noodlebib helps you use your noodle n.
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NoodleBib Helps you use your “noodle”! PowerPoint Presentation
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NoodleBib Helps you use your “noodle”!

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NoodleBib Helps you use your “noodle”! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NoodleBib Helps you use your “noodle”!
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  1. NoodleBib Helps you use your “noodle”! Taking notes Begin by clicking on NoodleTools on the AHS library page

  2. Create a Personal ID that you can remember! See Mrs. Hogan for required school login information.

  3. Your work is organized into projects. Open a project you’ve started…or start a new one

  4. Choose the style your teacher requires. Name your project.

  5. Manage a project from your dashboard

  6. List research questions to answer. List questions to answer with your research.

  7. Add to-do items like project requirements and due dates.

  8. Now you are ready to begin looking for sources and information! Research • Remember to use Google and Wikipedia ONLY to learn general information and to make a list of search terms.

  9. Start with Destiny to see if our library has books on your topic. Click the Destiny icon on the AHS library page.

  10. Remember to try other search terms if your first term has no results.

  11. Locate the book on the shelf. Use the index in the back to look for your search terms. You can also look in the Table of Contents. • If you might use the book as a source, create a citation for it in NoodleTools. Select Bibliography from your dashboard and create a citation.

  12. Locate the book on the shelf. Be sure to use the index in the back of the book to look for your subject. Try also the Table of Contents. • If you might use the book as a source, add it to the Bibliography section of your NoodleTools dashboard. Choose the type of citation you want to create then click Create Citation. Fill in the form with the information you have for the source you are citing.

  13. Add any information you might use from the book to a notecard. • Click Notecards on your Noodletools dashboard and choose New Notecard. • Be sure to link the information to a source.

  14. From your dashboard in NoodleTools, select Notecards and New Notecard. • Record any information from the book that you might use on the notecard. Be sure to link the notecard to it’s source.

  15. Database searching • Login to EBSCO (AHS library webpage). See your librarian for the user name and password required. • Select the Student Reference Center. • Type in your search terms.

  16. Create a citation in NoodleTools in your Bibliography tab. • Create a notecard for the information you find in the article. You can just copy and paste on the notecard in the direct quote section. You will be required to write any information you find in your own words for your research project. Copying and pasting information into your project is plagiarism.