Physical education standard grade
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Physical Education Standard Grade. Past Paper 2005 General Evaluation. EVALUATING Describing performance: There are many different words you can use to describe a performance . Consider these ones:

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Physical education standard grade

Physical EducationStandard Grade

Past Paper 2005




  • Describing performance:

  • There are many different words you can use to describe a performance. Consider these ones:

  • In what style can a performer move? They can walk, run, hop, skip, jump, side-step, twist, roll, dive, turn, go upside down, or lunge.

  • In what direction can a performer or object move? To perform the action they can move forwards, backwards, right, left, upwards, downwards, over, under, sideways or diagonally.

  • What shape can a performer have? They may become straight, tucked, arched, wide, narrow, streamlined, symmetrical.

  • Describing Performance Cont.

  • At what speed can a performer or object move? They may move, slowly, quickly, steadily, explosively or by accelerating.

  • You might also describe a performance by using words like: - overhead - apart

  • - underarm - jerky

  • - above - smooth

  • - below

  • - powerful

  • -soft

  • - heavy

  • - light

  • - together

Describing a single skill

For your exam, you'll need to know how to use the words above to describe a single skill.

For example

Serve for badminton, dive for swimming, vault for gymnastics.

Describing a Single Skill Cont.

Using the words we learned earlier, you could describe a basketball performance like this:

The performer held the ball in two hands at waist height in front of her body. She bent her knees and lifted her head to see the basket. She then brought the ball up to her forehead before driving up with her legs and pushing the ball away with her right arm. She finished on her tiptoes with both arms straight out towards the basket.

  • Describing a Single Skill Cont.

  • In your exam, it's likely you'd be asked to describe a single skill under headings like:

  • Preparation, action and recovery

  • Start position, diving action and recovery to surface

  • Run up, take off and landing

  • Arms, legs and body

Describing a series of skills

A series of skills are actions combined to create a fuller performance.

For example, a free kick in football, a sequence in dance, a rally in tennis.

Describing a series of skills

Again, using the words we learned earlier, you could describe a hockey performance like this:

First, a diagonal pass was made to the top of the circle. The next player made a low down stop with his stick before making a short, square pass to a teammate on his left. As he did this a decoy player made a run straight toward goal. The final player controlled the ball, carried it forward and lifted it high into the left corner of the net.

Suggesting improvements

You suggest ways to improve performance, whether single skills or a series of skills, by making judgements about the appropriateness and effectiveness of what you've observed.

To do this you have to use your knowledge to make clear decisions about the good and bad points of the performance and make clear decisions on what improvements are required

Suggesting Improvements Cont.

But what if you have no knowledge of the activity?

Your evaluation exam will usually let you see a good performance and a poor performance. In this case, the best way of suggesting improvements is by comparing the two performances.

You may want to use your knowledge of a similar activity to make judgements about performance. In this case, you could use your knowledge of badminton to help you judge a tennis performance.

Website Link:

Bitesize Scotland

Question One

Part A:

Action shows girls practising a netball training drill. Describe in the correct order the actions of the highlighted player (C, in the dark shirt) after she receives the first pass.







  • Answers Q1 Part A

  • Acceptable Responses:

  • 2 steps/ runs/forward/ towards team mate

  • 2 handed pass/ chest pass/ forward/ to team mate

  • Turns/ runs behind team mate

  • Picks up/ collects ball in two hands

  • 2 handed pass/ chest pass/ forward/ to team mate/ diagonally

  • Runs forward/ moves to side/ feints/ checks back/ to right

  • Jumps off L foot/ reaches high/ with two hands/ to catch/ intercept ball/ pass

  • Lands on two feet to jump/ scoot stop.

  • One mark rewarded to each correct response.

Question 1 – Part B

Watch another piece of netball action.

Watch the highlighted player (GA, in the white shirt).

Describe two actions she does well.

Action 1________________________(2marks)

Action 2________________________(2marks)

(ii) Suggest one improvement she could make to her performance. (2marks)


  • Answers Q1 Part B

  • 2marks rewarded for detailed description

  • 1 mark rewarded for limited description

  • 2 mark answers

  • Bounces/ on toes/ feints to move for pass

  • Dodges away from opponent to receive pass/ catch ball in two hands/ into the centre third/ to her right

  • Accurate/fast/two handed/ R handed/ shoulder pass to team mate/ towards circle/ D/ diagonally/ to her right

  • Moves in front of opponent arms/ hands raised/ high

  • 1 mark answers

  • Bounces on toes

  • Dodges away from opponent

  • Accurate pass

  • Answers Q1 Part B Cont.

  • (ii) 2 marks rewarded for detailed description

  • 1 mark rewarded for limited description

  • 2 mark answers

  • She could move quickly after the pass into the circle

  • Get in front of opponent to move into/ closer/ towards net

  • Dodge opponents to get into circle

  • Get in front of opponent at the post/ jump to try to get the missed shot

  • 1 mark answers

  • Get into the circle

  • Get in front of opponent

Question 2 Part A

Action takes place on a tennis court.

Watch the highlighted player.

Complete the blanks in the grid below.

