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An Insight to the Department’s Life PowerPoint Presentation
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An Insight to the Department’s Life

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An Insight to the Department’s Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Graduate Student Orientation, September 2011 . An Insight to the Department’s Life. CEEGSA Outline. Getting Started Lunch Time Fun Time Let’s Study. Getting started. Usually for (but not limited to) fulltime MSc and PhD Students (set it up with your supervisor)

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  • Getting Started
  • Lunch Time
  • Fun Time
  • Let’s Study

Getting started

  • Usually for (but not limited to) fulltime MSc and PhD Students (set it up with your supervisor)
  • Refer to the receptionist (Mrs. Anne Jones)
  • in the 3rd floor for the key
  • - Ask for your mail box key as well

Getting started

  • Figure out if your supervisor has ordered a computer for you. In such cases Technical Resource at 7th floor is responsible.
    • You should follow up so:
      • Patiently
      • Continuously
      • Diligently
    • To be able to pick up your Computer.

-You can borrow trolley from department for moving your stuff (ask receptionist for that)


Getting started

Unlimited access to regular Edmonton, St. Albert and Strathcona County Transit services for Fall (September – December) and Winter (January – April) academic terms.

U-Pass stickers is available at InfoLink locations in HUB, ETLC and lower level of SUB.

Have registered your courses before and take your ONECARD with you!

Be aware of building working hours:

- Elevators are open to public from 7am to 7pm during weekdays other than that you need to have your activated OneCard to access levels other than 1st and 2nd

- Building is open to public from 7am to 11pm during weekdays other than that you need to have your activated OneCard to access the building

Your OneCards are going to be activated automatically after a month, please refer to the receptionist if it is not get activated in this period.


Lunch Time

Lunch Time

  • Warm up your food with microwave and eat at:
    • 6th floor lunch area
    • 4th floor lunch area
    • Sub Union

You cook your self

  • Buy food from:
    • ETLC Stores Student Union Building

Fun Time

In the 2nd floor

(undergrads use it as well)

  • Going to Gym: you can borrow balls, rockets and etc and use the facilities. Get comprehensive information about it from the information desk inside the gym.
  • Hint: The gym’s fee is constitute a part of your tuition fee, so you have already paid money for that as soon as you enroll (!!!).
  • Check out the university events and entertainments at:

Let’s Study

  • Classes locate in 2nd floor, 1st floor, and sometimes in L2nd (L2) or ETLC.
  • The first part of the class number indicates the level (e.g. 2-080, L2-017)
  • - Follow the signs and they will lead you to the class

-Assignment boxes stay at the 2nd floor

- Find your class ‘s box before dropping your assignments

  • -Department’s computer labs are at the 2nd floor
  • With no user and password you have access to all installed programs in the University’s Comp. Labs
  • By using your CCID and Pass (as your email) in the Putty program (accessible from desktops) you will have internet

Let’s Study

Use your CCID and Password to access your account in each part.

Bear Track:

(Academics) - Track your admission conditions

-Register your courses and check out your schedule

-Track your final grades and unofficial transcripts

(Employees) -Track your pay checks

- Insert your account info for direct deposit

(Financials) -Track your tuition fees status


You can have access to your registered or TA course material.

It is so flexible and every professor would organize it based on his/her interests


Let’s Study

  • Using your supervisor’s account to access department’s photo copy at 3rd floor
  • Deposit money to your One Card (SUB, ETLC) and use the copy room in the 2nd floor (12c/p)
  • Use the machines available in the campus wide (Sub, ETLC, Libraries) which might work with One Card or Change (10-12c/p)
  • Use GSA Copy machines (5c/p)
  • Use Terminal Lab in General Service Building (room 217 which is on the pedway to SUB and just 1-2 minutes walk) (for free)
  • Use Cameron Library’s building computer lab scanner (for free)

Banking Information

  • Bank of Montreal11630 - 87 AvenueEdmonton, Alberta, T6G OY2Tel: 780.441.6580|
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)8207 – 112 StreetEdmonton, Alberta, T6G 2L9Tel:
  • Royal Bank10843 – 82 AvenueEdmonton, Alberta, T6E 2B2Tel:
  • TD Canada Trust10864 – 82 AvenueEdmonton, Alberta, T6E 2B3Tel:

Mailing Information

  • You may use the International Centre as your initial (three month) Edmonton address so that the bank in Edmonton can notify you by mail when your funds have arrived.
  • Due to university regulations, however, International Centre cannot accept packages. The address is:

[Your name]c/o International Centre172 HUB InternationalUniversity of AlbertaEdmonton, AlbertaT6G 2E1, Canada.

