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Windows Vista

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Windows Vista - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Vista. IBM PC Club Demo Oct 2006 (updated Dec 7 th) Tim Massaro timmassaro @ Agenda. Introduction New Installation Types Is your PC Ready? Demo of New Features Links. Introduction. This is an updated version of my October IBM Rochester PC Club demo (

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Windows Vista

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    1. Windows Vista IBM PC Club Demo Oct 2006 (updated Dec 7th) Tim Massaro timmassaro @

    2. Agenda • Introduction • New Installation Types • Is your PC Ready? • Demo of New Features • Links

    3. Introduction • This is an updated version of my October IBM Rochester PC Club demo ( • Windows Vista, previously codenamed Longhorn, is the next version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. • Announced July 2005, Vista is now likely due for delivery Jan 31st 2007 • Some PCs already are shipping as “Vista Capable”, Some “Vista Premium” (look for coupons good for Vista when it ships). • “Capable” is good enough to run, “Premium means you should see new Aero features. • Several Betas have been available, Microsoft has limited downloads. This Demo is Pre RC2

    4. New Installation Types • Windows Vista Home Basic (entry level offering for consumers) • Windows Vista Home Premium (Mainstreamedition, same as Basic, plus Aero UI, Media Center, DVD Authoring, Tablet PC, PC to PC Sync) • Windows Vista Ultimate (Flagship edition for small business owner, combines Home Premium and Vista Enterprise) • Windows Vista Business (business desktop and mobile PCs) (same as Basic, plus Aero UI, Tablet PC, PC to PC Sync, Business features such as Domain Join, Group Policy Support, Encrypting File System, Fax and Scan) • Windows Vista Enterprise (available only to customers who are covered by a Microsoft Software Assurance agreement) (same as Business, plus BitLocker Drive Encryption, Worldwide interface langs, Virtual PC Express, Subsystem for Unix-Based Applications) • Windows Vista Starter (Intended for emerging markets) Details on Various Vista Editions Mainstream Today’s Demo ebiz version?

    5. Is Your PC Ready? • Vista may spur hardware upgrades or PC sales as hardware requirements for Vista are higher than XP, minimum 512M memory, 15G partition, video card, TV card for Media Center, direct x 9.0 or better graphics card, “modern” CPU (Pentium 3 800 MHz or better) • You can check to see if your PC is ready by running a program found here: • Some User Interface features are disabled if your system rates low (Vista determines your machine’s Windows Experience Rating)

    6. Look and Feel Demo • First time users will see the “Welcome Center” • Includes What’s New in Windows Vista Demos • Shows PC Details including the “Windows Experience Rating” of your PCThis Rating is the lowest number from the following aspects: Amount of RAM Speed of CPU Hard disk SpeedGraphics performance & Memory3D graphics capability

    7. Look and Feel Demo • Aero Desktop, visual window mgrGlass effect, open apps and see underneath • Window borders wider, icons glow • Taskbar flyover window previews • “Flip” with live previews, replaces Alt-Tab(ctl-alt-tab locks till you press enter or esc) • 3D Flip (Flag-Tab) (Ctl-Flagkey-Tab locks) • (both flips support “Flip to desktop”) • New Explorer Windows

    8. Vista Experience Taskbar preview Aero glass effects Flip replaces Alt Tab 3D Flip (Flag tab) New Navigation Pane

    9. Organize Demo • New Search feature even allows you to search Start Menu • Also searches files ala Google Desktop • New Search Explorer replaces search wizard from XP • Easy to filter search by type or other tags, metadata • Less concern for where your files reside • Start menu automatically adds apps by subject (install a game and you’ll find it in Games) • Search box in every explorer window

    10. Search Experience Even search the Start Menu Search box on every type of explorer window

    11. Internet Explorer 7 • Many new features in IE 7 including: • Slimmer location bar • Favorites/RSS/History frame • RSS support • Tabbed browsing • Grouped tabs (save/restore tabs) • Anti-phishing • Users can download IE 7 and run it on XP today. See this URL: • (Still not recommended at IBM due to compatibility issues)

