shamsul badli mohd yusof ta 06 233 03 89212020 ext 5025 badli@uniten edu my n.
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Shamsul Badli Mohd Yusof (TA.06.233) 03-89212020 ext.5025 ( PowerPoint Presentation
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Shamsul Badli Mohd Yusof (TA.06.233) 03-89212020 ext.5025 (

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Shamsul Badli Mohd Yusof (TA.06.233) 03-89212020 ext.5025 ( - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shamsul Badli Mohd Yusof (TA.06.233) 03-89212020 ext.5025 (
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  1. Shamsul Badli Mohd Yusof (TA.06.233)03-89212020 ext.5025( The Malaysian Constitution: An Introduction MACF 113

  2. Objective: • This course is aimed at enhancing the students’ knowledge and understanding of the Constitution. • This course also aims to foster a sense of pride in the students of the country’s modern government that is at par with the developed countries in the West. • The appreciation of the country’s history in a multi-ethnic context will help develop a realization for the need for special provisions to ensure the nation’s security and stability. • Ultimately, this course aims to ignite patriotism in the students.

  3. Synopsis: • The Malaysian Constitution is a very important document for it is the country’s highest form of law. Therefore, the students’ understanding of it could only be achieved through an approach that examines its history and on the universal principles on which it is based.

  4. Learning Outcome • The students will be able to understand the contents of the Federal Constitution and they will be able to carry out their duties as true Malaysians under the stewardship of the Malaysia Government.

  5. Assessment

  6. References • Malaysia, Federal Constitution (latest edition). LLBS: Kuala Lumpur • Abdul Aziz Bari & Farid Sufian Shuaib. 2006. Constitution of Malaysia: Text and commentary. Petaling Jaya: Prentice Hall. • Wan Arfah Hamzah & Ramy Bulan. 2003. An Introduction to The Malaysian Legal System. Shah Alam: Penerbit Fajar Bakti Sdn. Bhd. • Wu Min Aun. 1983.An Introduction to the Malaysian Legal System. Kuala Lumpur: Heinemann Educational Books (Asia) Ltd.

  7. Jayum A. Jawan. 2003. Malaysian Politics & Government. Shah Alam; Karisma Publications Sdn. Bhd. • Report of the Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commicion (The reid Commission Report) • Trindale, FA and H.P Lee. 1986. The Constitution of Malaysia: Further Perspectives and Developments. Petaling Jaya: fajar Bakti • Lee, H.P. 1995. Constitutional Conflicts in Contemporary Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press.

  8. An introduction to the constitution of Malaysia (MAL. K3154.m63. 1976. 112658 (uniten library) • Constitutions of the world (k3157.E5 M32 1995. 87639 (uniten library) • Perlembagaan Islam: satu pendekatan perbandingan. BP 144.M4 1988 005310 (uniten library.

  9. Attendance: • Attendance is compulsory. You need to maintain 80% attendance to sit for all assessments and exams. Failure to do so may results in you being BARRED from the assessments and exams. • Copying and Plagiarism: • You must not copy your friend’s work, adopt or reproduce ideas, words or statements of another person in your writing (project paper) without stating whom these ideas or statements belong to. A students suspected of plagiarism may be given zero marks or may fail the entire course.

  10. Project Paper: • You must submit the project paperon WEEK 12 without any excuses. • Project Paper Format: • Font: Arial Size 11 • TN R Size 12 • Spacing: 1.5 • Page Number • Position; Bottom of Page (footer) • Alignment; Right (not include on cover page)

  11. Contents: • Cover page must include: • Title of Project Paper • ID.No & Name of Group Member • Discussions: • Intro • Contents • Summary • Reference • Appendix (optional) • Next Discussion “MALAYSIA”