(4 marks)

Answers Q2 Part A

1 mark for each correct response

(4 marks)

Question 2 Part B

Now watch a similar piece of tennis action.

Describe one thing done well by the highlighted player. (2marks)

Suggest two improvements the highlighted player could make to his performance.

First improvement________________________(2marks)

Second improvement______________________(2marks)

(Total of 6 marks)

  • Answers Q2 Part B

  • 2 marks for detailed description

  • 1 mark for limited description

  • 2 mark answers

  • Accurate service into box

  • Moves quickly/ to back of court/ to return the ball

  • 1 mark answers

  • Moves quickly

  • Plays shots into court

  • (2marks)

  • Answers Q2 Part B Cont.

  • (ii) Acceptable answers for improvements

  • Faster/harder/ wider service

  • Hit forehand return down the line/ away from opponent

  • Stay at the back of the court after weak return/ forehand return

  • Play approach shot deeper/ away from opponent

  • 1 mark answer

  • Play shots away from opponent

  • Stay at the back of the court.

Question 3 Part A

Action shows a girl performing a rhythmic gymnastics sequence. Place the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 next to the movements of the girl in the order they take place.

Number 4 has been completed for you. (4marks).

Question 3 Part B

Watch the girl performing a similar rhythmic gymnastics sequence.

Suggest three improvements she could make to Performance 2.

First improvement:__________________________(2marks)

Second improvement:________________________(2marks)

Third improvement:_________________________(2marks)


  • Answers Q3 Part B

  • 2 marks for detailed description

  • 1 mark for a limited description

  • 2 mark answer

  • Centre of Gravity over base during 1st balance

  • Hold of 1st balance for longer/ maintain body tension during 1st balance

  • Keep leg high when spinning rope above head

  • Straighten left/back leg while passing rope round leg

  • Maintain/ hold balance for longer when passing rope round leg

  • Throw rope straight in the air/move under rope to catch on leg

  • Back straight/ head up to finish/ in kneeling position

  • Answers Q3 Part B Cont.

  • 1 mark answer

  • Straighten leg

  • Catch the rope on leg

  • Hold balance for longer

  • Total of 6 marks (max of 2 marks for each improvement)

Question 4 Part A

Action shows a girl performing the high jump.

Describe three actions she performs.

Action 1: __________________________________(2marks)

Action 2: ___________________________________(2marks)

Action 3: ___________________________________(2marks)


  • Answers Q4 Part A

  • 2marks for a detailed description

  • 1mark for a limited description

  • Action 1

  • Goes up tonto toes and steps back/ onto foot

  • 7 step/curved/ measured/ accelerating/ controlled run up to bar

  • Action 2

  • Takes off left foot/one foot to jump high

  • Plants left foot for take off

  • Bends knees/straightens legs to drive upwards

  • Drives up leading with R arm/ R arm leads to clear bar

  • Turns to go over bar backwards.

  • Answers Q4 Part A

  • Action 3:

  • Arches back to clear back

  • Flicks legs over bar to clear

  • Lands on back on the mat

  • Rolls backwards/ back on one shoulder/ on mat

  • 1 mark answers

  • Runs up to bar

  • Bends knees

  • Jumps high

  • Arches back

  • Lands on the mat

  • (Total = 6marks)

Question 4 Part B

Watch a boy practising his high jump technique.

For the following parts of his performance, suggest one improvement the boy could make to his high jump technique.

Take off______________________________________(2marks)

Clearing the bar________________________________(2marks)


  • Answers Q4 Part B

  • 2 marks for detailed description

  • 1 mark for limited description

  • 2mark answers

  • Take Off

  • Take longer last stride to bend knees more/sink hips

  • Bend knees more/more vigorous push with legs to drive upwards

  • Swing arms up more to gain more height

  • Extend leading R arm more/higher

  • Answers Q4 Part B Cont.

  • Clearing the Bar

  • Lift hips to arch back

  • any other relevant technical detail

  • 1 mark answer

  • Bend knees more

  • Arch back

  • (Total = 4marks)

Question 5

Part A:

Action shows girls practising their football skills. Watch the highlighted player. Describe three actions she performs.

Action 1:_________________________________(2marks)

Action 2:__________________________________(2marks)

Action 3:__________________________________(2marks)


  • Answer Q5 Part A

  • 2mark answers:

  • moves/runs forward/ into own half/ away from marker/ towards ball

  • checks/turns to run towards goal/ into space/ opponents half

  • Adjusts body position to let ball run through

  • Runs down wing/ pitch onto ball

  • Diagonal pass with R foot/ first time/ inside/ along around/ to teammate

  • Plays 1-2 pass with teammate/ along ground.

  • Continues to run towards goal/ into space

  • Passes/crosses ball first time/ R foot/ low goal mouth/ penalty area/ towards other attackers.

  • Answers Q5 Part A Cont.

  • 1 mark answers:

  • Moves forward

  • Lets ball run

  • Plays a 1-2

  • Crosses ball

  • Passes accurately/ to team mate

HOMEWORK for next Tuesday (25th January)

For the following 5 activities put 3 words that could be used to describe them:






For example: Tennis – smash, underarm, net shot.