    12. Gadgets R Us • Windows Sidebar supports Gadgets, similar to Yahoo Widgets and Active Desktop and Mac Konfabulator • Many Gadgets supported already,see them in the Gadget Gallery • Or create your own •

    13. Windows Media Player 11 • New Interface • “Word Wheel” instant search • Example of new “Stacking” UI • Easier to Burn than before. Some concerns over DRM handling • Library Management, files are automatically added • Links to Microsoft URGE shop, allows users to buy mp3s

    14. Windows Media Center • Vista includes Windows Media Center • Manage all digital entertainment usinga mouse and keyboard or a remote control • Music • Pictures & Video • TV & Movies – watch & record HDTV (requires compatible TV Tuner Card)

    15. Performance • Improved Sleep & Resume, combination of Standby & Hibernate • Delayed services start, services start when needed not at startup, boot time faster • Max RAM is now 4GB • SuperFetch - caches frequently used DLLs and pre-loads them at startup • ReadyBoost – use flash memory on USB drive to speed up random access of files. Samsung/Seagate are creating • ReadyDrives - Harddrives with Flash

    16. Performance… • New Reliability and Performance Monitor • New Performance Information Center

    17. Parental Controls • Control which games and websites kids can access • Control times kids are allowed to use the computer

    18. Reasons you may want Enterprise/Ultimate Distro • Remote Desktop Server • BitLocker encryption (encryption of data…ideal for laptop) • Image based Backup/Restore (ala-Ghost) • Virtual PC Express (ala-VMware) • Windows Ultimate Extras (powershell, Texas Holdem game, Active Background Images) • Subsystem for Unix compatibility • Pluggable Authentication • 36 Language Translations

    19. Deployment Features Enterprise distro includes many features that should ease deployment, including: • Increased number of Group Policies • Image based Save/Restore • Customizable login module • Run apps from network drive • Event subscription, new in Vista’s Event Viewer, receive forwarded events matching a specific filter from multiple computers, a log consolidation service.

    20. Other Features Worth Noting • Windows Mtg Space replaces Net meeting • Snipping Tool – Screen capture tool • Games redone and new games • Windows Backup allows automatic backup of files by type. • Windows Movie Maker now supports editing and outputting HD Video and burning to DVD • Windows Photo Gallery • Install improvements/faster (my install <20mins)

    21. Other Features Worth Noting… • New Powershell “powertoy” coming, combines shell and Windows Script, available for XP now, Not Vista (Jan, 31st) • Auto (scheduled) HardDrive Defrag • Can use checkboxes forselection in Explorer(Organize -> Folder andSearch options, Viewtab, scroll down to UseCheckboxes…)

    22. Other Features Worth Noting… • cmd – command prompt still there! However new option to “Run as Administrator” (ipconfig /release) • Taskmanager, right click on process and open the folder the exe comes from • Though not in Vista, the Office 2007 Ribbon interface is worth looking at

    23. Compatibility Risks • Deemed very compatible with XP • Documents and Settings\userid -> Users\userid • NetMeeting replaced, not compatible w\XP • Several Drivers for devices missing on RC2 • Windows help files deprecated use putty or ssh (can install viewer) • telnet command not there by default (can be turned on from Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features On or Off

    24. Compatibility Risks • Kernal mode printer driver support • Frontpage extensions • Services for Macintosh • D3DRM (DirectX the only supported graphics package) • Web Publishing Wizard • NetDDE no longer supported

    25. Features Available in XP • IE 7 (no parental control or protected mode) • Windows Media Player 11 • Windows Defender (malware agent) • Powershell command line environment • Office 2007 • Deployment tools ImageX and Windows Deployment service • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) new way to display windows

    26. Links • Is your Computer ready for Vista? • Details on Various Vista Editions • Download RC2 from this URL • Vista Compatibility Issues