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Centers and Institutes

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Centers and Institutes. Richard Best Associate Director SPARCS. Reasons for Updated Policy. New Regulation governing Centers and Institutes was issued by UNC Office of the President effective July 1, 2004. Current NCSU policy was created in 1993 and last updated in 1995. New UNC Regulation.

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Centers and Institutes

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centers and institutes

Centers and Institutes

Richard Best

Associate Director


reasons for updated policy
Reasons for Updated Policy
  • New Regulation governing Centers and Institutes was issued by UNC Office of the President effective July 1, 2004.
  • Current NCSU policy was created in 1993 and last updated in 1995.
new unc regulation
New UNC Regulation
  • //[r].pdf
  • UNC OP maintains responsibility for “Inter-Institutional Centers only.
  • Assigns responsibility for “Institutional Centers and Institutes” to respective UNC campuses.
  • Requires that each campus develop its own policy governing the planning, establishment and review of Institutional Centers and Institutes.
  • Institutional policy must be approved by Board of Trustees
directive of vice chancellor
Directive of Vice Chancellor
  • Maintain priorities from UNC and NCSU policies that Centers and Institutes be multidisciplinary, have a strong graduate education component, and self-sustaining funding through partnerships with private and corporate sponsors, other universities, and federal and state agencies.
directives of vice chancellor
Directives of Vice Chancellor
  • Maintain the requirement for comprehensive written report to be submitted by Center and Institute each biennium.
  • Reinstitute the formal, scheduled review and assessment of each Center and Institute once every 5 years.
policy work group
Policy Work Group
  • Dr. Sarah Rajala, Engineering
  • Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Textiles
  • Ms. Patty Davis, Textiles
  • Ms. Larisa Oktyabrsky, SPARCS
  • Ms. Debbie Hunt, SPARCS
  • Mr. Richard Best, SPARCS
  • Modify the existing policies and procedures in compliance with new UNC Policy.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Keep what works.
  • Fix what doesn’t.
  • Definitions of Centers and Institutes remain essentially the same
  • Processes for creation, planning, and requesting authorization to plan and establish remain the same with final authority vested in the Board of Trustees
  • Roles of key players and committees clarified, but largely intact.
  • Membership Center guidelines clarified.
  • New sample Membership Agreement
  • New sample By-Laws
  • Indirect Cost rates for membership centers remain unchanged.
  • Definition of “Enhancement Projects” has been tightened.
dues funded projects
Dues Funded Projects
  • Dues-Funded projects are funded from the combined fund of membership agreement fees paid by the members, and require IAB approval. Dues-Funded projects to be funded for the next year are approved at the annual meeting of the IAB and should be reported to all members, college(s) and SPARCS.
supplemental projects
Supplemental Projects
  • When Center members want to provide additional funds specifically to enhance or accelerate a current dues-funded project they may do so as a supplemental project. No further IAB approval is required.
  • Sometimes, not all project proposals considered worthwhile by the IAB may be funded from the available pool of dues funds. At their annual meeting, the IAB may also approve a list of projects that may be initiated by the Center director, without further IAB approval, if and when supplemental funds are provided by a new or an existing member for that purpose. Following the annual meeting, a list of these projects is reported to the members, college (s) and SPARCS.
biennial reporting
Biennial Reporting
  • Includes all existing programmatic and financial reporting elements.
  • Adds additional data including total expenditures.
  • Strongly recommends that Centers and Institutes have a designated OUC to facilitate financial reporting.
proposed implementation
Proposed Implementation
  • Will begin after ratification of BOT
  • Meetings with Center Directors by College
  • Provide detailed explanation of policy, reporting requirements and assessment
  • Some may choose to drop Center designation
  • Schedule formal review
  • Amend membership agreements and Bylaws if needed
consortia laboratories
Consortia & Laboratories
  • Formerly included in NCSU Policies and Procedures for CILs
  • UNC Regulation requiring BOT policy approval is only for Centers and Institutes
  • Separate procedures proposed for Consortia and Labs also based on previous Policies and Procedures
2005 update for unc
2005 Update for UNC
  • Under the new UNC OP Regulation, A list of institutional centers and institutes, their primary designation (research, public service, instructional), and a link to their corresponding website will be submitted to the Vice President for Research every two years for inclusion in the update of the University’s Long-Range Plan.
  • SPARCS will be collecting this information late this winter.