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Google & Optimisation PowerPoint Presentation
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Google & Optimisation

Google & Optimisation

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Google & Optimisation

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  1. Google & Optimisation Introduction – Alastair Banks & Optix Solutions Why Google? Google Consultant – Steve Johnston Google Love No.1 in Google Google Operators – How to use them Why Search Engine Optimisation Top Tips Watch Out – Scammers About Paid Inclusion

  2. Optix Solutions is a leading edge Web Design Company. We provide complete Internet solutions covering web design, web hosting, domain registration, e-commerce, content management systems, e-brochures, on-line marketing and on-going customer support. Alastair Banks – Optix Solutions Company Incorporated in 1999 Search Engine Strategy Ashfords, Lotus, Chrysler Jeep – One Man Bands Huge Changes in Search Engines in Last 7 years Aiming presentation at as bigger group as possible

  3. Why Google Most well known and used engine in the world Hitwise – Survey shows UK Domination – 74.8% of UK searches (6.7%), yahoo (5.7%), (5.4%) One of your biggest marketing considerations

  4. Steve Johnston – Google Consultant Forums & Specialist Mailing Lists 2 yrs ago – Steve Johnston Fujitsu Siemans, Toshiba, Bosch, Subaru Rally Team, Corus Hotels Works closely with Optix and particularly myself

  5. Google Love Google Love is a Hard Love Rejecting those that can’t or won’t stick to the rules Many – Not through Malice, Just Ignorance Google Mission Statement: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” BMW Germany

  6. No.1 in Google No-one needs to be No1 in Google !!! Exception – Brand Names / Company Names Most people feel that they will fail without results for ‘Money Phrases’ Scale and uniqueness of searching public – not the case Generate more traffic through long tail of expressions based around generic vocabulary Cannot predict the sheer scale and diversity of expressions people actually type into Google

  7. Google Operators site: Will show you the pages of your site that Google has indexed Number of pages Dates last crawled link: Will show you back links – sites linking to you Careful to avoid link farms

  8. Why Search Engine Optimisation & Getting Listed London Based Ecommerce Site – Only Designer Listed !!! There are two ways to get listed in Search Engines 1). Natural Listings 2). Paid Inclusion (pay per click) Natural Listings – Take into account hundreds of factors

  9. Tip 1 – Think Early Think in reverse – who is your audience? Do this before you start to develop a site What is their vocabulary? Make a list of important expressions and phrases to be used in site Research use of phrases (we have tools)

  10. Tip 2 - Content is King Cheesy but true! Only worth being their if its visible! Use your key vocabulary list and look to get good density of keyphrases in (around 5% is good) Title Tag – Single most important string of text on any page Every page should have its own tag Order of words is important Make tag a sentence

  11. Tip 3 – Develop Linking Strategy Google doesn’t trust what a site says about itself! Too many companies out there trying to ‘game’ Google – comp adv PageRank – Indication of Reputation One of the major factors – Inbound Links Take into account the context of these inbound links Google is clever enough to read text around a link and view its context Think – Industry Magazines :: Forums :: Manufacturers

  12. Tip 4 – Visibility Messy Code – Increases signal-to-noise ratio Adopt where possible latest standards - XHTML and CSS Make sure all images have ALT tags Don’t display key text as images Use of good quality, uncluttered structured code will allow Google’s spider the chance to digest the information more easily If your page can’t be found by Google, its not going to show in a search!

  13. Tip 5 – Meta Data Meta Tags – What can I say!!!! Serve little or no purpose Creatively write meta-descriptions – aid click through rate Use Keywords – Discipline for internal monintoring of key vocab

  14. Watch Out – Scammers About! No-One can guarantee you top spots in Google – Fact More often than not, these are scam companies that take your money and provide no results or damage your reputation Doorway Pages Linking Farms Even people who know better – UKreg !!!

  15. Paid Inclusion Very simply – Pay for Inclusion – Only pay when someone clicks Sponsored Links – Top and down the sides Google and AOL – Yahoo, MSN, Wanadoo…. Bid against other companies (quite often competitors) Examples: Jan 2006 – No Win No Fee – 11,767 searches - £5 – accidentclaims24-7 Jan 2006 – B and B dawlish – 75 searches - £0.11 – Dalton Hols Benefits – Up within hours

  16. Conclusion Fact is more people are turning to the Internet to find products and services Don’t get left behind Don’t get taken in by offers of listings – always check with specialist first SEO is a long term strategy – Treat it like a service on your car – revisit it quarterly/monthly Alastair Banks – Optix Solutions – 01392 667766