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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Page Layout Tab PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Page Layout Tab

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Page Layout Tab

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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Page Layout Tab

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  1. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Page Layout Tab

  2. Overview • The Page Layout Tab lets you control the look and feel of your document in Microsoft Word 2007 • This is more at the page level as opposed to the element level • You can apply a global design to your file by using one of the available Built-In themes and color schemes • Using the Page Layout Tab, you can also change the document orientation, page size, margins, indentation, line spacing and paragraph settings

  3. Themes Group – Page Layout Tab • Themes are pre-defined and they let you transform the entire design using a combination of colors, font styles and formatting effects • Themes in Microsoft Word 2007 won't apply to the text that does not have a style applied to it • First you will need to use the Home tab to pick one of the Style options like Headings, Sub headings, etc. • You can also click Change Styles and select a Style Set for the whole document in Home tab • We will change our document sections to Heading 1 and then apply Concourse Theme instead of Metro

  4. Themes Group – Continued • We can modify color by using the Built-In Theme Colors • When you select this command, you will get a drop down list of several choices, we’ll pick the Office color • The last change I am going to do is apply one of the Theme Fonts • This will leave the color scheme in place and just adjust the fonts. I will switch from Concourse to Trek option • Notice these changes do not affect the body text as we do not have a style applied to it

  5. Page Setup Group • Using the Page Setup tab, we can modify the structure layout of our paper with things like margins, page size, orientation, line numbers etc. • We will modify the Definition Assignment paper as follows: • Change from Normal margins to Narrow • Modify the orientation from Portrait to Landscape • Split the page into two columns instead of one • Add Automatic Hyphenation option

  6. Page Background Group • Moving on to the next group which is the Page Background Group • Here you can select features like Watermarks, Page Colors and Borders • For confidential or privacy type documents, you may want to use a Watermark • Page Colors may be beneficial if you are creating a marketing or an eye catching article • Borders help add a professional touch to your document • Lets see these options in action

  7. Paragraph Group – Microsoft Word • The Page Layout Tab also lets you control indentation in your document using the paragraph group • The indent determines the distance of the paragraph from either the left or the right margin • I found a quotation in my paper for indentation. I will use maybe 0.5 inch indent from the left and right margin • The quote seems to be a little too close to the regular document text. I would like to add 18 pt (point) spacing to the top and bottom of this quote also

  8. Arrange Group • This will let you control the arrangement of other elements in your document • Let us say we need to add a picture to our Definition Assignment paper • Next we will try the options: • Text Wrapping • Position • Align

  9. Summary • We covered the following Page Layout options in Microsoft Word 2007: • Themes • Page Setup • Page Background • Paragraph • Arrange • If you need more information on Page Layout Tab, please visit this page: •