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CLICK TO ADD TITLE. The 6th Global Health Supply Chain Summit November 18 -20, 2013 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. mSupply mobile Craig Drown. [SPEAKERS NAMES]. [DATE]. What is mSupply?. A desktop application for managing your whole medical supply chain Connect on your local network

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The 6th Global Health Supply Chain Summit

November 18 -20, 2013Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

mSupply mobile

Craig Drown




What is mSupply?

  • A desktop application for managing your whole medical supply chain
    • Connect on your local network
    • Connect to a cloud based server
  • A set of web applications which all connect to mSupply server
    • mSupply mobile: inventory control for second level medical stores
    • mSupply catalogue: a publicly accessible catalogue of your medicines
    • mSupply supplier interface: allows suppliers to view and update supply progress
    • Tender interface: Suppliers submit prices for tenders- mSupply does the rest


  • Quantification
  • Tenders (including web submission of tenders by suppliers)
  • Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts, Payments
  • Supply to facilities with full FEFO support
  • Warehouse management with locations, location volumes, etc.
  • Reports
  • mobile applications: 3 already, and more in development!
ease of use
  • mSupply has almost 15 years experience in providing solutions for medicines and vaccines supply chain,
  • mSupply is downloadable for free at : Email:
  • mSupply includes an automated internet backup system, so backups are automatically transferred to a secure site.
  • mSupply keeps a log of every action, and if there is a power failure then the log can be used to restore all unsaved data on the server.
  • It provides a graphical navigator for finding the way around the different functions available.
  • A lot of mSupply clients have unique needs. Almost every client requires some customisation of the standard mSupply software. mSupply allows customised versions that can still be easily upgraded as new releases are made. Often customisation is done at no extra cost if the client has a current up-to-date contract.
  • French version available (but still needs minor improvements)
  • Central, regional, district and peripheral levels set-up available (Store or dispensary mode)
secure scalable
Secure, scalable
  • There is a full permissions system, allowing each user’s access to functions to be controlled.
  • A user log records all significant user interactions, allowing an audit of which user performed which actions.
  • The same data file can grow from being used in a single-user system to having hundreds of concurrent users.
  • Record limits: over 1 billion per table ( items, transactions, customers etc. )
specially designed for pharmaceuticals
Specially designed for pharmaceuticals
  • mSupply is built from the ground up to handle batches and expiry dates
  • There are multiple ways of classifying medicines, and mSupply supports ATC coding, WHO’s EDL categories and the user’s own custom categories.
  • Many of the reports are specific to the needs of pharmaceutical distribution

Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system

what does it do
What does it do?
  • Inventory management with full support for batch/expiry and FEFO (First expiry, first out)
  • Quantification
  • Tenders - including web based submission from Suppliers
  • Purchase orders > Goods Receipts
  • Warehouse management using locations and volumes
  • Issuing to facilities (including imprest and dynamic options)
  • mSupply mobile: tablet based system for small facilities
  • Dispensing for hospital pharmacies
  • Reporting (of course!)
  • mSupply uses a dynamic ordering system that allows accurate real-time analysis of how much stock should be ordered, based on current stock levels and usage history (unmet demand from customers, backorders, and stock on order are also taken into account).
  • This system has proven reliable, and requires little user intervention, unlike systems that require you to set minimum and maximum stock levels (mSupply still allows minimum stock to be set if really needed)
  • Easy comparison of prices adjusted for currency and pack
  • Comparison with world benchmark prices
  • On line module means no data entry (errors) by users (suppliers do the entry on your behalf) often saves weeks in ordering cycles.
tender management
Tender management
  • Tenders can be created using the standard mSupply ordering calculations to decide which items and quantities to request a tender for.
  • mSupply automatically sends letters and spreadsheets to suppliers, and handles price comparison and supplier selection.
  • Once the process is complete, purchase orders are generated, either for the tender quantity or for a recalculated amount.
  • Currently in progress: a system to allow suppliers to submit tender responses via a web site and then mSupply imports data from the web site, saving weeks of work.
multiple sites from one server
Multiple sites from one server
  • mSupply is able to handle multiple virtual stores within a single data file. A common use for this is with mSupply mobile, where several stores may be present, but each needs to run independently. You then get data visibility of stock and usage for all remote sites from a central location
  • Sites can run in either dispensary or store mode, so one server can handle both a hospital pharmacy and a store simultaneously.
mistake tolerance
Mistake tolerance
  • mSupply provides easy merging of duplicate entry of items.
  • Easy adjustment of inventory errors (but with a full audit trail!)
  • Most fields allow entry by name or code, and allow partial entry of as much of the name or code as the user knows.
  • Easily find transactions you've entered, by number, by customer/supplier name, by a list of recent transactions, by a custom search.
  • If the user’s hardware is powerful enough, possible add on of fuzzy find searches, allowing finding data even if the search terms are incorrectly entered.
location management
Location management
  • mSupply allows volume based calculations of available storage, that is especially critical for cold chain items.
  • You can show locations that are empty or have enough space to fit the line your are receiving.
  • Alerts are given when placing purchase orders if there will not be enough space to hold the incoming goods.
master lists
Master Lists
  • Master lists are used for supply to facilities in both mSupply and mSupply mobile:
  • you create lists, and then attach a particular list to a supply point- it greatly reduces data entry, as users then only need to fill out required quantities..
vaccines monitoring
Vaccines monitoring
  • mSupply allows recording of VVM status for batches, and allows sorting available stock by VVM status rather than by expiry.

VVM : Vaccine Vial Monitor

customer stock history indent ordering
Customer stock history / indent ordering
  • For users who want to centrally control the amount given to facilities.
  • mSupply also supports a unique system of centralised supply where the supply point submits stock on hand figures, and mSupply (knowing the previous stock on hand, the ordering cycle, and the amount supplied during the previous cycle, can calculate a rational quantity to supply.
msupply mobile
mSupply mobile
  • Android (Google Linux based) or iOS (Apple)- individual apps coming soon.
  • Runs over mobile network (continues....)
msupply mobile 2
mSupply mobile (2)
  • All data stored on server, so centrally you have visibility over your whole supply chain.
  • Using tablet computers means electricity outages are rarely a problem.
  • Very easy to use (operators learn in an hour or two).
  • A reduced set of functions. Goods receiving is automatic, as stock is transferred into the store when issued centrally.
  • Scalable - can handle hundreds of sites with an off-the-shelf server.
  • mSupply already has frontline SMS integration in database. 
  • mSupply integrates well into hospital pharmacies, providing easy breakdown of bulk packs for dispensing.
  • Prescribers are recorded, and prescriber reports allow analysis of prescribing trends and costs.
  • Drug interactions are handled, as is repeat dispensing.
  • Patient history is recorded and easily accessible.
  • Medicine labels are produced using specialist label printers. Busy sites using mSupply produce hundreds of thousands of labels per year.
  • The in-built reports have been developed over ten years in response to user requests.
  • Users can easily create their own reports and save them for use again. (Saved reports are available from a menu in the custom report window).
  • Items, Names, and transactions all have lots of spare fields that users can use to store custom data, and then use those fields in reports.
  • A web interface that allows managers in remote locations to log on with a web browser and download reports is due for release soon.
no data lock in
No data lock-in
  • All data in mSupply can be exported as industry-standard XML, allowing use by other systems as needed.
  • In XLS format as well.
what we re working on
What we’re working on
  • Mobile app for suppliers to track shipments and update delivery schedules.
  • Mobile app for managers to view a dashboard of KPIs and critical information (e.g. Graph showing % of vital medicines in stock at each facility)
  • making native iOS and Android apps

WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD)