of the Bible, and pop culture.

  • Ex. If I said that I had the strength of Hercules, how many people would know what I was referring to?

  • If I went over to a friend’s house and he had two dogs, two cats, and two birds, I might say, “Hey Noah, do you have your boat ready?”

The mighty zeus reigning under thunder and lightning
The Mighty Zeus: Reigning Under Thunder and Lightning

  • Parents are Cronus and Rhea

  • Brothers are Poseidon and Hades

  • Married to Hera (not a healthy relationship)

  • Zeus ruled over Olympus with wisdom and justice (yeah right)

  • Mortals learned to not mess with Zeus

  • Weakness: Insatiable lust of women

Hera goddess of marriage and childbirth
Hera:Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth

  • Wife/sister of Zeus (yes this is gross, but what’s a God to do?)

  • Often outwitted Zeus

  • Upset with Zeus because of his infidelities

  • Children were Ares, Hephaestus, and Eris

  • Weakness: jealousy & a violent temper

This means war the goddess of war athena
This Means War!!The Goddess of War: Athena

  • Daughter of Zeus & Metis

  • Born out of the head of Zeus

  • Also known for her mercy

  • Also called the virgin goddess of arts and crafts

  • Introduced the plow, rake, yoke, and bridle to farmers

  • Designed the first chariot and ship

  • Taught mathematics, spinning, weaving, and cooking

Heroes gods and monsters a look into the world s oldest soap opera that is mythology


Ruler of the Seas

  • God of horses and earthquakes

  • Lived in an underwater palace

  • Married to Thetis, a water nymph

  • Pursued Demeter

  • Argued with Athene over claim to Athens

  • Weakness: quarrelsome & changeful

Hades god of the underworld
Hades: God of the Underworld

  • The unluckiest of brothers, he had to take the Underworld to rule

  • Kidnapped Persephone while she was picking flowers to be his bride in the Underworld

  • Demeter, her mother, searched for her daughter for 9 days

  • Demeter destroyed land, crops and livestock

  • Zeus stayed neutral in the issue

Persephone hades a hellish union
Persephone & Hades…A Hellish Union

  • Hades tricked Persephone to eat a single pomegranate seed, thus not permitting her to leave the Underworld

  • As an agreement, Persephone had to spend 6 months as Queen of the Underworld

    and 6 months with


The story of Persephone helps explain the change in seasons. When she goes to the Underworld, the Earth becomes colder and less fertile.


  • Barley mother, lady of growing things

  • Mother of Persephone

  • Sister of Zeus, but she also had two kids with him, one of whom was Persephone

  • Responsible for the change of seasons (see Persephone)


  • Goddess of the moon & eternal chastity

  • Favored & spoiled by Zeus

  • Likes hunting

  • Her color is silver

  • Tomboy

  • Will remain a child forever


  • Color = Gold

  • Responsible for riding his golden chariot across the sky

  • Best-looking of all the gods; likes the ladies like his father

  • Aristeus, his son, taught man beekeeping, olive culture, cheese-making, and other useful arts

  • Asclepius, his son, became a famous surgeon/doctor. He had the ability to bring the dead back to life.


  • Stole Apollo’s cows

  • Has the gift of augury

  • Became the messenger God & the last to enter the Pantheon

  • Became Patron god of liars, thieves, & gamblers

  • God of commerce, framer of treaties

  • Guardian of travelers

  • Delivers souls to Tartarus

  • Invented the alphabet, astronomy, scales, playing cards, and games


  • Smith-god, forger of weapons

  • Kicked out of Olympus by Hera

  • Ugliest of all gods

  • Adopted by Thetis, a naiad

  • Made beautiful jewelry

  • Welcomed back to Olympus after Hera saw his handiwork

  • Was given a workshop with Cyclopes as helpers

  • Wishes to serve his mother

  • Has Aphrodite as a bride

Oh baby baby it s aphrodite
Oh Baby, Baby, it’sAphrodite

  • Goddess of love & beauty

  • Has a magic girdle

  • Born out of primal murder; Cronus murdered his father, his body was flung off of Mt. Olympus, & the body mixed with sunlight produced a naked and beautiful goddess

  • Hera was jealous of her and wanted her married off

  • Suitors lined up

Fire fire the contribution of prometheus
Fire, Fire!The Contribution of Prometheus

  • Was a young Titan

  • Argued with Zeus about giving man fire

  • Defied Zeus and also gave man water to control the fire

  • As a result, man “progressed” and started building ships, weapons, etc.

  • Zeus almost destroys man but instead lets them destroy themselves

  • Punishes Prometheus by chaining him to a mountain and lets vultures eat at his stomach and liver forever

  • Eventually rescued by Heracles

Pandora s box
Pandora’s Box

  • created by Hephaestus out of clay and modeled by Aphrodite

  • possessed all the great qualities of the Gods

  • Hermes gave her the box

  • Hera gave her curiosity

  • Married Epimetheus

  • When box was opened, lizard-like creatures came out; became old age, disease, famine, insanity

  • Closed box in enough time to keep “Foreboding” in box which restored hope for mankind