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I Love

I Love. By Jason Su. Flower Girl.

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I Love

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  1. I Love By Jason Su

  2. Flower Girl This is one of my favors Photographer’s work. Her name is MOK. I really love this photo, it looks like everything is moving, but she is still sit here. I love the way she shot this photo, light setting and the color. The background of this photo is a café. This tone of café is dark green and dark purple. Its give people feel melancholy.

  3. This is a photo by a Chinese photographer named BAOBAO BlUE. I really liked his works. He is really good at catch people’s expression. Also, I love the color on his work, Some of his works’ color have some Japanese style.

  4. This is a child from Burma. She was hunkering in the corner in the street. When the photographer try to photograph her, the photographer gave her a lollipop, She looks so happy. This is why I like photography, photographer can share the emotion from their work.

  5. Left: the view in bus from Beijing; Right: the view in bus from San Diego. I really love the way this photo made. This is a Chinese student from Beijing and go to UC San Diego.

  6. Photography can record the growth of kids. Most parents like to take photo to record their children from the family party or special events.

  7. He is Leslie Cheung was Hong Kong musician, singer and actor. He was very successful, but he passed way 10 years ago. Thus, every time when people saw his photos, theses photos will remind people of him. Especial, this is a black-and-white picture, and it gives me more thinking of him.

  8. Oprisco is a Ukraine Photographer. From her works, we can see her framing is everywhere in the daily life. It could be: around lake, field, and subway station. Trough her camera I can feel a little bit sentimental in her works. I like the light in this photo too, its prefect.

  9. Left behind children in China This is a really famous photo in China. There are a lot of left behind children in China. One of my friend went to volunteer teach the children in one of poor school. Her photographer shoot this photo during the summer in 2011. This photo become really popular in internet. In the end, those get helped from other people. Photo can spread the information, photography can changed the world.

  10. Every Flow Must Have Its Ebb When I saw this photo, my focus is on the full moon. It reminds me of a famous sentence in a poem, “the moon is subject changes of being full and crescent, cloudy and clear.”

  11. Shanghai - reach the sky This is my hometown, Shanghai. This is photographer named CHUNJUAN. I like this photo is because I like this city and I am proud of this city.

  12. Thank You.

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