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Leann Jacobson President, Technology Association of Iowa Jennifer O’Connor Office Manager, Technology Association of Iowa Tamara Kenworthy President, On Point Strategies Marketing Consultant to TAI and HyperStream Our Special Guests Today HyperStream Ambassadors. Welcome / Introductions.

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Presentation Transcript
Welcome introductions

Leann Jacobson

President, Technology Association of Iowa

Jennifer O’Connor

Office Manager, Technology Association of Iowa

Tamara Kenworthy

President, On Point Strategies

Marketing Consultant to TAI and HyperStream

Our Special Guests Today

HyperStream Ambassadors

Welcome / Introductions

Today s training program

Why HyperStream!

History of Program Development

Students and Educators Today

Partnering Ambassadors and Schools

HyperStream Benefits

Program & Process


Messaging & Resources Training

HyperStream Launch Contests

Next Steps

Today’s Training Program

Goals of tai and hyperstream

Promote technology professions in order to increase enrollment in Iowa’s technology programs at post-secondary institutions

Support Iowa’s technology employers in ensuring they have the workforce needed to grow their companies and remain in Iowa

Promote the state of Iowa to keep technology-degreed college students in Iowa after graduation

Goals of TAI and HyperStream

Essence of hyperstream

Building partnerships between education and technology businesses

A program for EVERY student

We want a variety of interests and skill levels

It’s an ongoing, long-term program where students are mentored by technology professionals in fun and interactive ways

A program that will continue to evolve and grow

Essence of HyperStream

Target audiences

Primary businesses

Iowa Students: 8th – 12th grades

Iowa School Administrators

Iowa Teachers & Counselors

Parents of Iowa Students


TAI Members: current and potential



Target Audiences

Voice of the audience

Test School businesses

Waukee High School & Middle School

Borders agricultural communities, too

Pilot Schools

Ankeny High School & Middle School

Hoover High School, Des Moines

Newton Schools

North Polk Schools

Pella Christian

Saydel Schools

Voice of the Audience

THE businesses



The generations

Millennials (Gen Y) -- businessesBorn 1979 – 1994

Ages 14–29

GenXers -- Born 1965 – 1978

Ages 30–42

Boomers -- Born 1946 – 1964

Ages 43–61

Matures -- Born 1909 – 1945

Ages 62–68

The Generations

The generations1
The businessesGenerations

The generations2
The Generations businesses

The millenials

Special businesses




Conventional – don’t break the rules

Pressured – scheduled kids


Technological savvy


Generational researchers

Neil Howe and William Strauss

The Millenials

The millenials1

CBS – 60 Minutes businesses

“The Millenials are Coming”

First aired Nov. 11, 2007

Updated May 23, 2008

The Millenials

Students today

Busy schedules businesses


Motivated when discover their passion

Technology driven

Technology classes

Keyboarding – required

Others are electives

Students know more than teachers

Students Today

Educators today

One of most hard-working professions businesses

Underpaid, overworked, undervalued

Two groups today:

Old School

New School

Common factor – if relevance, buy-in

Educators Today

Pilot program feedback
Pilot Program Feedback businesses

  • Genuine Interest & Need

  • KEY -- Buy in from Superintendent and Administration

  • Three types of students

  • Opportunities throughout curriculum

  • Student feedback forms

Challenges businesses

  • Time – teachers and students

  • Awareness building stage for a new program

  • Finding educator champions

  • Misperceptions of industry and tech professionals

  • “I’m not smart enough.”

Ideal Ambassador Team businesses

  • Size of school, geography

  • Diversity on team

    • Age

    • Gender

    • Ethnicity

  • Variety of functional areas

  • Partnering tech companies

School / Company Matching businesses

Connections with Schools

Role for Everyone

Company Size Not an Issue

Urban / Rural

Hyperstream companies

Alliance Technologies businesses

Cerebral InfoTech, LLC

EnSoft Corporation

Far Reach Technologies

Genesis 10


Global Reach Internet Productions

Hy-Vee, Inc.

Iowa Telecom


Microsoft Corporation

Net-Integrated Consulting

Palmer Group

Paragon IT Professionals

Pella Corporation


Principal Financial Group

Professional Computer Systems, Co.

Promise IT Solutions

QCI, Inc.

R & R Realty Group

Rockwell Collins

Salem Associates

Software Engineering Services

Sogeti USA, LLC



TeamQuest Corporation

Team Technologies


HyperStream Companies

Benefits of HyperStream businesses

  • Ambassadors

  • Students

  • Educators

  • Administrators

Program process checklist
Program & Process businessesChecklist

Plan of action

Key contacts & responsibilities businesses


8th grade classes

Mandatory 4-year curriculum plan

High school classes

Launch presentations

HyperStream Clubs

Hands-on projects

Promote Web site and Wiki


Plan of Action

Ongoing communications

Benchmarks businesses

Monthly team updates to Jennifer

Ambassador Web portal

Periodic e-updates from TAI

Ambassador get-together

Celebrate launch

Provide input

Ongoing Communications

Hyperstream messaging

Technology is everywhere! businesses

It drives everything we do

-- live, work, play --

Iowa technology – a best kept secret no longer

HyperStream Messaging

Hyperstream messaging1

Technology is for everyone! businesses

Find your passion, identify your interests

Tech careers some of highest-paying jobs right out of college

Downplay myths

Educational path importance

HyperStream Messaging

Hyperstream powerpoint
HyperStream businesses PowerPoint

Launch contests and prizes

Create a Video businesses


What is an interest of yours (or the team)

and how has and will technology

continue to impact

this area of interest?


iPod Nano and iTunes gift cards

Launch Contests and Prizes

Launch Contests and Prizes businesses

TAI Viral Holiday Card

Recognition on card

and Web sites

Sent to 1,000+

Release sent to media

HyperStream t-shirts

per school

First 20 to join as

member on

Web site

Q a time
Q & A Time businesses

Next steps
Next Steps businesses

  • Company teams identified

  • Matching of schools

  • Connect with Superintendents

  • Backgrounding research on schools

  • Admin and educator meetings

  • Plan of action with educator champions

  • Ambassador team preparation

  • Launch to students