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Business Attire PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Attire

Business Attire

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Business Attire

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  1. Business Attire Lito Hilario, Jacky Liu, Thomas Neptune, and Thanh Ta

  2. SUIT UP

  3. Job Interview Attire for Men • What to wear depends on the job. Always wear a suit that is appropriate. • A white shirt is always appropriate, and a jacket and a coat is always appropriate. • Make sure that the suit or jacket is well fitting, as well as the shirt. • If it's a long sleeve shirt, make sure it doesn't appear to be too short. • Pants– same as above. • Pay attention to your shoes. Shoes show how much you care about getting dressed. • Are they well cared for? • If they're loafers, are they shined? • Small details communicate to the interviewer • What type of a person you are • How much you value detail • How much emphasis you put into this particular interview.

  4. Job Interview, Cont’d • Wear a suit • Navy Blue • Black • Dark Grey • Take a close look at the suit looking for: • Frays • Loose buttons • Shine from being ironed too much • Check the seat on the slacks, inner thighs, and the top of the thighs for frays and shine as well. • Check your jacket and look at the lapels and shoulders for wear or shine.

  5. Formal weddings • The groom and groomsmen are usually dressed in tuxedos, but for formal or black tie events, the wedding guests may also be asked to dress in formal wear. Tuxedos are typically the only applicable men's attire for formal weddings. There is, however, quite a bit of variety in tuxedos. Black tuxedos are best for formal events, but you can choose whether to wear suit pants and a suit jacket, a 3-piece tuxedo with a vest or a tuxedo with a cummerbund. Similarly, you can choose whether to wear a bow tie or traditional necktie with a tuxedo.

  6. Summer wear • For summer weddings, light-colored suits are very appropriate. A tan suit will look dressy but not too formal and will be more comfortable in warm weather, especially if the wedding is held outside. For summer weddings, and especially beach weddings, white suits always look good, and suits in lightweight materials, like linen and cotton, really help to keep you cool.

  7. Fall and Winter • For the cooler months of the year, darker colors are best. This doesn't necessarily mean black suits are your only option, however. Deep charcoal, navy and even chestnut brown suits can look good as long as they suit the occasion. Heavier materials are best for fall and winter to keep you warm when there's a chill outside. Wool suits are most common, but other heavy materials are equally as appropriate.

  8. Women’s Attire

  9. Professional Dress This is the most conservative type of business wear.  It’s what you’ll be expected to wear in the office. Women should wear business suits or pants suit, or dress and jacket.

  10. Business Casual • business casual is a shirt with a collar and/or a sweater, khakis or dress pants and nice shoes for women.  Women can also sometimes wear a moderate length dress or skirt (knee length or longer).

  11. Campus Casual • You may be asked to wear campus casual to some very informal on-campus interviews and career days, and some casual networking events. In general, you will not be ask to wear this kind of style.

  12. Business Attire Tips for Women

  13. 1. Wear clothes that fit well • Too loose  sloppy and disheveled • Too tight  uncomfortable, inconvenient, sometimes inappropriate for a business place

  14. 2. Don’t over pack • There is no need to be a fashionista • It is unlikely that some will notice you’re wearing the same pants twice or three times throughout the week • It’s better to invest your money on quality rather than quantity

  15. 3. Do wear color • Not too colorful, but enough to keep you from fading into the background

  16. 4. Don’t over accessorize • Think “simple, simple, simple.” • Little embellishment can boost confidence • But you don’t want accessories to get into your way or to distract others

  17. 5. Don’t kill your feet • Heels are painful • You may have to move from place to place in a short amount of time • A nice pair of flats or a low heel will be fine