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Bell Ringer. Do you recycle or take other steps to protect the environment? List a few. Tree Huggers Unite!. Environmental Movement. Pinch of Salt and Bug Repellant. Powerful pesticides (DDT) were being used to mosquitos in NY Harmful to those who consume

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bell ringer
Bell Ringer
  • Do you recycle or take other steps to protect the environment? List a few.
tree huggers unite

Tree Huggers Unite!

Environmental Movement

pinch of salt and bug repellant
Pinch of Salt and Bug Repellant
  • Powerful pesticides (DDT) were being used to mosquitos in NY
    • Harmful to those who consume
  • The Yannacones successfully sued to stop DDT use
  • The courts: new place to address environmental issues
  • “the one place where facts and evidence, not politics and emotions, would decide the outcome”
stopping ddt
Stopping DDT
  • Environmental Defense Fund
    • Used the contributions for a series of legal battles
  • Nationwide ban on DDT in 1972
a silent spring
A Silent Spring
  • Rachel Carson: soft-spoken marine biologist
  • Wrote Silent Spring in 1962
    • Attacked use of pesticides
    • Killed insects but also killed birds, fish, and others
enviromental issues
Enviromental Issues
  • Cutting down the forests
  • Smog
  • Oil spills
  • Construction
  • Lake pollution
earth day
Earth Day
  • Growing concern for environ’t
  • 1970
  • Millions participated
  • From picking up litter to public demonstrations
gov t steps in
Gov’t Steps In
  • Created the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Set and enforce pollution standards, promote research, coordinate antipollution activities
other gov t actions
Other Gov’t Actions
  • Clean Air Act-established emissions standards for factories and cars
  • Clean Water Act-restricted water pollution in lakes and rivers
  • Endangered Species Act-established measures for saving threatened animals species
love canal
Love Canal
  • Rising health concerns: nerve damage, blood disease, cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects
  • Built on a toxic waste dump
  • 800 families would be relocated
nuclear energy
Nuclear Energy
  • Supporters: Considered cleaner and less expensive than fossil fuels
  • Critics: What if it leaks?
  • Provides 20% of US electricity
three mile island
Three Mile Island
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Cooling system failed
  • Overheated and leaked low levels of radiation
  • Declared safe after repairs
san onofre
San Onofre
  • Opened in 1968
  • Used by 19% of CA Edison customers
  • Required 18 sq miles solar panels to make up for this plant
  • Premature wear led to minor leaks within the dome
  • Being decommissioned
solar energy
Solar Energy
  • 12 total plants
    • 11 in CA
    • 1 in NV
  • Pros: no pollutants and minimal impact on envir’t
  • Cons: too varied and requires a lot of space
other forms of energy
Other Forms of Energy

Wind-2.5% of world power

Hyrdo-16% of world power

product safety
Product Safety
  • New “things” brings new concerns
  • Ralph Nader
    • Unsafe at Any Speed
    • Charged automobile makers with putting speed, style, and cost ahead of safety
national traffic and motor vehicle safety act
National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act
  • 1966
  • Set mandatory safety standards
  • Established way for notifying car owners of defects
  • Had to make cars safer
    • Seat belts, door locks, safer fuel tanks
other product regulations
Other Product Regulations
  • Laws for…
  • Dangerous toys
  • Flammable fabrics
  • Unsafe meat and poultry