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Cypher IV Mathematics Leadership Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Cypher IV Mathematics Leadership Project

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Cypher IV Mathematics Leadership Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cypher IV Mathematics Leadership Project

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  1. Cypher IV Mathematics Leadership Project Teaching Student-Centered Math Book Study All Groups Session 7 Book Study Wrap-Up

  2. (Re)Introductions K-3 Group • Kim Ramsay (Grade 2, Whitehorse) • Cathy Hines (Grade 3, Whitehorse) • Kathryn Lewis (Kindergarten, Old Crow) • Shari Heal (Grade 3 FI, Whitehorse) • Bernadette Roy (Grade 3 French, Whitehorse) • Jenna Sawkins (Grades K-1, Dease Lake) • Nita Connolly (Grades K-2, Atlin)

  3. (Re)Introductions 3-5 Group • Kendra Haines (Grades 5&6, Ross River) • Lois Moore (Grades 4-5 Whitehorse) • Pam Harry (Grades 3-4 Whitehorse) • Sherry MacInnis (Grades 3-5, Atlin) • Kalvin Beuerlein (Gr. 3-9, Telegraph Creek) • Mike Emerick (Gr. 7-8, Dease Lake)

  4. (Re)Introductions 5-12 Group • Kalvin Beuerlein (Gr. 3-9, Telegraph Creek) • Emily Macht (Gr. 6, Whitehorse) • Sheila Merkley (Gr. 8-11, Whitehorse) • Amy Hes (Grades 6-9, Telegraph Creek) • Sarah Baigent-Nixon (Gr. 6-9 Teacher, Atlin) • Trygve Sort (Grades 5-6, Dease Lake) • Asa Berg (Local Union President, Atlin) • Bev Fairful (Principal, Atlin)

  5. Be Responsible For How & What You Learn Everyone brings prior experience & knowledge. Take ownership of your learning by being on time and staying, doing the reading & reflection to prepare for discussion, and be willing to try out new ideas in your classroom. Encourage Risk-Taking and Accept All Ideas When learning and discussing, everyone needs to feel safe& that ideas will be respected, even if there is disagreement. Discussion of new ideas allows everyone to ? their own beliefs & discover new ways of thinking – an essential focus of this book study. Group Norms

  6. Be Your Own Watchdog Monitor and manage your participation to prevent contributing too much or too little. Be An Attentive Listener Listen to each other during the discussion. Turn off your e-mail and refrain from surfing the net during the sessions. Group Norms - cont’d

  7. Based on the homework assigned in the previous session, discuss the following questions: What have you tried in your classroom as a result of the last session? What role did you play in the teaching and learning of math? What role did the students play in their learning? What discoveries did you and your students make? What misconceptions, if any, surfaced about the topic? How did you redirect the students? What suggestions do you have for others when they try this? Homework Review

  8. Objectives • Reflect on the Book Study experience • Determine goals for future learning • Complete the feedback form • Celebrate learning

  9. Materials • Book Study Feedback Form

  10. Looking Back • Form small groups to discuss positive experiences you had during the Book Study and in your classroom, related to the content of the series. Share some of you ideas with the whole group.

  11. Moving Forward • Think about what your next steps are going to be in order to move forward on your learning journey in math. • What learning do you want to explore next? • Do you plan on reading more chapters in Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics? • Will you look into participating in or leading another Book Study? • Would you like to explore a different PD experience in mathematics. • Be prepared to share you ideas with the large group.

  12. Assess the Book Study • Please complete the Book Study Feedback Form at this time. • Please send me your Book Study Feedback Form at this time. • • 867-393-6339 (Fax)

  13. Wrap-Up • Thank-you for your participation in this book study. • Last minute questions and concerns.