teanna ashley 5 12 14 3 rd hour career tech found n.
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Electrical Engineer

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Teanna Ashley 5/12/14 3 rd Hour Career Tech. Found. Electrical Engineer. Electrical Engineer field. It’s the study of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. it’s a wide discipline that provide society with different types of utilities.

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Electrical Engineer

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    1. Teanna Ashley 5/12/14 3rd Hour Career Tech. Found Electrical Engineer

    2. Electrical Engineer field • It’s the study of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. • it’s a wide discipline that provide society with different types of utilities. • Energy and eclectic power is with energy generation by different types of methods.

    3. What got me interested in and electrical engineer? • What made me interested in electrical engineer is in the summer time also my step dad worked on houses and I watched him do put the outlets in. also that is what we are doing girls renovation which made me more interested in working on electricity.

    4. 5 Responsibilities • Scope, oversee and manage Operations projects. • Coordinate and oversee contractors and other resources in implementing project work. • Develop and implement practical solutions to technical issues related to asset operation. • Ensure compliance with NEC and other industry standards on new and existing projects. • Act as technical point of contact for Operations’ questions and requests

    5. Working conditions • Electrical engineering is physical work. • You can work indoor or outdoors • They usually work 40 hours Monday thru Friday. • They wok in residential areas and building sites an commercial buildings.

    6. TQA • You have to have and college degree too become an electrical engineer. • I plan on going to a community college first in Michigan then go to a university in Atlanta Georgia. • Well now in high school I take the girls renovation class and that class is teaching me how to do electricity.

    7. Job look out • Employment rate: • Electrical engineering is rising • I would like to find this career opening in Atlanta. • I Would like to work for the real estate remodeling the house and putting the electricity in.

    8. Salary • My lifestyle goals are to go to a community college for a semester then transfer to a university in for the next semester in Atlanta. • The average pay is 63,693. • These fit my goals very well • My first purchase with my earnings will go on me building my own home.

    9. Related Occupations • My back up career will be auto mechanic. • Their responsibilities are Verifying vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives; adjusting controls and systems. • The work environment is well-lighted and properly ventilated. • For training go to auto tech mechanic school. • Outlook the job growth will be 17% between 2010-2020. • They are paid 35,485 for there average. • I also chose this career because I enjoy working on cars. Also if my other career do go threw I will still go back to college for this career.

    10. Summary • I feel very confident about my goals in life. • The least I look for is the school part but it is work my time. • The most I l0ook for is actually working on the electricity and the different cars. • I learned more about theses two careers that I didn’t know about.