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Courtney Edmondson Prewriting and Drafting PowerPoint Presentation
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Courtney Edmondson Prewriting and Drafting

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Courtney Edmondson Prewriting and Drafting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christine Ferreyra Courtney Edmondson ECED 4300 A Dr. Tonja Root Fall Semester 2010 5 th grade Cinquain Poetry . Courtney Edmondson Prewriting and Drafting. ELA5W4 The student consistently uses a writing process to develop, revise, and evaluate writing. The student

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Christine FerreyraCourtney EdmondsonECED 4300 ADr. Tonja RootFall Semester 20105th gradeCinquain Poetry

courtney edmondson prewriting and drafting
Courtney EdmondsonPrewriting and Drafting

ELA5W4 The student consistently uses a writing process to develop, revise, and evaluate writing. The student

  • Plans and drafts independently and resourcefully.
  • The students will plan and draft a Cinquain poem by completing a graphic organizer.
cinquain poetry
Cinquain Poetry
  • A Cinquain poem is made up of five lines. The first line is one word that tells the subject of the poem. The second line has two adjectives that describe the subject. The third line has three action verbs that relate to the topic of the poem. The fourth line has four words that tell of a feeling, or a sentence that describes the subject in line one. The fifth line is a synonym of the topic that sums up the poem.
  • This is the stage that we brainstorm and organize our ideas.
  • It is important to establish the audience. (Teacher and peers)
  • We must determine the form of writing, and for this lesson it is Cinquain poetry.
  • Lastly, we must discuss the purpose of our writing, and that is to inform or entertain.
graphic organizer of cinquain poem
Graphic Organizer of Cinquain Poem

First line (one word) the subject or noun.

Second line (two words) an adjective that describes the subject.


Third line (three words) action words that relate to the subject

Fourth line (four words) feeling or complete sentence that describes the subject


Fifth line (one word) synonym that sums it up

Edmondson, C. and Ferreyra, C. (2010). My personal Cinquain Poem Graphic Organizer. Unpublished manuscript draft, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA.

For example: Butterflies (line 1)

Graceful (line 5)

  • This is the stage that we write down all of our ideas into the proper format of writing.
  • This will be the completed graphic organizer.
  • It is important to remember that the use of proper mechanics is not necessary for this stage in the writing process.
published piece
Published Piece

PenguinsPenguinsBlack, whiteSwimming, jumping, fishingAll the penguins jump down into the water.Tall penguins

Miller, K. (2010). Squidoo. Retrieved October 23, 2010, from Kenneth's Cinquain Poems:

practice activity
Practice Activity
  • As a class we will complete a graphic organizer for a Cinquain poem.
  • Line one: Brainstorm ideas for a topic
  • Line two: List 4-5 adjectives that describe the topic
practice activity1
Practice Activity
  • Line three: List 4-5 action verbs that correspond with the topic
  • Line four: List 2-3 four word phrases that talks about the topic
        • For example: Snow
        • It’s very chilly and cold outside.
practice activity2
Practice Activity
  • Line 5: List 3 synonyms that relate to the topic in line 1
practice activity3
Practice Activity
  • The completed graphic organizer will be the draft.
assessment activity
Assessment Activity
  • You will create your own Cinquain poem.
  • You will complete a graphic organizer.
  • The graphic organizer will also serve as your draft.
assessment activity1
Assessment Activity
  • First line: Topic
  • Second line: 2 adjectives describing topic
  • Third line: 3 action verbs relating to topic
  • Fourth line: 4 word phrase
  • Fifth line: synonym of topic
christine ferreyra revising and editing

Christine FerreyraRevising and Editing

ELA5W4 The student consistently uses a writing process to develop, revise,

and evaluate writing. The student

b. Revises manuscripts to improve the meaning and focus of writing by adding,

deleting, consolidating, clarifying, and rearranging words and sentences.

c. Edits to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, etc.

  • The students will revise and edit a Cinquain poem by using proofreading marks to correct the content and mechanics.
revising and editing
Revising and Editing
  • As you are reading your Cinquain poem, you need to make sure the content and the mechanics are correct. Make sure you use five lines and that each line describes the noun from the first line. On the rest of the four lines, make sure you use the correct adjectives, participles, a phrase, and a synonym. Use the correct word choice, and while proofreading, change words that are better suited for the noun.
published piece1
Published Piece

SnowSnowChilly, icySnowing, falling, peltingIt's very chilly and cold outsideSnowday

Miller, K. (2010). Squidoo. Retrieved October 23, 2010, from Kenneth's Cinquain Poems:

practice activity4
  • We will use the graphic organizer you completed during the prewriting and drafting phase as a guide for revising your Cinquain poem.
  • Focus on the noun you picked for your topic.
  • You need to focus on the content.
  • Do not worry about mechanics.
assessment activity2
  • Edit the Cinquain poem independently
  • This is time when you check mechanics such as capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Make sure everything ties back to your topic choice.