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Keeping Track Daily Problem

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Keeping Track Daily Problem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keeping Track Daily Problem
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  1. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/16 • Put name on spreadsheet. • Staple work to spreadsheet if you have an extra sheet of work. • Prior to turning in the spreadsheet record your current account balance on your new spreadsheet. Description should say, “account balance”. • Place old spreadsheet in purple basket. • Put new spreadsheet in binder/folder.

  2. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/17 • It is payday!!! • Record your paycheck on your spreadsheet as “PAYDAY”!!! • Don’t forget to record the date for each payment or deposit!!!!

  3. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/18 • TGIF!!! It is time to go see a movie!!! Your family plans to see Gravity in 3D. Tickets are $8.50 for each person. Your son and daughter each bring a friend and you pay for their movie ticket. (That’s a total of 6 tickets!) You buy 2 large drinks for $4.50 each and a large popcorn for $5. • Record in spreadsheet as “Movies”

  4. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/21 • Time to pay some bills! You pay your electric bill of $294.45 and your water bill for $52.05. • Record in spreadsheet as “bills”.

  5. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/22 • Time to go shopping for Halloween costumes. Your daughter wants to be a princess so her costume cost $35.99 and your son wants to be Superman so his costume cost $39.99. You purchase cowboy hats for you and your spouse for a total of $40. • Record in spreadsheet as “costumes”.

  6. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/23 • Your daughter wants to participate in Safe Schools Week and needs boots to wear to school on Thursday. You run to Kohl’s to purchase a new pair of boots for $39.99 and she needs boot socks so you also buy a pair for $9.99. You have $20 worth of Kohl’s cash so you decide to use that to save some money. • Record the total amount you paid on your spreadsheet as “Boots”.

  7. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/24 • Friday is hat day and your son wants a new hat. You take him to the mall to buy a new hat at Lids. You have a coupon that says you only need to pay for 80% of the total price. If the hat costs a total of $25.80 then determine the cost of the hat after using the coupon. • Record in the spreadsheet as “Lids”.

  8. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/25 and 10/28 • No problem

  9. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/29 • Since Halloween is this week you decided to purchase some decorations so you go to Wal-Mart. The decorations cost $20.00 and 6% sales tax is added to that cost. What is the final cost of the decorations including sales tax? (Hint: 20 + (6% x 20)) • Record in spreadsheet as “Decorations.”

  10. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/30 • You work with a friend at a craft fair and your friend says she will pay you 40% of her profit. Your friend made $145.45 at the craft fair. Determine how much money your friend paid you. • Record in spreadsheet as “Craft Fair.”

  11. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 10/31 • Happy Halloween!! Your family decides to order LaRosa’s for dinner. The family ordered a large pepperoni pizza for $17.99 and a medium cheese pizza for $13.99. Since the pizza was delivered you decide to leave the driver a tip of 20% of the total cost of the pizza. • Determine the total of the pizza and the tip and record in your spreadsheet as “Pizza.”

  12. Keeping Track Daily Problem • 11/1 • On a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions: • What is one thing you have learned by keeping track of finances? • How does mathematics help you keep track of finances? • Will you think about the cost of things before asking your parents for things?