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Cadet Expansion Programme: making it happen

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Cadet Expansion Programme: making it happen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cadet Expansion Programme: making it happen.

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Cadet Expansion Programme: making it happen

WELCOME: Are you a state school looking to increase teamwork and leadership skills; to encouraging positive values, loyalty, resilience and courage. Are you looking to improving your pupils’ behaviour and instil a sense of service to others? If so the Government’s Cadet Expansion Project (CEP) could help you.

the number of young people in the Cadet Forces, particularly in units connected to state-funded schools. We’re working to enable 100 more state-funded schools to have a cadet unit by 2015

“Extending the CCF scheme in state schools means more young people benefit from the cadet experience – enabling them to develop essential life skills and helping them to make that leap into adulthood with confidence. We know many schools with Cadet Forces have partnership or collaboration arrangements with neighbouring schools to allow more young people to take part.

"We want to see more partnerships to allow schools to share their expertise and facilities for the benefit of all.”

SofS for Education Michael Gove

CEP builds on the Government’s Positive for Youth agenda and working with MOD and DfE there is a commitment to increase the number of young people in the Cadet Forces, particularly in units connected to state-funded schools. We’re working to enable 100 more state-funded schools to have a cadet unit by 2015.

Why CEP in state schools?

Put simply because they have a significant positive influence on young people. Plus they’re vehicles for cadets to achieve additional qualifications and practical life skills. Headteachers have told us of their transformative impact, increasing attendance, engagement, participation at 16-18, self-confidence and discipline. Cadets tell us they feel great membership and ownership of their unit, and in the wider school community, plus relationships between staff and students improve, creating positive benefits in all areas of school life. And we’ve listened and now we need your help.

TOP NEWS…..7 new units open including 2 partnerships and 1 affiliation with existing Cadet units. Plus more new units are planned to be opened by Sept 2013. 39 Cadet units have already expressed an interest in assisting and partnering a state school

Delivery: CEP is delivered principally through partnering schools with existing units. Alternatively, you can set up a unit by yourself. The 4 year CEP is resourced, partially by DfE and MoD for infrastructure and training, with running costs provided by 3rd parties, for example by the your school or through sponsorship.

Getting involved: If you are interested in setting up a Cadet Forces unit in your school and achieving our goal of expanding the ‘cadet experience’ into state-funded schools, please get in touch:

Find out more here:

Produced by the Joint Expansion Team March - 2013