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  2. LOVE POEMS • Kiss of my Love • Your beauty overwhelms meAs I wrap my arms around youI press your softness tightGreat passion fills my inner beingI'm captured in your embraceYour eyes control my very soulThe touch of your lips, heavenForever frozen in timeAll else fades into nothing

  3. Love in My Eyes Love is kindLove is patientLove is strongLove is.Love is ToughLove is softLove is TenderLove is.Love strictLove is leneiantLove is obedientLove is.Love is coolLove is refreshingLove is clearLove is.Love is actionsLove is wordsLove is silentLove is.Love is hereLove is ThereLove is everywhereLove is.Love is yesterdayLove is todayLove is tomorrowLove is.Love is foreverLove is togetherLove is apartLove is.Love is gainedLove is lostLove is foundLove is.No matter what it isLove is here today foreverLove is found everywhere togetherLove is Love in my eyes.

  4. Spelling LOVE • love you heylove you from my heartlove you in my soullove you lead my mindlove you all aroundlove you nearlove you afarlove you with bright eyeslove you in tearslove you laughinglove you with joylove you full of lifelove you in dreamslove you to inspirelove you for peacelove you as minelove you herelove you for all timelove you believinglove you with passionlove you from desirelove you so truelove you unconditionallylove you lovinglove you always

  5. Faces of Love • Love here, love thereLove springs everywhereLove thrills, love excitesLove enchants and delightsLove hurts, love healsLove gathers and dispelsLove kills, love revivesLove keeps us alive

  6. LOVE • Love is a Beautiful Sweet FeelingLove is Caring and SharingLove is Forever, True HappinessLove is Sunshine, Rain; RainbowLove is Affection, Admiration, Adoration Love is Bonding and BindingLove is the Strongest EmotionLove is Devotion and DedicationLove is Invaluable yet CommonLove is Being Good and ThoughtfulLove is Trusting and Being TrustworthyLove is Universe and UniversalLove is Giving and ForgivingLove is Passion and CompassionLove is Patience and CommitmentLove is Togetherness and UnderstandingLove is Perseverance and ResponsiveLove is Dream, Hope, FulfilmentLove is Mystical.Mythical and RealLove is Sensation, Meditation, SpiritualLove is Kindness, Gentle TouchLove is Fire, Air, Ether, Water and EarthLove is Mind, Heart, Body and SoulLove is Natural, Creative and GrowthLove is Patriotism and HumanityLove is Peace and ProsperityLove is Family and the WorldLove is Persistence and FreedomLove is Conservation and GenerosityLove is Self and SelflessnessLove is Finding Yourself, Reaching OutLove is the Deepest FeelingLove is Any or All of These, yet UndefinedLove to Live, Live to LoveLove is the Essence of LifeLove is Divine!