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CLICK TO ADD TITLE. The 5th Global Health Supply Chain Summit November 18 -20, 2013 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Warehouse in a Box Project Arno Haigh. [SPEAKERS NAMES]. [DATE]. Warehouse-in-a-Box - Background.

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The 5th Global Health Supply Chain Summit

November 18 -20, 2013Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Warehouse in a Box Project

Arno Haigh



warehouse in a box background
Warehouse-in-a-Box - Background

In 2010, the Government of Tanzania (GoT) and USAID discussed the country’s chronic lack of supply chain infrastructure.

These included -

  • Limited storage space.
  • Lack of quality storage facilities impacting GoT’s ability to provide

access to health commodities and services to patients.

  • Poorly constructed, maintained or managed facilities putting products

at risk of damage , diversion or expiry.

USAID, through implementing partner SCMS, proposed to the GoT an unprecedented project to install pre-fabricated warehousing units (warehouse-in-a-box or WiB) in three initial locations in Tanzania.

warehouse in a box background1
Warehouse-in-a-Box - Background

Further collaboration with the Global Fund has seen the authorization of two additional warehouses and the extension of the original 3 warehouse units.

Imperial Health Sciences (IHS) were appointed the sub-contractor by SCMS to manage and deliver the WiB projects.

warehouse in a box what is a wib
Warehouse-in-a-Box – What is a WiB?
  • The WiB facilities is a turnkey solution which includes:
    • Infrastructure
    • Equipment
    • Skills transfer for rapid erection of a fully functional , ready-to-use , pharmaceutical warehouse and operational service
    • WIB comprises of pre-engineered modular components and fittings that can be erected quickly and easily and can be fully maintained and operated by local personnel
    • Long term scalability is made possible through the modular design , which is readily adjustable to encompass future growth demands
warehouse in a box what is a wib1
Warehouse-in-a-Box – What is a WiB?
  • The design and the configuration of all warehouse modules are based on fundamental process flows , providing a replicable and scalable solution
  • Standards and operational benchmarks are aligned with International Supply Chain Principles
  • WIB includes all required Materials Handling Storage & Equipment (racking, forklifts, cages, conveyors, pallet-jacks)
  • All office and security equipment
  • A complete set of ISO-certified SOP’s to ensure warehouse staff adhered to International Best Practices
  • On the job staff training
  • Post installation audit
warehouse in a box schedule of facilities of got
Warehouse-in-a-Box – Schedule of Facilities of GoT
  • Below is a schedule of the facilities, the sizes , pallet locations and dates of completion for the Tanzania WiB project:
warehouse in a box what are the steps in installing a wib
Warehouse-in-a-Box – What are the steps in installing a WiB?

Macro Phases

Phase 1: Groundwork Foundation and Substructure

Phase 2: Civil Works

Phase 3: Assembly of Steel Structure and Insulated Panels

Phase 4: Kitting

Phase 5: Training

Result: Full kitted and operational warehouse

A suitable size of land needs to made available

Secure utilities & services ( water & electricity)

warehouse in a box what are the steps in installing a wib1
Warehouse-in-a-Box – What are the steps in installing a WiB?
  • Phase 1: Groundwork Foundation and Substructure
      • Review the selection of land to ensure that the site is suitable for the installation of the WiB
      • Determine scope of work for column foundations , compacting of ground, pouring of concrete slab , drainage , sewerage and electrical connections
  • Phase 2: Civil Works
      • Selection of In-Country engineers and civil contractor
      • Developing and issuing of building plans for issuing to local authorities
      • Preparing the site for the assembly of the WiB by installing temporary facilities such as water and electricity and site office
warehouse in a box what are the steps in installing a wib2
Warehouse-in-a-Box – What are the steps in installing a WiB?
  • Phase 3: Assembly
      • Steel structure
      • Insulated Cladding
      • Roof
  • Phase 4: Kitting
      • Air – Conditioning
      • Steel Pallet Racking
      • Materials Handling ( MHE) equipment
      • Generator
      • Lighting
      • Fridge
      • Offices , Security Control Room & Ablutions
warehouse in a box what are the steps in installing a wib3
Warehouse-in-a-Box – What are the steps in installing a WiB?
  • Phase 5: Training
      • Consists of three modules:
        • Supply Chain Management
        • Quality Assurance
        • Warehouse Operations Management
  • Project Management by Imperial Health Sciences – IHS.
      • Comprehensive Project Plan
      • Risk Matrix
      • Project task list
      • Communication plan
      • Project Charter
      • Weekly Dash Board
      • Quarterly Reports

Warehouse-in-a-Box – Photographic display of Phases

2: Foundations and stud columns

3: Installation of steel frame

1: Site selection

4: Application of cladding to steel frame

5: Concrete Slab


Warehouse-in-a-Box – Photographic display of Phases

8: Completed pre-fabricated warehouse

6: Completed warehouse shell

7: Installation of kitting

warehouse in a box training programme
Warehouse-in-a-Box – Training Programme
  • The comprehensive training programme involves:
    • Quality management systems aligned to the operation.
    • Full set of customized Standard Operating Procedures – SOP’s
    • Operational training on all processes
    • Job description creation, organogram and warehouse mapping
    • MHE training and licensing
    • Health & Safety training
    • Security training and evaluation for the site and operation
    • WHO – Good Warehousing Practice ( GWP) training
warehouse in a box training programme1
Warehouse-in-a-Box – Training Programme
  • Check lists and self-audit program for continuous improvement
  • Procurement overview
  • Distribution and chain of custody training
  • Commissioning & training on all key equipment installations including maintenance requirements and local supplier/service identification:
      • Racking
      • Air – Conditioning
      • Generator
      • MHE
      • General maintenance of the site and housekeeping
warehouse in a box lessons learnt
Warehouse-in-a-Box – Lessons Learnt
  • Significant commitment from all stakeholders - WiB projects are time and resource-intensive and require collaboration and coordination of committed stakeholders
  • Government collaboration - a WiB project consists of activities such as land identification, environmental impact assessment, availability of municipal facilities and approval (water, electricity, building inspection), groundwork's, installation, kitting and staff training
  • Project Management Team (PMT) - without collective Political Will of stakeholders, such an ambitious project would be not be successful
warehouse in a box proven results
Warehouse-in-a-Box – Proven Results
  • These donated WiB’s incur no monthly rental costs to GoT, saving about $1 million per annum in rental costs. The overall payback period of rental savings versus the warehouse cost is about 3.5 years. Final cost savings are estimated to exceed $3 million
  • Pallet positions available before were 12400 positions in 2009.

Positions have tripled to 36629 representing a 195% increase in capacity with only a 60% increase in area

  • To ensure that the potential from the new warehouses is fully achieved , 440 GoT (MSD) warehouse personnel have been certified after attending training courses offered through the WiB roll-out
warehouse in a box pending projects
Warehouse-in-a-Box – Pending Projects
  • Other WiB projects are currently under discussion with SCMS countries:
    • Nigeria – two WiB facilities
    • Democratic Republic of Congo – one facility
    • Rwanda – one facility
    • Cote D’Ivoire – one facility