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Matter. Anything that has mass and takes up space (volume). Properties of Matter. Physical Property Any property of matter that can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the matter Examples color shape taste density state/phase. D = M V.

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Anything that has mass and takes up space (volume)

properties of matter
Properties of Matter

Physical Property

  • Any property of matter that can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the matter
  • Examples






D = M


5 physical states of matter
5 Physical States of Matter
  • Bose-Einstein
  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • Plasma

(Newest State)

bose einstein condensate
Exist at extremely cold temperatures (around absolute zero or -460 oF)

Particles are super unexcited

Particles lock or “clump” together so firmly that they move as a single unit

Definite shape and volume (?)

Bose-Einstein Condensate
Particles are tightly compact

Particles vibrate without the ability to move freely

Definite shape and volume

Solid Animation

Particles are tightly compact, but able to move around close to each other

No definite shape, but definite volume

Liquid Animation

Particles can easily spread out or move close together

Particle move freely and with a lot of energy

No definite shape or volume

Gas Simulation

Exist at extremely high temperatures (several million degrees Celsius)

Particles are broken apart

Particles move freely and with extremely high energy

This form is not too common on earth, however it is the most common form of matter in the universe

No definite shape or volume?

Examples: Florescent and neon lights, lightning, aurora borealis


Why do you think this is the most common form/state of matter in the universe?

energy and the states of matter
Energy and the States of Matter
  • The physical states of matter result from the amount of energy the particles composing the matter have. Basically, more energy means more movement for the particles and less energy means less movement.
  • Energy/Temperature and Matter

If you were to compare an ice cube and the steam created

from boiling water, which would you think has more energy?

states of matter continuum
States of Matter Continuum

What about this continuum could

be considered a little misleading?

Taken from:

properties of matter1
Properties of Matter

Chemical Property

  • Any property of matter that describes a substance based on its ability to change into a new substance
  • Examples


reactivity with vinegar

reactivity with oxygen

Iron + Oxygen  Iron oxide (rust)

2Fe + 3O2  Fe2O3

chemical or physical property
Chemical or Physical Property?
  • Paper is white
  • Boiling point of H2O is 100oC
  • Zinc reacts with hydrochloric acid and creates hydrogen gas
  • Nitrogen does not burn
  • Sulfur smells like rotten eggs

Physical Property

Physical Property

Chemical Property

Chemical Property

Physical Property

changes in matter
Changes in Matter

Physical Change

  • a change in shape, size, color, or state
  • a change without a change in chemical composition
  • a change that is reversible
    • The Mixtures Lab
  • Examples

tearing paper

cutting your hair

change in state

changes in states physical changes
Changes in States(Physical Changes)

Why do you think Bose-Einstein and plasma are not equally distanced from the other three states of matter?













All changes in state require a change in energy

states of matter simulation
States of Matter Simulation

Simulation 1

Simulation 2

This is what happens when energy is added and taken away

changes in matter1
Changes in Matter

Chemical Change

  • a change in which a substance becomes another substance having different properties
  • a change that is not reversible using ordinary physical means
  • Changes that usually cause heat, sound, light, odor, fizzing/foaming, color changes

You usually need more than one of the above characteristics to be considered a chemical change!

  • Examples

combining sulfuric acid and sugar

burning a piece of wood

soured milk

chemical or physical change
Chemical or Physical Change?
  • Bending a Paper Clip
  • Baking a cake
  • The sublimation of carbon dioxide
  • Crushing an aluminum can
  • Vinegar and baking soda combining to create salt and water

Physical Change

Chemical Change

Physical Change

Physical Change

Chemical Change