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The Enrichment Eagles

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The Enrichment Eagles. NO CHILD LEFT…..BORED. Becky Kuethe & Monica McComb. The Dunlap Community will empower all student to excel in a global community . . Our Focus Areas…. 1. Are we truly creating CRITICAL THINKERS?.

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The Enrichment Eagles

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the enrichment eagles

The Enrichment Eagles


Becky Kuethe & Monica McComb

The Dunlap Community will empower all student to excel in a global community.

our focus areas
Our Focus Areas…

1. Are we truly creating


2. Are we truly providing opportunities for all students to learn at different rates and in different ways?

3. Are we improving student growth and achievement to the best of our abilities?

continuous improvement
  • Opportunities for improvement…
    • Fulfilling our strategic plan
    • Increasing stakeholder satisfaction
    • Providing students with the best education possible
    • Meeting academic needs of the advanced learner


stakeholder perceptions
Stakeholder Perceptions…
  • Are our stakeholders happy?
  • According to the Harris Poll Survey, lack of enrichment opportunities is a problem among all stakeholders polled.
stakeholder solutions
Stakeholder Solutions
  • November 2011 District Leadership Team Meeting
    • Allow teachers time for creativity
    • Infuse technology and online learning
    • Intervention time for advanced students
    • Use data to help identify students for appropriate services
professional learning communities
Professional Learning Communities
  • Now that we are almost through our first year of PLCs, what’s next?
  • Question 4: How do we respond when students already know?
professional learning communities1
Professional Learning Communities
  • Once Question 4 is answered, PLC
  • teams can add resources they have
  • created to their curriculum maps.
  • Teachers throughout the district
  • can then share enrichment activities
  • they have created during PLC time.
enrichment eagles
Enrichment Eagles
  • The Dunlap School System is ready for an enrichment program….
    • Data is evident
    • Time for professional growth is already allotted (PLCs)
    • Multiple tools and resources already available (ATLAS)
  • Curriculum Council Subcommittee
    • These students require differentiated

education programs BEYOND those

provided by the general education curriculum.

who will be served
Who will be served?
  • Children who demonstrate exceptional levels of intellectual, creative, artistic, and/or leadership abilities.
how will students be identified
How will students be identified?


  • COGAT- Cognitive Abilities Test
  • Renzulli-Hartman Scales:
    • Completed by teacher
    • Rates learning, motivational, creative and leadership characteristics of superior students
  • IAS- Iowa Acceleration Scale
    • Completed by collaboration of parents and teachers
    • Given to students who are possible candidates for subject or grade acceleration
how will students be identified1
How will students be identified?

Additional Components

  • Parent Inventory
  • Benchmarking
    • AIMS Web reading comprehension and math computation
  • ISAT-
    • Administered state wide to all students
    • Measures student achievement relative to the Illinois Learning Standards
identification timeline
Identification Timeline
  • The following tasks will be completed in an orderly fashion throughout the year.
enrichment menu
Enrichment Menu

Tier 3

Tier 2


what program model will be used
What Program Model will be used?
  • Tier I
    • Social and Emotional Needs
      • Odyssey of the Mind
      • Scholastic Bowl
    • Differentiation
      • RENZULLI Learning
  • Tier II
      • Dunlap Academy
  • Tier III
      • Grade Acceleration
      • Subject Acceleration
tier i
Tier I

Social and Emotional Needs

  • Scholastic Bowl/Odyssey Of the Mind
    • 4th and 5th grade program/club
      • Potential opportunities for 3rd graders
    • Two programs create different challenges and meet varying interests of students
    • One sponsor per school
    • Meet on a weekly basis
tier i1
Tier I
  • Academic Needs
    • Differentiation in the classroom
      • RENZULLI Learning
        • Online profiler for each individual student that matches him/her to 3,000-5,000 online enrichment activities
          • Online field trips, videos, projects, tasks, and games
        • Promotes 21st century skills while complementing their learning styles and interests
          • Renzulli Profiler, Enrichment Search Engine, Personal Success Planner, and Grouping and Reporting Tools
        • Children go online during school day when grade level expectations have been met
        • Enrichment Eagles Sponsors will facilitate qualifying students through the online academy.
tier ii
Tier II
  • Social and Emotional Needs
    • Dunlap Academy
      • Video Conferencing
        • Through the use of technology students will use ADOBE Connect to discuss current issues
      • After school sessions
        • Share Dunlap Academy projects
        • Promote higher order thinking skills
tier ii1
Tier II
  • Academic Needs
    • Differentiation in the classroom
        • Created during the summer prior to the start of the school year by enrichment coordinator and sponsors
        • Online academy that mimics a college course run through a program called Haiku
        • Students will participate in different components:
          • Current Events: Weekly research, discussions, posts and video conferencing
          • Independent Studies
          • Topic-related, project based activities that address all content areas and vary by grade level
        • Children go online during school day when grade level expectations have been met
        • Several teachers in the district will facilitate “x” amount of students through the online academy.
tier iii
Tier III
  • Acceleration
    • Subject Based (future implementation)
        • Students move to a different grade level for one subject area
tier iii1
Tier III
  • Acceleration
    • Grade
      • Students skip grade level entirely

“Acceleration is the most effective curriculum intervention for highly capable students.” – A Nation Deceived

parent handbook
Parent Handbook
  • According to A Nation Deceived: “It is important for parents to be fully involved in the decision-making process about their child's acceleration.”
  • In order to address this, a parent handbook will be created that explains:
      • The Enrichment Eagles Program Design
      • The testing process
      • Terminology
      • Programs available outside the Dunlap Community Unit School District #323
moving forward
Moving Forward

Educational equity does not mean educational sameness. Equity respects individual differences in readiness to learn and recognizes the value of each student.

The key question for educators is not whether to provide a program for students who excel, rather WHAT FORM OF ENRICHMENT

works for us!

force field analysis
Force Field Analysis
  • Define the desired change or action (agree on a simple statement
  • Brainstorm the driving forces and restraining forces
  • Prioritize the driving forces and restraining forces (identify the critical few- rank order from top to bottom)
  • List action to be taken (focusing on the critical few driving and restraining forces)