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Deploying Windows Vista

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Deploying Windows Vista - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Deploying Windows Vista. Chapter 2. The Answer File. Answer file is an XML file containing the detail of a custom installation Windows System Image Manager creates the file Part of the Windows AIK Combined with a WIM image, allows automatic setup of Windows Vista.

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the answer file
The Answer File
  • Answer file is an XML file containing the detail of a custom installation
  • Windows System Image Manager creates the file
    • Part of the Windows AIK
  • Combined with a WIM image, allows automatic setup of Windows Vista
steps to build an answer file
Steps to Build an Answer File
  • Create anew blank answer file
  • Add components
  • Configure Windows settings such as disk partition
  • Validate the file
  • Move it to removable media like a USB key or floppy disk
capture a base image
Capture a Base Image
  • A WIM image that includes a base software and customization beyond standard WIM file
  • Use SYSPREP to prep a machine as a model for the image
  • Use IMAGEX to capture the image
  • Used with an answer file for a fully customized build
transferring user state data
Transferring User State Data
  • User State Data are the files and settings unique to a user’s profile
  • Use the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard to one time migrations
    • Wizard based
    • Can use network, recordable CD/DVD, or Easy Transfer cable
  • Use the User State Migration Tool (USMT) for large migrations
    • Supports scripting and reporting
    • Command-line based
usmt commands
USMT Commands
  • Scanstate.exe
    • Scans and stores files collected from a source computer based upon command line switches into a image file
    • Example command: c:/>scanstate.exe \\SERVER1\migration\user1store /i:migapp.xml /i:miguser.xml /o /config:config.xml /v:4 /encrypt /key:"vistamigrate1"
  • Loadstate.exe
    • Loads user data saved previously onto a new machine.
    • Example command: c:\>loadstate.exe \\SERVER1\migration\user1store /i:migapp.xml /i:miguser.xml /v:4 /decrypt /key:"vistamigrate1"
verify system integrity
Verify System Integrity
  • Use System File Checker
  • Scans protected system files to verify their integrity
  • Command-line: Sfc.exe /verifyonly
missing drivers
Missing Drivers
  • Add missing driver into the WIM file
    • Use SIM to reference new driver path
    • Mount the WIM image using IMAGEX
    • Use Package Manager to add the driver
    • Save the change to the WIM
troubleshooting drivers
Troubleshooting Drivers
  • Some drivers will not be selected, even when they are present during installation
  • Know the ranking method for drivers:
    • 1. Signed driver
    • 2. Plug and Play ID matched
    • 3. Driver date
    • 4. Driver version number
display devices
Display Devices
  • The 3D Aero interface requires a WDDM compatible display driver
  • Windows display driver rank system:
    • 1. Windows Vista signed by WHQL or inbox-signed
    • 2. Legacy WHQL-signed and Authenticode-signed
    • 3. Unsigned
    • 4. Feature criteria (such as WDDM over XDDM)
    • 5. Plug and Play ID match
    • 6. Driver date
    • 7. Driver version
  • Customize display settings using Display Settings window
application compatibility
Application Compatibility
  • When programs don’t function, use the Program Compatibility Wizard
    • Accessible in Control Panel
    • Applet called Use an Older Program with This version of Windows
    • Pre-configured for proper settings of many popular programs
  • Compatibility Tab properties also accessible to manually configure when you right-click an executable
new folders for roaming users
New Folders for Roaming Users
  • New folders help with roaming profiles
  • They help segregate differing types of data so that only essential data in synced
  • New Group Policy snap-in allows for easy management of roaming profiles