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Sound Terms

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Types of Sound in Films Vocals Music Sound Effects Silence. New Terms Sound Effects Sound Dissolves Asynchronous Sound Ambient Sound Diegetic Non-Diegetic. Sound Terms. Sound Effects.

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Sound Terms

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sound terms
Types of Sound in Films



Sound Effects


New Terms

Sound Effects

Sound Dissolves

Asynchronous Sound

Ambient Sound



Sound Terms
sound effects
Sound Effects
  • A sound in film other than vocals or music. Three examples of sound effects are a door slamming, a dog barking, and thunder
sound dissolves
Sound Dissolves
  • A transition in which a sound begins to fade out as the next sound fades in and overlaps the first sound before replacing it
asynchronous sound
Asynchronous Sound
  • A sound from a source onscreen that precedes or follows its source, such as words that are not synchronized with lip movements
ambient sound
Ambient Sound
  • The pervading sound atmosphere of a place that people tend not to notice. In a woods, for example, ambient sound may consist mainly of trees moving in the breeze and insects heard at low volumes
diegetic non diegetic
Diegetic & Non-Diegetic
  • Diegetic sound is any sound presented as originated from a source within the film's world  Diegetic sound can be either on screen or off screen depending on whatever its source is within the frame or outside the frame.  Also called “actual sound.”
  • Non-diegeticsoundis represented as coming from the a source outside story space.
foley artist
Foley Artist
  • Sound specialist who uses various objects such as different types of floor surfaces (usually in a Foley studio) to simulate sounds and synchronize them with their corresponding movie images.
jump cut
Jump Cut
  • A transition between shots that causes a jarring or even shocking shift in space, time or action. A jump cut may be used to shorten the depiction of an event or to disorient viewers, or both.