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By: Kaley W.  PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Kaley W. 

By: Kaley W. 

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By: Kaley W. 

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  1. By: Kaley W. 

  2. Dry Tortugas is off of the keys of Florida!!! Dry Tortugas is 100 square-mile park

  3. Dry Tortugas has more that 200 historic shipwrecks. Most of the natural features are the ocean . What lives in the ocean that is natural? the coral, fish, and much much more. Also at Dry Tortugas natural features the trees, land, sand, grass, and what grows there by its self . Dry Tortugas is located at a busy crossroads. Its almost like a underwater highway, also Gulf Steam carries warm water, ships, and marine life by the Tortugas. .

  4. Loggerhead turtles have flippers, they use them like paddle limes. The have to live around over 200 shipwrecks!!!! Loggerheads are endangered species!!!!!  Loggerhead turtles mostly live in the Coastal Bay, Lagoons, Estuaries, and if the turtles can find a opening they will go to open seas!!!!

  5. Up-side Down Jellyfish You can find Up-side Down Jellyfish commonly in shallow water, mangrove swamps, mud flats and turtle flats found in Florida. All of the up-side down jellyfishes have over 40 mini mouths to eat with. Why are they called up-side down jellyfish? They normal find them at the bottom and up-side down and they are jellyfish!!!! That’s why they are called UP-SIDE DOWN JELLYFISH !!!!! COOL FACTS!!!!! The jellyfish have lacy frilly. They appear to glow in the dark.

  6. Pelican Birds of inland and coastal waters, the are from polar regions, the deep ocean, oceanic islands, and inland South America. Modern pelicans are found in Antarctica. Pelicans mostly occur in warm places like Arizona, Michigan in the summer, maybe New Mexico. Mommy pelicans breed……to be exact 45 south and 60 north.

  7. Crab They will hide under there thorax. Crabs have a hard shell and when they get bigger they have to go and find a new shell that’s bigger. They will hide under there thorax, and they also have a very short tail to protecting there self's!!!!! They are generally covered with there exoskeleton. You will find them in our world seas.

  8. Dry Tortugas Plants & Other Animals Coral lives in colonies. Coral builds reefs for there home. Also it has stinging cells to eat. Sea grass is flowering plant from one of the four plant families. Anemone is a small sac. Anemone is attached to the small surface beneath it.

  9. There has been over 200 shipwrecks!!!!!  There is a old fort here!!!!!!

  10. Fun Things to do at Dry Tortugas!!!! Beach Combing Scuba Diving!!!!!!!!!!! 

  11. Credits Live search