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WebTA User Guide for Sailors

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WebTA User Guide for Sailors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WebTA User Guide for Sailors. SEPTEMBER 2010. Log-In. The current WebTA URL is https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil Once you access WebTA you can use CAC or NKO user name and password to log-in. Do you have all the information you need?.

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log in
  • The current WebTA URL is https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil
  • Once you access WebTA you can use CAC or NKO user name and password to log-in
do you have all the information you need
Do you have all the information you need?
  • Please go to the Navy College Website and review the paper TA application.
  • If you can complete all of those fields, webTA will be a breeze!
  • Here’s the link to get you started.


what if i can t process ta because my uic is missing
What if I can’t process TA because my UIC is missing?
  • The UIC information is populated from the personnel table. If it’s a new UIC or the system has never issued TA for that UIC, you may get an error message with a placeholder in the UIC field.
  • If you are having an issue with your assigned UIC being ‘DUMMY’, go to the command admin office and have them provide you with the following information:
    • UIC
    • The last 4 of your SSN
    • Your Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial
  •  E-mail this information to the VEC at VEC@navy.mil or your servicing NCO.
  • You will receive an e-mail when you can go into webTA.
  • This process changes the UIC in NCMIS temporarily. It will remain in place until the Master Personnel Database and NCMIS are matched again.
  • If you do not submit a webTA application before the UIC information is matched again, you will have to repeat the steps above.
your mandatory fields
Your Mandatory Fields
  • You MUST provide this information:
      • Applicant e-mail Address
      • CO or By Direction Authority's e-mail Address may NOT be the same as your e-mail Address.
      • Daytime Phone Number or DSN is required.
      • GI Bill Enrollment Status is required.
      • Immediate Academic Goal is required.
      • Term Start Date is required.
      • Term End Date is required.
      • All course information fields are required
        • Have your course catalog available for easy entry
my education
My Education
  • My Tuition Assistance (WebTA)
  • My Profile
  • My History
  • My Missing Grades
  • My Transcript/Degree Shopping (SMART)
my history
My History
  • Courses taken
  • Courses with funds owed
  • Total number of courses
  • Number of credits authorized in this FY
  • Test History (CLEP, DSSTs and Excelsior)
my missing grades
My Missing Grades
  • Displays courses with missing grades
my profile
My Profile
  • Allows you to make changes to your email address, local address, work and home phone number by clicking the Edit
  • These changes are not reflected in your official personnel record
my tuition assistance webta
My Tuition Assistance (WebTA)
  • “Eligibility” either welcomes you as eligible or details any eligibility issues
fy cap status
FY Cap Status
  • Provides existing TA Application Status Description
create ta application
Create TA Application
  • Select “Create TA Application” to start a new TA
acceptance agreement
Acceptance Agreement
  • Read the Application Agreement
acceptance agreement cont d
Acceptance Agreement cont’d
  • By clicking “I Accept” you are stating you understand and agree with the Application Agreement
default values
Default Values
  • The system assumes you are attending the school most recently attended
  • Change school name on question #25
  • Select “Yes”
new application step 1 of 3
New Application Step 1 of 3
  • Answer all questions
new application step 1 of 318
New Application Step 1 of 3
  • Enter email of CO or By Direction Authority as determined by your command’s internal process.
  • Ensure education office corresponds to the current duty station
  • Search for duty station by entering complete or partial name with wild card %
  • Use base name not city to search for education office
new application step 2 of 3
New Application Step 2 of 3
  • Use drop down to select immediate academic goal
  • Answer if you have an Education Plan for the academic goal
new application step 2 of 3 cont d
New Application Step 2 of 3cont’d
  • Complete questions and select “Next”
new application step 3 of 3
New Application Step 3 of 3
  • Find school name by using % and partial name
  • Use drop down Calendar to select term start/end dates
  • Select box to the right of the blank box to view University course listing
  • If course is not listed, enter course manually
  • Type or select course description from drop down box
  • Type or select course level from drop down box
new application step 3 of 3 cont d
New Application Step 3 of 3 cont’d
  • Type or select primary instructional Mode from drop down
  • Type or select Credit Unit from drop down
  • Enter the total number of credit hours
  • Enter the cost per credit
  • Enter TA fee ONLY if it is mandatory for course enrollment
  • TA authorization reduced if hourly cost exceeds $250 per semester hour (or equivalent) or your total exceeds your services FY limits
    • Government and student shares listed here are estimates only, and may not be indicative of actual TA funding.
    • Actual funding will be calculated by your education office.
submit application
Submit Application
  • A warning appears giving you the option to make changes
  • Select “No” to make changes or select “Yes” to save the application as is
submit application cont d
Submit Application cont’d
  • Select “Yes” when TA document is completed
  • The application is forwarded to your CO or By Direction Authority for approval
view application
View Application
  • The application has been submitted to your CO or By Direction Authority Via e-mail
student options
Student Options
  • The student has the option of Cancelling or Resubmitting the document only if the Command has not processed the application.
command approval
Command Approval
  • The approving official receives an email requesting approval or disapproval in TA funding
  • To approve or disapprove click on URL listed, or cut and paste the URL to the web
command approval cont d
Command Approval cont’d
  • The URL redirects you to a Log-in screen
  • The approving official logs-in by CAC or NKO user name and password
command approval electronic signature
Command Approval Electronic Signature
  • Complete the reviewer’s information and select “Approve” or “Reject”
e mail notification to student
E-mail NotificationTo Student
  • Student receives an email on approval or disapproval of TA by approving official
  • Student may review the status of the TA application selecting URL in email
where is my ta voucher
Where is my TA Voucher?

Return to https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil/


Click on Existing Applications


Click View for Existing Applications


Click Print Document. Approved document returns for student to print

and provide to school.


EDU 01 Curriculum Development

CSC342 Programming Logic

BIO 222 Basic Human Functions

After printing the TA Voucher, Sailors MUST sign and deliver to the school

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