  • An electronic email and password will be assigned to you and will enable you to access computing terminals throughout campus.

Social Insurance Number

Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN):

After receiving a Work Permit or an on-campus job offer.

It is legally required for :

  • All work in Canada and
  • Filing a tax return and claiming a Goods and Services Tax refund.

Documents required to apply for or renew a SIN (must be originals)

  • work permit, or
  • study permit and employment contract from your campus employer.


  • There is no fee to apply for SIN
  • A $10 fee is charged to replace a SIN card.
  • SINs have expiry dates which coincide with the expiry date of your work or study permit. Renew it!

Applying in Person

 It is recommended that you apply in person at any Service Canada Centre, such as the one in Canada Place at 9700 Jasper Avenue (near Churchill LRT station).


Health Care Insurance

If you will be a resident of Alberta for 12 months or longer, you can register in the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

It will not cover:

  • dental care
  • eyeglasses
  • prescription medication


  • As of January 2009 Alberta Health Care Insurance is free of charge
  • You must still submit an application

Apply at the International Centre within 90 days, , and the effective date of coverage will be from the first day of your arrived in Alberta from outside Canada.


Supplementary Health and Dental Plan

Graduate Students' Association Health and Dental Plan

  • Students who register full-time in the Fall Term (September) are automatically assessed Supplementary Health and Dental Fees, Approx. $300.
  • If you already have equivalent health/dental coverage from another plan, you may opt out of either plan. Deadlines for opting out can be found at:


Off-Campus work permit

  • International students at the U of A can apply for a work permit under Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) Off Campus Work Permit Program.
  • Students participating in the Off Campus Work Program must have both a study permit and a work permit.
  • Students are restricted to working part-time (a maximum of 20 hours per week) during the academic term.
  • During breaks such as reading week or in the spring/summer break students may work full-time.
  • For more information, students can come to the International Centre or visit the CIC website.

Emergency Loans and Bursaries Fund

  • The Emergency Loan Fund is a revolving fund which provides interest free loans for specific purposes. Loans are intended to cover short-term essential expenses for which the student expects to be receiving money shortly.
  • Emergency bursaries are to cover verifiable emergencies, that is, the student is expected to demonstrate that there has been an unexpected essential expense or an unanticipated cut in funding.

Driving License

You can use your home country driver’s license as long as:

  • The license remains current
  • You are registered as a full-time student

You must carry with your licence:

  • a copy of your valid Study Permit
  • a current certificate of registration at the University

If you plan to purchase a vehicle in Alberta, you will require an Alberta Driver’s License,

  • A written exam and a road test are required
  • If you have been a licensed driver in your home country for two years or more, bring an official English translation, indicating the date it was originally issued. This will allow you to bypass Alberta ’s graduated licensing program for new drivers

Renting car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


  • 3859 99 St. (780) 440-4550
  • 10222 178 St. (780) 483-1668
  • 10172 111 St. (780) 424-1105

Free Pick-Up Policy: They will Pick You Up if you need a ride from your place. Book online , then call your rental office for details about the pick-up service.

Budget (780) 448-2000


  • 9926 - 35 Avenue
  • 11519 - 105 Avenue
  • 51 Avenue & 81 Street
  • 10016 - 106 Street
  • International Airport Lower Level of Terminal Parkade

Free pick-up service, first, make your reservation online. Call the Budget location directly at the phone number listed on your reservation confirmation at least 24 hours in advance of pickup.


Winter Activities

  • West Edmonton Mall
    • Galaxy land,
    • Ice Palace,
    • Golf course,
    • World Water Park,
    • Marine Life,
    • Wild West Shooting Center,
    • Skate Board Park,
    • Casino,
    • Dinner Theatre,
    • Ed’s Rec Room for billiards
    • Scotiabank Theatres (13 screen)
  • Movie
  • Ski trips
    • Snow valley
    • Sunridge Ski area
    • Edmonton Ski Club area (downtown)
    • Rabbit Hill
  • Visit Edmonton Public Library ( for books, music, magazines, newspapers, Movies, ….