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    1. Kaki Terselamat, Tidak Di Potong! Mdm Zawiyah, Malaysia Dia tidak diberi pilihan selain untuk kakinya DI POTONG! Selepas 3 minggu mengambil Transfer Factor Advanced (6 kapsul sehari) dan menyapukan TF gel diatas luka Kesan Menakjubkan: 3 Minggu Sahaja!

    2. SHINGLES (Herpes Zoster) 2 kapsul Transfer Factor diambil dan 1 kapsul disapukan keatas kulit, setiap hari. 17-1-2005 19-1-2005 21-1-2005 Setelah 5 hari sahaja, masaalah diatasi tanpa mengambil ubat doktor!

    3. Jari terselamat dari infeksi hebat! RONALD, INDONESIA 11 Dec Workplace accident: Four fingerscrushed in machine. 20 Jan 7 Jan 6 kapsul TF Plus diambil setiap hari dan TF powder di taburkan keatas luka. Terselamat dalam 5 minggu sahaja!

    4. KajianMakmal (University Malaya) KecepatanPenyembuhan Luka Kecepatan penyembuhan luka dengan menggunakan 5% 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced dan 10% of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus keatas tikus makmal Prof Dr Hapipah Mohd Ali Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, University Malaya & Assoc Prof Dr Mahmood Ameen Abdulla Medical Faculty, University Malaya Fig 1: Permulaan 2 cm diameter excision skin wound on day 0 before treatment. Fig 2: TANPA TF After 19 days with blank placebo Fig 3: DENGAN TF Complete wound healing after 12 days with 4Life Transfer Factor

    5. Hasil Menakjubkan dari Penyakit Pelik Rashidah, 6 years old Singapore 06 Dec 2007 07 NOV 2007 Ulcerative Colitis / Crohn's Disease (since birth). No known cure! She was given TF Riovida for 10 days, the terrible flare-ups stopped coming back!

    6. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIES FROM TF USERS Note: TF cannot be consumed by people who have undergone organ transplant I suffered a stroke for a year & a half. I was not able to move on one side of my body. My speech became slurred. I could not walk at all. After taking 4 bottles of TF for 6 weeks, I was able to walk again & was able to speak normally. Thank you Winners4Life and TF! I’ve suffered from asthma for the past 56 years. I have to take my asthma medication every 2 hours. After taking Transfer Factor Adv for just 3 days, I was able to reduce my asthma medication to 50%! After 3 bottles of TF, I only need 1 capsule of my asthma meds daily. Soon, I will not need my medications anymore! Mdm Gayah Adelina Hutagalung I suffer from severe knee pains & have not been able to fold my legs for over one year. I am also unable to climb stairs. After 2 months of taking 6 TF pills daily, I am totally fine and able to climb stairs again! Thanks to Winners! I suffer from diabetes type 1 and need insulin injections 3 times weekly. Every night, I would have to wake up so many times because I need to urinate. After 2 months of taking Transfer Factor 6 capsules daily, my insulin requirement reduced tremendously and I am full of energy! Hajjah Rugayah Mdm Zariah My son has been diagnosed with autism since he was 2 years old. I have tried all kinds of treatment and have spent thousands, but nothing helped him. At 5 years, he still could not talk properly and could not play or interact with other children. In March 2006, I started giving him 2 capsules of Transfer Factor Adv daily. In just 2 months, my son showed amazing improvement. His speech and his concentration improved and he got top prize at a science contest at his school! He does not need much special care now and slowly, my son is turning into a normal, healthy kid! Thank you Winners4Life! – Mr Zakaria Lutfi Zakaria I was diagnosed with heart disease in year 2000. I’ve spent over $100,000 on hospital treatments & ICU bills in Singapore. Thank God I was introduced to Transfer Factor. After taking TF for 2 weeks, I felt so much better! Now I take 2-4 TF capsules daily and I’m more energetic & don’t get breathlessness anymore. My latest medical report shows that I’m free from heart disease! Thank you TF & Winners. Mr Salim

    7. Bukan Sahaja Melawan & Mencegah Penyakit! Other well-documented results in using TF include: • Meningkatkan Tenaga, Stamina & Kesegaran • Awet-Muda • Anti-Stress • Meningkatkan fokus & kesihatan otak