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Technology Autobiography

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Technology Autobiography
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Technology Autobiography

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  1. Technology Autobiography The Past, Present, and Future By: Shavon Payne

  2. In The Beginning… • My very first relocation of technology was on my fourth birthday. Since I am a summer baby, my parents thought that it would be a good idea to give me a pool party. The funny thing about this whole situation was that we didn’t have a built in pool, we had one of those blow up pools that fit about 3 people. About a week before my birthday someone stole our pool right out of our backyard. I was completely devastated and just knew that my party was ruined. However, my father saved the day by going and buying a much larger pool that fit about 10 and those Super Soaker water guns. Needless to say my party was a blast!

  3. Is Technology Fun? • My favorite past times then and now are playing video games. I still remember that Christmas when I received my very own Super Nintendo with the Mario Brothers. I played that game so much that it eventually stopped working. That is just how much I loved it. I had a Sega Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog, Gameboys, more recently Playstation 1&2. I just love the whole concept of playing games.

  4. Is Technology Fun? • The best Christmas that I can remember hands down was when I received my first full- sized 72 key keyboard. I came home from church and was totally floored when I saw it. I think I probably prayed harder for that then I ever did for anything else when I was young.

  5. Is Technology Fun? • Another one of my favorite things to do when I was a child and now is going to the amusement parks. Now we all know if it wasn’t for technology no one would have been able to build or run those rides to the expertise that is used today.

  6. Can Technology Be My Friend? • I was very inquisitive when I was a child. I asked a million and one questions on a daily basis. However, having 5 additional siblings to care for, my parents did not take kindly when I would start my question and answering sessions. So, I began to channel my energy elsewhere. I really loved to work with my hands and fix things. I still remember fixing box fans for my sisters and brothers on those really hot summer nights, when the fans was just not working right. If someone could not figure out a problem in my house they would come to me. I just lived for figuring out the problem and fixing it. My love for constantly learning and figuring things out has brought me to the world of computers.

  7. The World Of Computers • My very first run in with computers happened quite early in my life. I can still remember in elementary school how we would go to the computer lab to work on our spelling and math. I really became intrigue with computers and wanted to learn more and more about them. I remember how I used to beg my father in 5th grade for a computer of my own. I would look in the ads religiously ever Sunday hoping and praying that the computers would somehow miraculously become cheaper. I spent so many hours on the typewriter wishing that it was a computer.

  8. The World Of Computers • So with my desire to learn more about computers I took several different classes. The first class was Computer Information Systems, where we learned the basic of Windows and how to effectively use Microsoft Office and so forth. The next class that I took was a computer troubleshooting class to obtain my A+ Certification license. I loved computers so much that in my first year of college I majored in Computer Science. However, my first love for music took top priority and I had to change my major.

  9. Technology Wish List • There are many items that I would love to have but the most prominent are • A new faster computer/laptop • A digital baby grand piano • A 32” Plasma TV with entertainment center

  10. What Technology Means To Me • Technology means a form of progress. In this world we are constantly figuring out and making things better. Ten years ago computers were not considered a must have in the house. However, now your family would be left behind if you don’t have some type of computer and internet connection. Technology exists in order to better prepare ourselves for the future. There would be no DNA tests, no medicine for illnesses, no doctors to perform high risk surgeries, we would just be lost. I feel that without technology this world would not have been able to prosper as much as it has.