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Famous buildings

Famous buildings

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Famous buildings

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  1. Famous buildings By Adam McInerney Fourth Class

  2. Buildings • There are many buildings all over the world .Some buildings are big and some are small. Big buildings are called skyscrapers America is well known for their skyscrapers. Buildings are also a place to live and are used to shelter people and things from the weather. Buildings are also good for storing your goods and belongings in safes and banks. Art galleries and musuem’s are good for storing famous paintings and objects. Here are some famous buildings…….

  3. Empire State building • The Empire State building is a skyscraper in New York. It is at the intersection of Fifth avenue and 34 street. It was the tallest building in the world since its completion in 1931 until 1972. It is the tallest building in New York city and State of New York. The Empire State building was designed by Gregory Johnson (not astronaut) and he designed the plan in just two weeks. It took 3400 builders and five of them died while it was being constructed. The building is 443 metres high and has 102 floors. The building is owned by W&H properties. The cost of the construction of the building was $40,948,900. The building has 73 elevators, 6500 windows, 9,000 taps and 70 miles of pipe. The workers put up yellow lights for the premiere of the Simpsons movie.

  4. Sydney Opera house • The Sydney Opera house is located in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and is one of the most famous and distinctive buildings of the twentieth century. In 2007 it was declared a World Heritage site. It was designed by a Danish architect called Jorn Utzon in 1957 and was opened in 1973. Inside the building is ballet , theatre, musical and opera productions. The opera house covers 4.5 acres of land and is supported by 580 pillars sunk 25 meters below sea level. The Opera house is the headquarters of the Sydney symphony orchestra , Opera Australia and the Sydney theatre company. The great room in the opera house has 3000 seats and the smaller rooms have around 1200 seats.

  5. Eiffel Tower • The Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 Universal Exposition. The tower is located in Campo de Marte by the river Seine. The Eiffel tower is a great tourist attraction and attracted nearly 7 million visitors in 2007. The tower is 325 metres high with the spiral at the top. The tower is made from iron. It took two years , two months and five days to build. The chief architect Stephen Sauvestre decided to try and change the look of the tower so it would look kind of like a lighthouse but it didn’t happen. As the years went on the tower began to become unpopular and they began to argue about whether or not to destroy the tower.

  6. White House • The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States. It was designed by George Washington in 1790. The plans for the building were inspired by Leinster House (Dublin) and Castletown House (Celbridge). The main residence and the foundations were dug by slaves mostly from Ireland and Italy. The building was then opened in 1800 by John Adams. The construction took eight years and cost $2.4 million. In the early twentieth century two buildings were built at each side of the house to accommodate the workers of the President. Some of the rooms in the house are the Oval office , red room , green room , blue room , Presidential library , games room and even a solarium. There is even a China room in the house.

  7. TajMahal • The TajMahal is a huge white marble mausoleum. It is located in Agra , India. It was constructed between the years of 1632 and 1653. It was designed by an architect called Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. Around three million people visit the TajMahal every year. The external area shapes an unequal octagon. The interior walls are twenty five metres high and has a interior dome with a picture of a sun inside it. Muslims traditions forbid decorating graves and found a precise area where to bury MumtazMahal and Shah JahanMahal where they were buried and put facing towards the city of Mecca. The garden is 300 metre square and has a range of flowers and plants and four flowing rivers. The estimated cost of the TajMahal is around 32 million rupees.

  8. Questions • How many pillars support the Sydney Opera House ? • How many elevators has the Empire State building got? • What metal was used to make the Eiffel Tower? • Name three rooms in the White House? • How long did it take to build the White House? • How many rupees was the TajMahal worth? • What city was MumtazMahal buried facing towards? • Did you like the project?

  9. Sydney Opera House Empire State building Sydney Opera House

  10. Eiffel Tower White House

  11. TajMahal