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Ser. To Be (or not to be). Verb Conjugation.

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To Be (or not to be)

verb conjugation
Verb Conjugation

English and Spanish both conjugate verbs according to the subject. English requires the use of a subject (except for commands). This is because in English, we do not change the verb much according to the subject. We are looking at “to be” in this case and you should note “to be” is irregular. This exceptional verb does change according to the subject.

english forms of to be
English Forms of “To Be”



I am

we are

1rst person

you are

you are

2nd person

he is

she is

it is

3rd person

they are

spanish subject pronouns
Spanish Subject Pronouns

In general, Spanish subject pronouns are not necessary to make a complete sentence. In Spanish, we change the verb according to the subject. You will not that the forms of “ser” (to be) are all different.




nosotros somos

nosotras somos

yo soy

1rst person

(vosotros) sois

(vosotras) sois

tú eres

2nd person

él es

ella es

Ud. es

ellos son

ellas son

Uds. son

3rd person

did you notice something
Did you notice something?

As you observed the forms of “ser”, you should have noticed that with each subject pronoun, there was a different form of “ser”. The exception is 3rd person. In that case, unless the person you are talking to knows what the subject is, you should include it.

let s compare
Let’s compare



somos = nosotros* somos

somos = nosotras** somos

1rst person

soy = yo soy

sois = vosotros* sois

sois = vosotras** sois

2nd person

eres = tú eres

es = él es

es = ella es

es = Ud. es

son = ellos* son

son = ellas** son

son = Uds. son

3rd person

*mixed group or all guys

**all girls

now it is time to learn
Now it is time to learn.
  • This is meant to be a review. If you have not studied it already, you may have difficulty.
  • If you want to learn Spanish, you will need to learn to conjugate verbs.
  • You can often tell what the subject is by the verb. Therefore in Spanish, it is not always necessary to include the subject.
  • Memorize these forms of ser.